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You've Got Mail


Chapter 56


"Do you want to just get some rest? We can shop for a ring in the morning."

"No." Her voice was resigned, or so he thought.


"No." Kori turned in Richard's arms, burying her forehead into his shoulder. The aftershocks of her crying still shook her, as she still was recovering, emotionally and physically drained.

Richard was at a complete loss, his head spinning. No? Was she actually turning him down about the engagement? Or was it just the ring? He was sure they were on the same page. She had already said yes. What had changed? His mind raced.

He held onto her with one hand, taking the other to rake it through his black locks. The moments ticked by and he was becoming more and more agitated as she said nothing.

"Kori, I know you're upset but don't give up on us," Richard pleaded.

Kori looked up at him, bewildered through her bleary eyes. "Give-give up on us?" she choked out. "I am not doing the giving up on us."

"But when I said about ring shopping, when you said, um, well, you said, no, well, uh, I thought-"

She put her hand on his cheek. "No, Richard, that is not what I meant." She looked away, trying to think over their discussion, and then turned back. "I am just so overwhelmed." She paused, biting her lip, shaking her head slightly to clear her thoughts and to wake herself up a bit more. "I am also still jet-lagged... more tired than perhaps I have expressed. I was working so hard so I could clear my work schedule and be ahead on school assignments I was already sleep deprived before I left to come here. There is so much to do with my graduation coming up. Even after my nap earlier I am not rested."

"It's fine, really, I'm just glad you're here."

"It is so good to be with you it is just that I had hoped I could do without rest and just enjoy my time with you. I feel tired, emotional, and um, overwhelmed."

Richard watched her as her eyes moved back and forth, her eyes still looking away, as she was beginning to gnaw on her lower lip. She then brought up her thumb and began to chew on the cuticle. She tried to turn away as her mind continued to replay the conversations, her brain addled by the alcohol and the jet lag and Richard being so close.

But Richard held on tight.

"I didn't mean to overwhelm you." His voice was gentle and his words words rang true and she looked up at him, relieved he understood. "Our engagement is supposed to be a wonderful occasion, to be celebrated and to make our lives better and more complete. I now feel like I might have ambushed you. I didn't mean to."

Kori smiled and happy tears began to fall and finally she faced him, her eyes meeting his. "You do understand me."

"I really do try."

"And you are doing the succeeding, Richard."

"I love you so very much, Kori." He brought her hand up to kiss the back of it. Not a brush as he would in public, but an actual kiss with a bit of tongue and teeth grazing over, flipping her hand over and attending to the pulse point of the wrist, his eyes not leaving hers.

When Kori's pulse increased in tempo and strength, he knew his instincts were right. Her eyes grew wide.

He gave her a reassuring smile. "Is engagement too much? Is that why you said no to ring shopping?"

"Oh no!" She thought back to their conversation. "I would prefer you choose the ring for me, that is if that is the okay."

"It is more than okay, I would love to." Richard smiled. "I only wish that I had planned things out and had a ring now. Not that I hadn't known I would ask you, and thought about it, a lot," Kori smiled at this, "but as we both know tonight's proposal was spur of the moment."

"Which is fine." She continued to smile at him. Not one of her megawatt smiles, not that it mattered; it was one of her special smiles that he knew somehow was just for him, that was like a shared secret. "I have not made it a secret I wished to spend my life with you. Tonight was a surprise – a pleasant one – that we are engaged."

They held each other for a bit. "I am so tired, I am sorry Richard." She took a quick shower, shooing him away when he made an attempt to join her, and when finished crawled into bed in a baby doll nightgown. She snuggled up next to him. "Good night."

"Pleasant dreams."

As exhausted as she was, she was also restless, her mind not completely shutting down. Richard read on his e-reader, and Kori turned in bed, away from him. Still not comfortable, she pulled off her nightgown and laid on her belly, her cheek laying on her hand, her pillow abandoned.

Richard was trying to concentrate, but it wasn't easy. Kori's breathing regulated, and he forced his mind back on his work, checking his schedule for the following week. It was booked solid, even the weekend. It was good he'd been able for him to find some time for them to spend together. He wasn't sure when the next time he would see her, but he knew he'd move heaven and Earth to be at her graduation and also at Donna's wedding.

Kori rolled up on her side, but still facing away, but wiggled toward him until her bare buttock met his hip. More than curious if this was an invitation, he put down his reader and undressed, and pressed up against her. He was willing to suffer through if she was asleep.

Richard wrapped an arm around her and she sighed. She turned her head to meet his lips, and she again pushed closer to him. Oh yes, this was a request.

Not to deny her, he guided himself in so that they could couple as they spooned. Surprised by the sensation from the new position, Kori gasped and dropped her head back, allowing Richard to rain kissed down her neck as he kept up a slow pace.

The slow erotic lovemaking along with her level of physical and emotional exhaustion put Kori onto almost a different plane of existence. Pleasure built up quickly even given the gentle pace Richard was keeping. She was soon crying his name. She also needing to be in his arms. She hadn't realized she'd asked.

"Of course, I love you, Kori," he said, as he eased her onto her back and settled over her.

They ignored his phone when it rang and when it signaled a text coming through. Finally he stifled a curse to stop for a minute to shut the phone off after the third call. He didn't check to see who it was. He was hardly curious at that moment. What difference would another fifteen minutes or longer make? His fiancee needed his attention. Able to block out the intrusion, he concentrated on his future wife. Far too soon he was shouting out her name and then they were basking in the afterglow.

"Thank you, Richard." Kori was still sleepy but thoroughly sated and very happy to have stayed up a bit longer.

"You're very welcome," he replied with a chuckle, "and thank you for agreeing to marry me."

"Thank you for asking."

There was a comfortable silence and Kori was about to doze off when she asked, "Who was that on the phone?"

"Oh, that's right, I'd better check." Pulling the phone out, he checked the number and the text, his heart sinking. "Um, it's from a perspective partner wondering where I am. The meeting is next weekend, not this weekend though, I had just checked my calendar. Better straighten it out."

Kori suppressed a sigh. She hoped it was a mistake, but wondered if their weekend was about to end. More interested in a few minutes sleep than worrying over something that was beyond her control, she drifted off to sleep.


To be continued...


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