This one is KH ToDoT: Kingdom Hearts Truth or Dare of Torture. Disclamer: All I own, sadly, is Dawn, her cousin, and their Keyblades. Because if I woned Kingdom Hearts, Sora and Kairi would've gotten together by now.

Dawn Tigeress Wolfeon, a 16-year-old hybreed with black hair and green feline eyes, was sitting in her room, waiting for Axel to come. She had promised him that she would teach him Control, an ablity that forced the target to serve the controller as a servant. It comes in very handy when you're doing a ToD show. More so when they refuse to do the dare.

"Where the Hell is he?" Dawn said out loud. Soon after her saying that, there was a knock on the door. 'This better be him.' Dawn thought. Another knock. "Hey! It's me!" Axel was on the other side of the door. 'Thank God.' Dawn joyfully thought. She hopped off the bed and answered the door. "You know you're breaking your own rules." Axel said. "Just get your ass in here!" Dawn said, pulling him into the room. The much taller Nobody followed her into a large walk-in closet.

"Damn." He said. Dawn turned around, gave him a toothy smile and said "Thanks!" She walked deeper into the closet and opened a secret door. Pointing down, Axel followed the finger and was in a giant, secret room that looked like a cave. "Why does it look like a cave down here?" He asked her. The hybrid shrugged. "Dunno, guess it's 'cause both me an' Talon use it." The words "use it" slightly scared Axel. Even though he didn't have a heart.

"Don't worry. Me and him just train here. You know, swordfighting? Hand-to-hand combat?" Dawn said. "You know hand-to-hand combat?" Axel asked. Dawn nodded her head. "Now, here's how you learn control. It's a mental trick, so you have to have the right kind of stare." She said. She looked at him without much effort, and stopped before anything could happen to him. "So, I have to have that kind of look in my eyes?" He asked. "Pretty much." Dawn said, taking a sword out of it's casing. "What's that?" He asked.

"My sword." Dawn calmly said. "I thought you used the Keyblade?" Dawn giggled a small bit. "Yeah, I do. But this is my real weapon!" Dawn exclaimed. "So, what's it called?" "It's a secret!" Dawn said. "Come on, it's time for dinner." Axel nodded his head and followed his hostess out of the secret cave, into her closet, and back into her room. "So, I can use it on Roxy?" He asked. Dawn slowly nodded. She begun to twitch. "Hey, what's wrong?" The red head asked. "Tell my cousin, THAT THERE ARE FREAKING FLEAS IN HERE!" The hybreed howled. She started to scratch at randomplaces on her. "Uh, sure!" Axel quickly said. He ran out of the room to go and get Talon Hawk Midnight, Dawn's cousin who was the same kind of hybreed as her.

"What's up? Axel said something about fleas." Talon said when he came into his cousin's room. 'Man, what is up with her in that mind of her's to paint the room these colors?' He thought. "There are FLEAS in here! Can you give me a flea bath?" She asked. She turned into a wolf/ lion mix. "Come on." Talon lead her to the bathroom near her room. For two hours, there was the sound of cursing, yelping, and the cursing of fleas on the bathroom. "Thanks Talon." Dawn said after her flea bath. "I gotta go work on the plans for tommorrow." She said. They said their goodnights to each other, and went to their rooms.

Talon personally liked the fact that his cousin did most of the planning. He rather enjoyed reading his books, writing in his journal (diary), and thinking about his love. She didn't know about his crush on her, but he prefered it that way. Whe he heard his cousin roar goodnight to the KH Cast, he sighed. "At least she isn't letting Riku into her room." He said. Closing his journal, Talon set it on his nightstand and curled up under his covers.

Unknown to him or anyone else in the mansion, Dawn was reading yaoi. M rated yaoi. The one she was reading at that moment was a Cleon, or simply, CloudxLeon. A smile plastered itself to her face as she read. "I am so telling them about this tommorrow afternoon." She said. "Hey, Dawn?" Riku was at her door. "Yeah?" She asked, unable to stop reading the story. "Um, I was wondering if I could use your, um, bathroom." He shyly said. "Riku, I designed this housing to have a bathroom for every bedroom. Why do you want to use mine?" Dawn got up and walked over to the door, and swung it open. Riku's face was redder than, to Dawn, blood from rabbits. "Well, the toliet's kinda clogged with something and Talon didn't let me use his. And I really have to go." He said, he blush growing redder.

"How much redder can you get?" She asked him. She got her answer when Riku's blush redden once more. "There's my answer. Okay, the bathroom's on the other side of the bed. Closet's on the other. Don't mistake them." She simply said. She quickly ran back to her laptop and continued to read the story. "Um, thanks." Riku said. He walked into the room. It was decorated with numerous claw marks and what looked like to be blood on the walls. "I'm guessing you did this?" He said, refering to the room. "Huh? Oh yeah! I did. At first I wanted it to be black to help me sleep a little, but then I decided to go with a more at home kind of feel. So I clawed up the room and took some prey blood and threw it on the walls." She said.