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I couldn't believe this day had finally come as I twirled my shiny new platinum wedding band around my finger. I was married. After decades of being alone, I had found my mate. Not only had I found my one true love, but we were blessed by the miracle of a son. Claudia and Mason were my life and I'd do everything in my power to make sure they were happy and secure.

Our day couldn't have been more perfect. We had a small ceremony at the house with both of our families. And, when I say both of our families, that included Marcus and the rest of the Volturi. Even Carlisle was surprised that they made a rare appearance and attended. They usually only left Italy when they wanted to prove a point and annihilate a coven or two. So, for them to attend our wedding was a huge deal. Jasper thought maybe they were trying to keep us close and show good faith on their part, especially since they expected us to come to Italy one day and help them run things. Whatever the reason, I knew Claudia was happy that her father could be there to watch her get married. They weren't close and probably never would be, but that fence would have been a lot harder had he not shown his face today.

While Claudia was in the bedroom of the suite Rosalie had booked for us at the most expensive and elite hotel in Seattle, I decided to call home and check on Mason. He was already a month old and already starting to recognize us. I was certain he'd know we were gone, but Jasper and Bella insisted that we take this evening and celebrate. I let them talk us into it because I wanted to be alone with Claudia and I knew she could use the night off. She and Mason were inseparable, but she deserved a wedding night.

She stepped out of the bedroom and smiled at me. She took my unneeded breath away. She was wearing a short white see through negligee that hugged her curves in all the right places. She was by far the most spectacular vampire I had ever seen. My lips curved into a smile when I heard what she was thinking she wanted to do to me.

"Hey!" She scolded. "You're not supposed to be in my head."

"Well, obviously you're in mine," I countered.

"But, that's because I can't control my gift yet," she said. "You know how to block my thoughts."

She was right; I had done a pretty good job of staying out of her head these past three years. She had even managed to keep the pregnancy a secret for a while. But, now that she was a full blown vampire, her thoughts were more erratic and all over the place, so it wasn't always as easy to block her. I knew eventually she'd find away to control her thoughts and I'd be able to stay out of her head.

"You'll figure out how to control that power," I assured her. "It took me years to learn how to stay out of my family's heads, but I'll help you figure it out."

"And, Mason," she said. "We have to find a way to keep him out of our heads, too. How could we ever surprise him with a birthday present?"

I laughed. "Yes, that'll be a challenge. But, we'll figure it out. Bella and Jasper will have a similar problem with Cullen always feeling their emotions."

"And, I can tell you without being an empath that those two are the most lustful mates I've ever come across." She laughed.

"Oh, I think we run a very close second." I took her hand and pulled her toward me.

You're beautiful.

She smiled and then brushed her lips against mine.

So are you.

I laughed.

"Well, it's true," she said. "And, it's awfully convenient to hold a conversation this way when we don't want others to know what we're thinking."

"Hmm," I mumbled as I pressed my lips to hers as I ran my hands up her thighs and under her nightgown.

"You have too many clothes on, Mr. Cullen," she whispered against my mouth.

"Well, maybe you should do something about that, Mrs. Cullen."

She smiled and without reading her thoughts, I knew exactly why. "You like being my wife, don't you?" I said as I ripped the thin silk thong she was wearing underneath that negligee.

She gasped at my speed. "I want to belong to you," she said as she shredded my dress shirt from my body and then quickly went for my belt. She had me undressed before I could blink.

"You do belong to me and you always will," I moaned as she reached for my cock. I lifted her up onto me and quickly thrust inside her. She let out a small moan and I smiled.

"Didn't hear that one coming?" I arched a brow at her.

"Shut up and fuck me," she moaned as she wrapped her legs securely around my waist. I walked up over to the wall and pressed her hard body up against it. I had to be careful not to break the hotel wall during this encounter.

It was always about need when the two of us came together. Our early relationship started out as a learning experience for me. Claudia had so much to teach me about sex and the physical side of our relationship, but somewhere along the way, something changed and I became the teacher. Showing her that we could be intimate and love one another while still bringing one another the greatest pleasure we had ever known. Claudia was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. I never thought I could experience this kind of love and pleasure. She was my existence.

I slammed her into the wall as I thrust fast and deep, hitting all the places I knew she liked.

"Edward!" she screamed. "Harder!"

"I'm trying!" I screamed. I had hoped like hell that when Rose booked this room, she remembered to make sure to pay for the rooms around our suite too.

I continued to thrust hard as I kissed my way down her neck, stopping to run my tongue over her crescent shaped mark; my mark. I worked my way over to her shoulder and gently bit down, allowing just enough venom to penetrate her skin so that she'd feel a small amount of pain.

She screamed out as she climaxed hard all over me and then said, "I love when you do that."

I continued my assault on her more than durable body, but I couldn't hold off any longer. "Claudia, oh shit baby, I'm going to cum."

She gripped my hair and pressed her mouth to mine while I released deep within her.

I carried her over to the bed and then dropped down on top of her, never breaking our connection. I always wanted to be inside her for as long as I could.

"Hmm," I sighed. "That was good."

"Really good." She laughed and the movement caused me to harden again.

"Oh," she moaned. "The advantages of being married to a vampire."

"I shouldn't have taken you so fast the first time we made love as a married couple," I admitted. "But, you make me crazy and I can't get enough of you." I started moving torturously slow inside her heated folds.

She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through my hair. She tried to move underneath me, but I pressed all my weight on her, pinning her to the mattress.

"Just feel," I said. "There's no rush."

I pulled all the way out of her and then slowly slid back in. She was so wet, so I was able to move effortlessly inside her. I could smell her arousal filling the air and I knew I'd have to taste her really soon.

She indulged me for a few minutes as she lifted her leg up over my hip and ran her hands down my back, eventually clutching my ass. I smiled when I felt her push me against her.

"Too slow for you?" I asked.

"You know it is," she growled as she flipped me over and started to ride me.

I looked up at her and smiled. She was glorious; her long black hair flowed down her shoulders and back while her milky white skin glowed against the embers of the fireplace. I reached up and ran my fingertips over her nipples as she threw her head back and continued to slowly grind into me.

"Edward," she whispered. "I'm gonna…now!"

"You're beautiful when you cum," I whispered. "You'll only ever cum for me."

"Always," she moaned.

A few seconds later I was screaming out her name as I shot up into her tight wet core. I didn't think I'd ever get enough of her. She was incredible and she was mine, and obviously she was in my head again.

"Yes, Mr. Cullen," she whispered. "I am yours."

I pulled her down on my chest and placed soft kisses on her cheeks. I quickly hopped up and carried her to the bathroom. I turned on the water and drew us a warm bath. As we eased down into it, I sat against the back and positioned her between my legs with her back to my chest. She took my hand and laced our fingers together.

"This day was like a fantasy," she said. "In my long existence only one other day compares."

"The day we had Mason." I smiled.

"Yes," she said as she rested her head against my chest. "I miss him."

"Me too," I said. "We can go home if you want."

"In a little while," she said. "I like being here, just the two of us. It's very peaceful."

"I'm glad you're happy," I said. "I've wanted to marry you for a long time now."

"Why didn't you ever ask me?"

"I was afraid, I guess," I admitted to her. "You were so strong and confident and you had been single for so long that I thought maybe you were content that way."

"I was," she said. "Until I met you."

"I didn't think you liked me," I reminded her.

"I didn't." She laughed. "But, you grew on me and once you came to Italy, I knew you were all I'd ever want."

I smiled as I wrapped my arms around her. "Now we can spend eternity together. I want to give you everything you've ever dreamed of."

"You already have," she said. "You've given me a family and not just you and Mason. I'm a Cullen."

"You like that, don't you?" I said.

"After growing up with the Volturi, you have no idea, but yes, I adore your family."

"And, they love you too," I assured her. "You belong with us."

"I know, I can feel it," she said. "But, I'd been lost for so long, Edward."

"Not anymore," I told her as I kissed her hair.

"You showed me what it was like to love and be part of something bigger," she said.

"And, you loved me in spite of myself. You saw past what I did to Bella and Jasper and you gave me a son of my own. I don't think I could ever repay you for that."

"You already have," she said. "And, I'll love you for all of eternity."

"Me too, beautiful, me too."

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