Title: The snowflake effect.

Disclaimer: The gang belongs to their creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. I'm just playing with them, all oops are all mine.

Synopses: Going out of town as a group wasn't the problem, coming home was. When the gang gets stranded in a small town, with room filling up fast, Sheldon and Penny are forced to share a room.

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The airport shuttle slid to a stop in front of the fourth hotel. Inside the van Sheldon scoffed. "I don't think so. Just look at the structural instability of this establishment."

The driver dipped his head and convinced himself it was wrong to think that life in prison was not that bad. He clinched his teeth and glared at Sheldon. "Sir, it's here or the side of the road. Pick."

"Sheldon, I'm sure it's fine," Leonard said as he slide off the seat and out the door. Penny tightened her coat a little more and turned to look at Raj. "How ya doin' sweetie?"

Shivering, Raj held up two thumbs down and shook his head. "You'll die in Nebraska, you know that right." He nodded and pulled his hat down more. She smiled and made the mistake of looking in the seat behind her. Howard and Bernadette were making their own heat. Penny's eyebrows shot up to her hair line as she turned back around meeting up with Raj's eyes. He smiled, raised one eyebrow and nodded toward the make out fest behind them.

"Sweetie, two words, junior rodeo." She turned her attention to the front when Raj recoiled and protectively placed his mittened hands over his groin. The van was quiet for the next couple of minutes before Leonard returned. Sheldon looked at him expectedly.

"Ok, so we have maybe a problem," Leonard said. The whole van had is attention.

"Problem. Problem. Maybe have a problem? Leonard this whole day has been a problem, one disaster after another," Sheldon said.

"I know. You've told me several times." Sheldon said as he picked at the room key folders.

"If we would have just taken the train, but noooo. Mutiny commanded that we fly. Look at what we would have avoided."

"Again Sorry," Leonard said, tired and at the end of his rope.

"Leonard, what the problem?" Penny asked, trying to get back at the issue at hand. Leonard pushed up his glasses and pinched his nose.

"They only had three rooms left."

"What?" Sheldon said, with a slight tick starting at his eyebrow. "Only three? I can't spend the night in a room with someone. No one is allowed in my room, I can't..I…Leonard!" He sputtered out as the van driver hopped out to start unloading their bags.

The rest of the van filed out and claimed their bags. Penny shook her head. She should have been in Pasadena right now, but no. She agreed come when she was still dating Leonard. "Come on, it'll be fun. Howard said that Bernadette is coming. It'll be a double date trip. Only thing is we'll also be with Sheldon and Raj, but they'll be at the symposium, then at the museum." She rolled her eyes at the memory. She reached down and grabbed her Hello Kitty bag and stomped off to the lobby. She came because the money was already spent and there were no refunds.

"Ok, so Berny and me are defiantly in a room together," Howard said as he set his bag down. He turned and smiled at Penny. "You're welcome to join us Madam." Bernadette backhanded Howard on the arm. "Ouch my little brisket, I was just joking," he said rubbing his arm. He looked at Raj and mouthed "Ok, I wasn't kidding." Raj was too cold to give him thumbs up.

"Fine, Howard and Bernadette in one room," Leonard said as he handed them a key. "Raj and…um," he stopped and looked at Penny. She rolled her eyes and held her hand out for the key.

Raj shook his head franticly and leaned in to Sheldon's ear. Sheldon swatted him away and rubbed the feeling of Raj's word from his ear. "Again Please don't do that. Raj said he can't split a room with Penny. No offence," he said to Penny. She waved it off.

"Um, fine then, you and Raj, Sheldon," Leonard said. Both Raj and Sheldon started to shake their heads.

"No. No, no, no. Cohabitation, even for one night is out of the question since the fiasco last year when we went to San Francisco for the symposium," Sheldon said as Raj nodded looking serious.

"You all never did tell me what happened that night," Penny said, pointing at the two men.

"And you never will. Leonard, if you are not open to splitting a room with Penny due to the awkwardness you two have had since the break up, then that leaves no other option then for Penny and I to split a room."

Leonard's hands dropped and so did his jaw. "You're kidding me." Sheldon shook his head.

"Have you ever known me to kid? Now come on Penny," he said as he ripped a key from Leonard's hand. Penny followed Sheldon, head low. She felt horrible and wanted to lash out at someone. Again she told herself she shouldn't have come. When the elevator door closed she looked over at Sheldon who was just staring forward.

"Sheldon, I'm so sorry." He looked at her in confusion. He was often confused with Penny, always a few feet behind the conversation.

"I don't understand. Sorry why?"

"Sorry that you're stuck with me." He shook his head.

"Penny, it's not a huge burden. It's what friends do. Right?" she smiled and nodded.

"Right." Just then the doors opened and she followed him to the door. He pointed to the door and told her this was it. He bent down and set his suitcase on the floor and slid through the card reader on the door. The lights where off but the room was warm and smelled fresh. He lead the way in the room and she found the light switch. She bumped into Sheldon's back when he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Sheldon sweetie what's wrong?" she asked as she creaked her neck around to look at him. He had a slight twitch again. She looked around the corner and saw one bed and no couch.

"Holy crap on a cracker! You're freaking kidding me!" She stormed over to the phone and called the front desk. The call was a waste of time; there are no more room and no more cots. They were stuck with the twin bed.