Hello, again! This was a little plot/idea bunny that came up and bit me so I just had to write it, especially since it was a drabble, or rather a super-mini oneshot. I had best warn you, this does give away bits from much later on in the manga, so if you're not past chapter 400-450 then don't read this. I feel this one says almost as much about Kagome as it does about Kanna, but that's just me. Oooh! I for got the disclaimer in my last fic, so this one applies for both.

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No Longer the Void

She knew she was going to die, and suddenly Kanna of the Void was afraid. She did not know she was afraid. She did not know what this was, but it was not pleasant. Kanna had never known any emotion. It seemed like Naraku had taken her heart, and with it any will to resist, and emotion. And so she was a puppet, following orders without question, killing and torturing without either remorse or joy. She did as her master bade her to.

She was going to die. Abruptly an odd tingling filled Kanna's chest, soon replaced by a steady thump, and a wash of an unfamiliar feeling. It was fear. And that fear, the fear of death, of that small part of the great void from which she came opened the floodgates. She was awash in emotion. In a moment she felt sadness, remorse, depression. She felt utter misery. Only tiny pinpoints of her held happiness. She supposed this was all the emotion she had lacked during her life, while Naraku held her heart.

And then her mirror-creature was defeated by InuYasha and his friends. Her mirror smashed. Kanna, in her dying moments felt sudden pity for her opponents, and hatred towards Naraku, who had made her feel all this anguish, enough to shatter a normal human. She transferred her awareness into a small shard of the broken mirror, which she directed towards the small, black-haired girl. Miko. Kagome. Kanna searched the girl's heart, hoping her decision was the right one.

The young miko's heart was slightly worried, and scared, and sad, but these were all temporary, and did not penetrate deep into the girl's being. Underneath was her true heart. This was an enormous, gleaming tangle of love, and innocence, and peace, and purity. Here and there were dabs of sorrow, or other unhappiness, but those were occasional. Shining through all of this was the soft, warm, passionate glow of pure joy.

Kanna knew her risk had been worth it. She told Kagome her last words, and knew death was imminent. Kanna brushed the girl's heart again, and absorbed some of the joy into herself. And in that moment Kanna of the Void felt everything. Joy and sorrow. Fear and confidence. Light and Dark. All this emotion, all this borrowed light filled her, and filled every last bit of the Void that was her. And in that moment she was 'of the Void' no longer. Kanna let go of Kagome, and stepped back into the dark embrace of the void, a shining beacon in the black, truly content in her final moments.

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