Chapter 75 –

House and Cameron had fallen asleep on the couch not long after Cameron had returned from checking on Robbie. They were woken about an hour later by the muffled cries of their son. Cameron slowly crawled off the couch and walked to the nursery to Robbie and returned to the couch with him. She was a little surprised to see House sitting up rubbing his leg when she got back. "You OK?" she asked.

"Yeah fine just a little twinge" he told her.

"Do you want me to get you anything I have to get Robbie a drink anyway" she offered.

"Just a soda" he replied as he took Robbie from her outstretched arms. "Hey little guy thanks for not waking up earlier – your mum and I really needed some time alone" he told him.

"Are you talking to our son about our sex life?" Cameron called from the kitchen.

"Not in a way he can understand" House whispered to Robbie he just stared back at his father lost in his gaze.

"They say children absorb everything they hear at a young age" she told him as she handed him his soda and sat next to him.

"When did you put clothes on?" he asked distracted.

"Before I went and got Robbie from his room" she replied. "Why you disappointed?"

"Any time you aren't naked I'm disappointed" he told her.

"What's scary is you're totally serious about that" she smiled at him.

"Some would find it an endearing quality that their husband adores their body in such a way that he hates seeing it covered up" House replied.

"Well I'm sure you would but I'm not sure about the rest of society" she said as she handed House the bottle for Robbie to drink from.

"They can go to hell" he smirked back. "But you're right I want you all to myself I don't want to be beating male suitors away with my cane" he laughed.

"My knight in shining armor" she joked with him.

"So what do you want to do for dinner tonight?" House asked. "I could cook us something" he offered.

"Let's just be lazy and order in" she replied. "I don't really feel like getting dressed up and going out tonight" she added.

"Fine by me" House agreed.

They had spent the afternoon and early evening on the couch playing with Robbie and between the three of them sleeping on and off. They had fed Robbie and bathed him and were getting ready to put him to bed. "What do you feel like for dinner?" House asked as he walked into the nursery.

"You pick I'm easy" she replied.

"I was thinking Thai" he suggested as he leaned over Robbie in his crib and brushed the top of his head gently.

"Sounds great" she agreed. House took the cordless phone from the back pocket of his jeans and placed the order. Cameron took his hand and began to walk out of the room with House following behind her. She turned the light off as they left and made their way to the kitchen where House put the phone back onto the receiver. "How long till the food gets here?" she asked.

"About half an hour" House told her.

"I might go take a shower before it gets here then" she told him.

"Want me to come with?" he asked playfully as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Somehow I don't think I'll come out very clean if you join me" she admitted, his hands trailing down her backside and cupping her ass.

"I can be very thorough" he smirked back now trailing kisses down her neck as his hands continued to explore her buttocks.

"Save your energy for later" she told him as she broke from his grasp and headed to the bathroom. He was reluctant to let her go but eventually did so watching her ass as she left the room.

Cameron was in desperate need of a shower, after the rather pleasant activities on the couch they had enjoyed earlier in the afternoon, and then sleeping on the couch she felt like she needed a shower to reinvigorate her body. That and she needed to wash her hair and shave her legs just to feel like she was a woman again. After a relaxing shower she walked into their bedroom and removed a box from under the bed. Removing the wrapping and opening the box she removed a lacy aqua blue camisole and held it up to her body. She had bought it online a couple of weeks ago and was waiting for the right time to share it with House, and she decided tonight would be perfect. Rather than put it on now she thought that after diner would be a more opportune time and neatly packed it away again. She pulled out a pair of old sleep shorts and one of her old t-shirts and slipped them on – she was looking for the least sexiest thing she could find. Then she went to join House in the living room.

House was not however in the living room but in the kitchen placing their meal onto plates, he looked up when she came into the room. "I was just about to come and find you" he told her as she stood beside him.

"I guess I have good timing then" she said.

"How was your shower ?" House asked. "Get a little lonely in there all by yourself?" he added playfully.

"Oh does Greg feel left out?" she asked him back going along with his little game.

"Just trying to do my bit for the environment save water shower together" he smirked as he followed Cameron into the lounge carrying their drinks while she had their plates.

"I'm sure the environment will forgive you just this once" she smiled at him.

The two had enjoyed a rather cozy dinner together Cameron had been up to check on Robbie and made her way to the lounge room figuring that House would be relaxing in front of the TV. She didn't however find him there and after checking the kitchen and their bedroom she returned to the bathroom. Once inside she saw that he had run a bath for the two of them, with the smelly bath stuff – as he calls it, which he hates, candles, and champagne. "You did all this while I was gone? I wasn't even five minutes" she remarked surprised.

"Well I have pretty strong motivation to make you happy tonight" he replied as she moved towards him.

"You always make me happy" she replied as she wrapped her arms around him. He lowered his lips to hers and kissed her in a deeply passionate way that she could tell was more than just their usual kiss.

"The waters getting cold" House told her as they pulled back from their kiss. Cameron took a step back from him and removed her t-shirt and then her shorts leaving her in just a bra and panties. "God you're beautiful" he told her.

"You know if you plan on joining me you might want to take some of your own clothes off too" she smirked at him. He took up her challenge and stripped off his t-shirt and slowly removed his jeans as Cameron stood back watching every move he made. After he was completely naked before her she stepped towards him and moved her hands behind her back to remove her bra.

"Allow me" he told her moving her hands to her sides and un-clasping her bra. He pulled it from her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Captivated by her beauty he couldn't help but stare as she ran her hands up and down his arms. Realizing he hadn't finished the task at hand he slipped his hands down her waist and removed her panties. She stepped out of them and took his hand leading him to the bath where he climbed in and she followed resting in between his legs.

"You know this is my second bath in a matter of hours" she commented as she relaxed back on to his chest.

"Well technically you had a shower earlier not a bath" he replied as he began rubbing his hands up and down her arms. "If I had told you earlier that I was planning this it would have ruined the surprise" he told her.

"Well there's not many men I would have another bath or shower for" she smirked.

"Not many?" House asked.

"Sorry that was a really bad choice of words – I would only do it for you" Cameron corrected herself as she leaned forward just enough so she could turn slightly and kiss House gently on the lips.

"That's more like it" he agreed. The warm water from the bath was actually doing wonders for his leg right now, he had been having a difficult day with his pain and was willing to try anything to make the pain subside even if only for a short time. Having a bath with Cameron was an easy excuse to mask his pain – after all he didn't want to worry her and he planned on making the rest of their night together memorable. They had been soaking for about half an hour the water was beginning to get cold and Cameron was eager to show House or rather model what she had purchased a couple of weeks ago.

"We should get out of this bath" Cameron declared as she continued to enjoy his hands on her. House had been touching her ever since they got in the bath. At first washing her body now just enjoying softly caressing her as she lay against his chest.

"Trying to get away from me already huh?" House asked.

"At least to a more comfortable spot, besides the water is getting a little cold" she added as she turned to face him and kissed him softly. He had to agree with her there the water was becoming colder and before long would have the opposite effect the warm water was having earlier.

"Ladies first" House told her. He watched her get up from his lap, droplets of water falling from her body and he was captivated by every one of them. Cameron had her hand out stretched to him to help him out of the bath but he didn't even notice it he was too busy watching the droplets of water falling in between her breasts.

"If you're going to stare all night I'm just going to leave you here" she warned him.

"Sorry what did you say?"

"I said get your ass up or I'll leave you here" Cameron replied. House looked at her and took her hand steadying himself as he got up. House stepped out of the bath and followed Cameron as she handed him a towel and he began drying himself off. Cameron was in their bedroom removing the box from under the bed and quickly changing she was counting on House going through his usual routine of brushing his teeth after his shower and whatever else it was that he did before he came to bed. After a couple of minutes Cameron had turned off the lights except for a small bedside lamp which shed just the right amount of light around the room. She lay down on the bed holding herself up by leaning on her right elbow and her left leg crossing over her right. She finally heard movement from the bathroom as House shut off the light and limped into the bedroom he hadn't noticed her yet as he was walking partly with his leg down and his eyes were still adjusting to the lack of light in the room. Cameron remained silent waiting for his reaction.

"Did you check…" House couldn't finish his sentence as he caught sight of Cameron on the bed.

"Check what?"

"You know it's hard enough for me to walk as it is and then you go and dress like that makes little Greg very attentive" he smirked pausing as he took the sight in.

"Then why don't you come over here and take it off me" Cameron suggested. House began to move closer to the bed making it to the edge.

"Well I'm actually enjoying the view right now so I'm not in any rush" he replied.

"Take your time, we've got all night" she smirked back. He sat down on the edge of the bed and reached out to caress her ankle.

"Well we have a bit of a problem there" he began.

"Really" Cameron smiled. "What might that be?"

"You see part of me wants to rip that pretty little thing off you and make you scream like there's no tomorrow" he told her.

"And the other part?" Cameron asked her breath catching as his hand moved higher.

"Well the other part is telling me to take my time and enjoy the ride as such" he smirked.

"Well it's a good thing you like to solve puzzles" Cameron smiled at him.

House's hand slid up her leg inching underneath the camisole to the milky white flesh beneath. He climbed onto the bed next to her and looking at her face to face. Cameron caressed his cheek with her hand and he gently kissed her palm as his hand swooped round her cupped her ass. His eyes immediately lit up when he discovered she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Commando" he smiled.

"Well I didn't see the point" Cameron smiled back as she leaned closer to him and kissed him. "All I ask is that you don't rip it" she added.

"Somehow you managed to have more clothing on than me" he remarked.

"You are wearing a towel" Cameron said. House's hand whipped around removed the towel that was loosely hanging around his waist.

"Hmm much better" Cameron told him.

"Now there's only one thing left" he agreed as his hand pulled the camisole up over her stomach and chest. His lips followed the direction her camisole was going as he kissed her stomach and paid particular attention to her breasts as House used the camisole to playfully cover her face.

"Ahem" Cameron mumbled from under the camisole.

"Little busy" he replied as he climbed on top of her and resumed his assault on her breasts. Cameron grabbed the side of his face as his tongue circled her nipples and his hands palmed her breasts.

"Yeah well it's getting a bit hard to breathe under here" Cameron told him. "Besides I think I'm missing the best part."

"Well we wouldn't want that now would we" House said before he removed the camisole and placed it on the floor.

"Thank you" Cameron said.

"You are gorgeous" House said as he hovered over the top of her.

"You're pretty hot yourself" Cameron said. "I think that now your obstacle is out of the way you shouldn't waste any more time" she told him. House was not the kind of husband who needed to be told twice in the bedroom and he quickly thrust inside Cameron. Their earlier foreplay had more than made her ready for him and it didn't take long for the two of them to find their rhythm. House leaned down to take his lips with hers an kissed her passionately.

"Are you OK?" he asked.

"More than OK" she replied.

House continued to thrust inside her increasing his pace as Cameron moved beneath him their hips meeting every time he plunged deeper inside her. Their eyes remained locked as Cameron wrapped her legs around his waist and drew him further inside. Deciding to change things up a bit Cameron clamped her muscles down around his cock and flipped them so she was now on top.

"That was impressive" House remarked.

"There's much more to come" Cameron told House as she leaned back gently on his hips which allowed her to take him deeper.

"Fuck that feels amazing" House groaned as he held onto Cameron's waist supporting her as she moved back and forward on top of him. They continued like this until she almost couldn't take it anymore minutes passed but to Cameron it felt like hours. He could feel her muscles beginning to tense and he knew exactly what to do to push her over the edge. His hand moved down over her clit as she slowed down for him.

"Wait" she breathed out heavily wanting him to fall over the edge with her.

"Right behind you" he encouraged her as he looked into her eyes. The touch he had and the connection they felt with one another coupled with one final thrust from him sent them over the edge. Cameron collapsed onto his chest when she no longer had the strength to hold herself up anymore. The orgasm she just shared with House sapped all of her energy.

"If our house erupted in flames now I don't think my legs would be able to carry me out of here" Cameron smirked.

"There are no words to describe how fucking good that was" House commented. Cameron leaned into House her head resting on his bicep. He lay there for a few more minutes before gently reaching over and grabbing the baby monitor making sure it was on. "Did you check on Robbie earlier?" he asked. Silence. "Cameron?" he looked down to find she was asleep. House smiled and pulled her closer into his chest as he too closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Authors Note: I'm going to be wrapping this story up soon as I can't give it the attention it and you readers deserve. I will focus on shorter stories which may be in this series that I have written or be completely different. Thanks for reading and the reviews.