This is a story about two people, Richard and Kori, finding love through the personal ads on AOL. Yes, it happens. But if you're trying this at home, take proper precautions, not everyone out there is nice (or Dick Grayson). Yes, this is AU Richard and Kori because it is all I seem to write.

So, with no further ado:

You've Got Mail

AU Richard and Kori

Kori Anders is a lonely and hardworking graduate student who plays the Gorkapipes and doesn't get out much after her relationship with Franklin ended; Dick Grayson's girlfriend Babs broke up with him and he has no interest in dating or anything else; what happens when their friends persuade each of them to turn to AOL's personal ads to find love again?

Richard 'Dick' Grayson (Robin/Nightwing)

Wally West (Kid Flash)

Barbara 'Babs' Gordon (Batgirl, Oracle)

Catalina Flores (Tarantula)

Kori Anders (Starfire)

Donna Troy (Wonder Girl)

Victor Stone (Cyborg)

Roy Harper (Speedy)

Gar Logan (Beast Boy)


Chapter 1


"I can't believe I made this stupid bet with you. I should have known better to make the wager over a game of basketball," Dick Grayson groaned as he stood in his room in his father's huge mansion after coming back from the YMCA. His black hair damp from a shower, his normally bright blue eyes were somewhat dull and he had slight bags under his eyes from not sleeping.

"Oh, you're changing your story? What happened to 'I can hit 3-pointers all day long'? What happened to 'I was a walk-on to Princeton's basketball team'?" his friend Wally West taunted, feeling quite good about himself. Dick was barely ever second best at anything. Then again, these days Dick was off his game. And not just in basketball.

Dick growled and shook his head in disbelief, his shoulders slumping even further, "I forgot how fast you are. Somehow I flippin' forgot how fast you are. I can't believe you're going to make me do this."

It was a wonder Dick could forget how fast Wally was. The red head was always the fastest kid in their class since Kindergarten and was a competitive runner to this day.

"Look, all you have to do is look through the profiles of a bunch of women on a dating website, pick one lucky young lady to take out, ask her out, have her say yes, actually go on a date, and you've held up your end of the deal."

"One date?" Dick asked for clarification.

Wally gave him a sharp nod, "One date. You have to get back in the saddle again, dude. I realize you had a crush on Babs forever and then went out with her for almost as long. I know she broke up with you because she thought you had something going on with Catalina Flores when you didn't-"

"Only for Cat to force herself on me when I was drunk. Arrggh, how could I have been so stupid?" Dick looked skyward and then buried his face in his hands.

"Babs never trusted you anyway, it was like it was some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy," Wally said, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder, actually feeling bad about that part of the situation.

"Babs did trust me, she was just a little jealous, and it was all my fault," Dick replied, his voice dripping with regret.

"Oh come on, Dick. She was extremely jealous and kept you on a very short shank. You need someone who'll let you be yourself at least some of the time."

"Thanks Dr. Phil."

Wally chuckled. "I'll ignore that. I'm doing you a favor Dick, you'll see." He took a quick breath, trying to stand still - he was certainly a ball of energy. "Alright, let's get this party started. eHarmony here we come." Wally said as he pressed the start button and sat down in front of Dick's state-of-the-art computer.

"eHarmony?" Dick exclaimed, "That's a pay site. I am not paying for this!"

"You have more money than most oil-rich sheiks, Dick. You can afford eHarmony."

"It's a matter of principle - Dick Grayson does not have to pay for a date! Get up, Wally." Wally hopped out of the chair. Dick sat down and logged on, doing a quick search for dating site. "Here, AOL lets its members read the personals for free."

"Read? Hmm, I think you'll need to post a personal ad also."

"That was not part of the wager," Dick stated, his faced slightly flushed with anger.

"Alright, here's how we'll work it: if you don't find a girl to go out with you in two weeks, then I'm going to put up your personal ad for you. Deal?"


"Well then I'm going to put one up now-"

"How? You don't know my password."

"I bet I can guess it. It's Babs020178 for her name and date of birth."


"Then it's Babs052107 for your first date."

Dick looked shocked, "How did you know that?"

Wally smirked, "Because you're that predictable. And everyone knows the day of your first date with Babs. You were going to petition Congress to make it a national holiday."

Dick groaned, "Alright, you win. If I don't find someone to go out with me-"

"For an entire date: dinner and a movie and a club afterword."

"For dinner, movie and dancing." He rolled his eyes, "But I'm not going to like it."

"And if you don't find someone..." Wally prompted.

"Then in two weeks I'll post my own profile on the personals on AOL."

"With a picture."

"Sure with a picture," Dick conceded, "but not mine" he added under his breath.

"I heard that," Wally said with a smile, "but I'll ignore it for now. I'll leave you to your search. And remember, SF is what you are looking for: single female. Well, probably." Dick shot him a hard look. "And you might want to narrow the age range. No more older women for you."

Dick rolled his eyes yet again, "Babs is only 5 years older and that was never a problem."

"No, you're right, her age wasn't her problem. It was just one of her problems."


"Get to work, Romeo, the clock is ticking. Oh, and to avoid the crazies and to keep this low profile, come up with an additional screen name just for the love connection. You wouldn't want Babs to know you were trolling on AOL."

"Hey, you're the one making me do this!" Dick roared, "Get out of here, Wally."

Wally left in a hurry. Luckily his speedy exit prevented the pencil Dick threw at him from hitting him in the head.

Dick sat at his computer thinking over the right screen name for what he thought was sure to be debacle. It was going to be one night, he figured. One night that he might as well think of it as one that he could just let loose and fly. Or something like that. Regardless, he needed a cool sounding name and this one was definitely cool: Dick Grayson's new screen name was Nightwing.


"Donna, I do not want to do the dating right now. I have to get over the feelings for Franklin," Kori Anders told her roommate Donna Troy. This was a conversation that they had many times, not that Kori would ever really complain. Donna was a good friend and this was one of the few times she had ever even attempted to meddle in her attractive but naïve roommate's life.

"Kori, it was months ago that he broke up with you and remember, he was only going out in the first place with you-"

"Because his friends dared him, I am aware," Kori said with a heavy sigh.

"I'm sorry Kori I didn't mean it like that."

"It is the o. and the k. Donna. But Franklin then did develop the feelings for me as well."

"Perhaps, but Kori, just go on a date with someone who emails or IM's you based on your profile that seems nice and interesting. One date, that's all. After that, I'll leave you alone about it."

"Very well, I will do it," Kori said, feeling defeated. Donna had been bugging her for weeks now about internet dating that she had to get out once in awhile. It just wasn't healthy the amount of time she studied and read romance novels. And as for the other people that lived in their dormitory... well, at this point in the academic year, the undergrads didn't feel they needed the guidance of the Graduate Fellows-in-Residence anymore, so Kori no longer had that outlet. And as for the other Fellows, they seemed to be weighed down with their own romances, coursework and dissertations.

"And I'll help you," Donna replied. The outgoing raven haired beauty had to be certain this actually happened. "And we'll have to come up with a different screen name just to keep the people responding to the personal ad separate from your friends and school contacts on your regular email."

She had chosen AOL as her dating site because it was free. As a grad student at a private university, even with the stipend the fellowship provided and modeling part-time, money was usually be tight. Kori logged onto AOL. Donna was right she needed a different screen name, something different, but something that was at least a little bit of a clue to who she was. She was studying Astrophysics and therefore indirectly the stars and her hair was the color of fire. Kori Anders' new screen name for the purposes of her personal ad would be Starfire.

She went to the personal ads on AOL and created a profile and typed in:

SF seeks SM for one date, maybe more

Red Hair

Green Eyes


121 lbs.

24 years old

College Graduate with BS in Physics, pursuing graduate degree in Astrophysics

Employed part-time

Enjoys music, dancing, food, friends

Donna read over her shoulder, "Kori, you are employed part-time as a model! Don't you think you should put that in your personal ad?"

"No. I will not put in the profile that I am a model!" Kori said firmly.

"It'll make it easier for you to get a date. Or maybe many dates," Donna replied.

"Donna, you know I am only doing the modeling to pay for graduate school. Plus I do not wish for men who are only interested in me due to my appearance," Kori said. "And this is the photo that I wish to use."

"The one of you playing the Gorkapipes! No Kori, you'll never get a date if people know you actually play those! Not that many people know what they are... but they sound like a dolphin being strangled when they are played."

"Yes, their sound is... unique," Kori conceded. "But I play them and I enjoy them. They remind me of my homeland and my people." Kori was from the tiny island nation of Tamaran. "'Love me, love my Gorkapipes' I always say. It is the photo I wish to use and that is final."

Donna crossed her arms, "Lord knows who will answer your ad now that you are portraying yourself as a Gorkapipe-playing Rocket Scientist!"

"But I am a Gorkapipe-playing Rocket Scientist!"

"And a sought after model."

"And a terrible cook."

"And a great friend," Donna said as she hugged Kori. All she wanted was to see her roommate happy. Donna had recently gotten engaged and although Kori was very happy for her roommate, it just emphasized the fact that she was alone. Plus, Donna would also be finishing her graduate degree in fine arts in photography in May and Kori would be staying on at the university. She worried that Kori didn't have enough of a social life and it would only be harder for her as she started her PhD courses and dissertation.

"Well, that I will agree with. And because I am such a great friend, I have let you talk me into doing this," Kori said.

"Well, maybe the right guy will answer this ad. Who knows? There might be some wonderful, gorgeous, successful, and well off guy looking for a Gorkapipe-playing Rocket scientist."


Dick sat down at a booth at the Elbow Room to have a couple beers with his friends Wally (the current bane of his existence), Roy, Victor and Gar. The guys had known each other for most of their lives and saw each other regularly, currently playing on the same men's league softball team, the Gotham Knights. They were celebrating their victory over the Ivy Town Atoms. Well, that's not completely true, Wally, Roy, Victor and Gar were celebrating and Dick was tolerating the situation, lust going through the motions.

"I'm worried about you, man," Victor said. The tall and broad African American was the catcher for the team. It was amazing how fast he was at his size, although it was all muscle from years of football.

"Yeah, Dick, I know you and Babs were together forever, but you've got to move on. Look around. There are some hot women here tonight," Roy added. Even with his ginger colored hair, due to build and other features, he was often mistaken for Dick's brother.

"Well, if I had your standards I'm sure I would have a busy social life too," Dick retorted.

"Burn!" Gar laughed. The smallest of the group, this slightly built blonde haired joker offered comic relief.

"Are you implying I have low standards? Hardly. Watch and learn from the master, gentlemen, watch and learn," Roy got up, beer in hand, and headed over to the crowded bar.

"I'm heading home guys," Dick said, sounding discouraged.

"Hot date with the personal ads?" Wally teased.

Victor's brows hit his forehead, "Say what?" he said with a laugh.

"Wally-" Dick started in a warning tone.

Wally was not deterred, "I bet Dick that he couldn't beat me over a game of one-on-one basketball. The wager was that if he lost he would have to go to the on-line personal ads and get a date with a lovely young lady."

"Gee, how bad could it be?" Gar asked sarcastically.

"I don't want to go through the personals. There's no way of knowing what you'll end up with."

"You mean who," Wally said.

"Not necessarily," Gar said, clearly very amused by the situation.

"It's not like I couldn't get a date the old fashioned way if I wanted one," Dick said in protest.

Victor had been worried for his friend's mental state since Babs broke up with him. "But you aren't going to. Glad you did this Wallace. Dick, it'll work out, you'll see."

Gar laughed, "Sure it will... for us! I can't wait to see who is desperate enough to put up an ad online!"


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In the comics The New Teen Titans, Starfire kissed Robin to learn English. At first he seemed interested in her, but then decided that they should only be friends. Then Starfire, or rather her alter ego model Kory Anders met Franklin Crandall and they started dating and fell in love. Then he was murdered by the HIVE who he was an operative for to begin with - he was attempting to infiltrate the Titans for the HIVE by going out with Starfire but did fall in love with her. After he was killed, Dick and Donna found out the truth, but never told Kory that Franklin was originally 'assigned' to go out with her.

Catalina Flores (Tarantula) foisted herself on Nightwing in the Nightwing comics. Babs broke up with him just because Catalina was flirting with Dick. Soon after, Tarantula essentially raped Nightwing and Nightwing went into a downward spiral after essentially letting Tarantula shoot and kill Blockbuster. They had a relationship for a time before he finally turned her in but he never forgave himself and continued basically trying to get himself killed for some time after that.

There is nothing wrong with meeting some one through the personal ads if your careful. I 'met' my husband that way, but as it turned out, we already had mutual friends and had met before. One of my friends met her husband that way as well and her picture was playing the bagpipes – that's how I got the idea for Kori playing the Gorkapipes in her profile picture.

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