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The title is based off of a Blue October song "My Never." I'm pasting in part of the lyrics below:

Will you think of me,
In time?
It's never my luck,
So nevermind.
I wanna say your name,
But the pain starts
It's never my luck,
So nevermind.

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My Never


Edward Cullen was waiting. It wasn't something he was accustomed to doing. Particularly since he was waiting for a person. A girl. One he never talked to.

Being the new student once again was tiring, but in his two months at the school he had found a group of friends similar to himself.


In those two months he'd also found himself a hobby. He admitted to himself that sitting around, hoping to glimpse Isabella Swan wasn't the healthiest of pastimes, but there it was.

She was his weakness, and she didn't even know it. Above all, Edward was a realist. He knew what kind of person he was and he had a good idea as to what kind of person Isabella was.

They'd never work. The knowledge didn't do much to improve his attitude towards school, teachers or his mother.

His thoughts were interrupted by Isabella's entrance into the classroom. He watched her from his seat at the back. She flicked her hair impatiently over one shoulder, smiled at something a friend was saying, and sat down.

Then, as usual, she glanced over in his direction. A quick, fleeting meeting of the eyes.

Edward waited for that one interaction they had. He wouldn't even bother coming to Biology if it wasn't for her presence there.

Like he didn't bother with the rest of his classes, the majority of the time.

At school Edward and his friends were the resident juvenile delinquents. Not that they bullied others but they had no respect for authority and got caught doing things like shoplifting or the occasional recreational drug.

Granted, smoking pot in an empty classroom hadn't been the smartest of ideas and resulted in a three-day suspension.

Three days of not seeing Isabella had caused him unexpected distress. Odd, considering they didn't even interact with each other.

Coming from a life that had been less than ideal for a young child or teenager, Edward didn't care much about anything. Not school, would-be parents or even pets. The only people he came close to giving a damn about were his friends.

And, since the beginning of the school year, Isabella Swan. He couldn't put a finger on what he found so fascinating about her. All he knew was that she tugged at a part of him he didn't know existed.

He remembered the first time he'd really noticed her, when they'd collided in the hallway. Edward had found himself looking into a face that was intriguing and innocent at the same time.

From that moment on, he was hooked.

Knowing that girls like her and guys like him didn't generally mix, he settled for the one hour a day he knew he'd see her. Even then it was from a distance.

As Mr. Banner started in on the day's lecture about Mendelian Laws, Edward sat back in his chair, automatically tuning the teacher out. Instead, he engaged in the activity of surreptitiously observing Isabella.

Just as Mr. Banner was about to get the class started on calculating dominant versus recessive genes, the principal strode into the room wearing an impassive expression. He scanned the room until his gaze fell on Edward, seeming a little surprised to see him there.

"Mr. Cullen, I'd like to speak with you in my office."

"What for?"

"I'm not discussing that here. Get up, please." Mr. Greene's tone was anything but friendly.

Edward sat, staring broodingly at the man, debating what to do. If he resisted, it'd probably be another suspension and it'd create a scene.

He wasn't sure he wanted Isabella to see that right now.

Sighing heavily, Edward stood up to his full height, which was taller than both of the teachers in the room.

"See ya," he said to Mr. Banner, giving a brief wave. The principal turned toward the door, expecting Edward to follow.

Just before he exited the classroom, Edward twisted around to take a last look at Isabella. A break from their normal routine.

Her brown eyes, now troubled, were fixed on him. Something hidden in their dark depths.

"Mr. Cullen!" The principal snapped, irritated with the snail's pace Edward was setting.

Then, Edward did something he made it a point never to do unless it was in mocking sarcasm.

He conjured up the most charming smile he could and directed it at Isabella, winking at her for added effect.

He had the pleasure of seeing her eyebrows arch in surprise before her lips parted, returning his offering in a smile that he swore lit up the room, before being almost dragged from the room by the now irate principal.

Edward knew he'd disrupted their safe tradition. Furtive glances weren't going to be enough anymore.

It made the haranguing from Mr. Greene almost worth it.



It was close to that time of the day she looked forward to most. No one knew that fact; she was good at keeping information that would shock or dismay others to herself.

She walked at a brisk pace through the hallway, anticipating the moment she would see him. The new boy with the strangely coloured hair and beautiful green eyes.

Bella knew what people said about him. She saw how quickly he had taken up with the resident delinquents of King David High. She heard about his attitude problem towards teachers and classmates.

But, for some reason, none of that touched her. She knew that her friends would be appalled if they learned of her secret crush on Edward Cullen. Not to mention what her parents would think.

She was Isabella Swan: smart, pretty, capable, and most importantly for high school, part of the 'in' crowd. Her parents were regular white-collar workers, her friends all popular and products of the upper middle class. Bella had been perfectly happy with her friends and life, not knowing any other way.

Or at least she was until the day Edward Cullen showed up at school with his belligerent expression, aloof demeanour, and wild hair.

Since she'd first laid eyes on him, Bella had been completely ensnared by the troubled teen. The most interaction they'd had was when they'd bumped into each other in the hallway on Edward's first day at school.

She remembered looking up into a pair of green eyes so deep it'd made her catch her breath. Neither had said a word, an undefinable flicker passing over Edward's finely crafted features. He'd broken away first, walking down the hall and out the doors, leaving Bella staring after him, shaken.

Since then they hadn't spoken or socialized. Their circles were too different. The most interaction they had was that one hour in Biology. It had become a sort of custom for Bella to quickly glance over at Edward. Without fail their gazes would meet for a brief moment.

She wasn't sure exactly why he always met her eyes, but she hoped it was for the same reason she was compelled to look his way.

Bella had heard Edward didn't often make it to his classes, word travelled fast in the hallways. Yet, his attendance for the one class she shared with him was perfect.

Feeling her body start to tense with anticipation, Bella entered the Biology room. Out of the corner of her eye she could see a head of messy auburn hair, indicating Edward was in his usual seat at the back.

Her friend, Alice, was relating a funny story that made her smile. Then, further feeding her addiction, Bella let her eyes slide over in Edward's direction.

Fiery emerald eyes gazed back, causing Bella's heart to race. She looked away, trying to focus on Mr. Banner who was making his way to the front of the classroom. She crossed her legs, leaning back in her chair, ready to listen to the lesson.

Halfway into the class, when Bella was about to start her Mendelian charts, Mr. Greene came into the room, looking for someone.

Mr. Banner stopped talking, waiting for the principal to indicate what he wanted.

"Mr. Cullen, I'd like to speak to you in my office," he said looking squarely at Edward.

All heads turned to the copper-haired boy in the back, expecting to witness one of the power struggles Edward was becoming famous for.

"What for?" Edward asked, his tone challenging. Heads turned back to the principal, waiting to see his reaction.

"I'm not discussing that here. Get up please." Mr. Greene kept his voice neutral.

Edward looked as if he was going to say more, but then changed his mind, slowly standing up instead.

Like everyone else, Bella's eyes clung to Edward's form but for entirely different reasons. She'd given up trying to understand what it was about him that she found so captivating, only knowing there was something her body recognized in him.

She watched Edward slowly cross the room, causing Mr. Greene to bark at him to hurry up.

Right before he reached the door, Edward turned, his gaze finding Bella's once more, his lips curving into a smile, one that reached his eyes. Freed of its perpetual moody expression, his face changed, lightened, becoming even more striking. Something Bella hadn't thought possible. If that wasn't startling enough, he winked at her, the grin still on his face.

Her mouth dropped open, in both surprise and awe.

Quickly recovering herself, Bella smiled in return, knowing their odd dynamic had shifted.

The daily glances would no longer be enough.

Bella couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.

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