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#1: "Perhaps-- LaviYuu? With the line/prompt.. Herbal Tea." meggle_star

#2: "Kanda + Allen + Lavi: Mistake (+=friendship)" harmony283

#3: "How about... Lenalee + Lavi (friendship, as harmony mentioned) Something about chocolate and something about eye patches (if you can fit the second one). ^^" saxon_jesus

#4: "LaviYuu please.... prompt: eternal" rizuka

#5: "I'd very much a Lavi and Kanda story, with ice-skating as the theme, please!" mugen_edamame

#6: "can I have some... LaviYuu in a pirate AU?" hakasha

#7: - "Timcampy has been evolving. Is it according to plan (whose?) or an experiment going wrong/taking unexpected path? Does Timcampy take more after Allen or Cross? Link finds out the hard way" sekitx2

#8: - "Kanda and Lavi, virgin college roommates. Lavi hates that no matter how hard he tries, not one girl will touch him for more than a few seconds, and Kanda hates that no matter how hard he thinks about it, he wants to touch Lavi -- not that he does." ainoche

#9: - "Kanda/Lavi. Sunbathing on the roof - with obligatory nakedness, because, ya know, you obviously can't sunbath with clothes because what're you going to about that tanline?" solitaryjane

#10: -

lol, so far only LaviYu, pretty much...

Kay! So for the first fill.

Title: Herbal Tea and Asian Goes Hand In Hand

Summary: Kanda is pissed off. Lavi hopes to be able to coax him out of it. With... herbal tea?

Pairing: LaviYu/LaviKanda/LoveYou, however you wanna put it. xD

Genre: Friendship (I'll put this because the only romance was basically at the end... aside from like a line in the beginning), humour (supposedly? I tried)

Rating: T

Warnings: Shonen-ai (mild boyxboy). Don't like don't read. Kanda's foul mouth.

Disclaimer: I don't own DGM~

I hope you like it, meggle! This is also your birthday present, of sorts, so... Happy birthday!

Feel free to point out typos, grammar errors, awkward sentences, and such. And enjoy, of course.


Perhaps-- LaviYuu?

With the line/prompt..

Herbal Tea.

Herbal Tea and Asian Goes Hand In Hand

Kanda Yu was in a very foul mood. Oh, yes, a very foul mood indeed. You wouldn't believe. Why? Because it sucked. What sucked? The day. And whyyy? Because he had just failed a fucking mission. The Akuma had gotten their hands on the Innocence before he and that idiot Lavi could reach it. Lavi was a particular idiot this time because it was his fault they had failed (yes, really, his fault, his fault only). It was he who had decided which places to check and caused them to be too late to the real location, and thus the Akuma got the Innocence.

The fucking idiot.

At least said idiot was wise enough to stay away from Kanda, or he would surely get what for. Kanda was not going to put up with idiots ruining his success rate when it came to missions. He was one of the best Exorcists, and that was not changing! (Even though he knew one mission wouldn't really do that much difference but hey, he was pissed off, give him a break.)

So he was left alone to fume silently in their room at the Inn in town, sitting for a long while just glaring at the wall until he finally decided to try and meditate even if the surroundings weren't really ideal (he didn't really like to meditate outside of his room or the actual room for meditating in the Order).

It was when he was beginning to calm down that the door opened and he twitched a little, but still didn't open his eyes. A smell of some sort of… melon (?) reached his nostrils and he felt a little tiny bit curious. What had Lavi brought with him back? (Yes, he knew it was Lavi. He just knew those things. He had some real nice instincts.)

Surprisingly, Lavi actually didn't say anything, and that was just very, very weird. Lavi always talked, always. He couldn't enter a room without saying a word. Could it be that he actually respected that Kanda was obviously meditating?


Yeah, right.

The curiosity took over and Kanda cracked an eye open, staying completely still in his position on the bed. Lavi had his hair down, his eye-patch seemed to be almost askew for some reason, and his Exorcist jacket hung open on his shoulders and his expression was calm and almost solemn. And that was an expression Kanda wasn't used to seeing on him, not really. It was there sometimes, but… it was so rare.

On the floor stood a tray with two teacups along with a teapot and some fruits and sweets. Lavi settled down next to it and finally fixed his gaze on Kanda, and that was when a smile spread on his face. A small, genuine smile, not like the stupid, wide ones he usually wore among most people. It sort of made Kanda's heart flutter a little (which he scowled at), because it was just so… so… sweet? (Kanda didn't think things were sweet. Somehow, that made him think so.)

Kanda opened his other eye and frowned at Lavi. But it wasn't an angry frown (not yet), and Lavi knew that.

"Wanna have some tea with me, Yu?" he asked, softly and silently almost as if he was a bit afraid.

Kanda raised an eyebrow and stared at the redhead. That was rather sudden. But it did smell nice, and the fruit – although he pretty much never ever ate anything else but soba – did look quite tasty. Plus, Lavi actually looked a little sorry. Err, not just a little, actually, but a lot.

He shifted and uncrossed his legs, sliding off the bed without a single word. And he sat down opposite of the idiot, who picked up one of the teacups and handed it to him, their fingers brushing together briefly at that action. And the touch was warm. Very warm. It surely wasn't the warm teacup that made his skin burn a little.

"Wax Gourd herbal tea," Lavi smiled and picked up his own cup. "Hope you like that kind. I sort of made a long shot, because it's popular in Asia, but I dunno if that means anything."

Kanda scowled and kept silent about how the first time he actually was in his documented home country was when they went to Edo all of those months ago. And Lavi had to understand how unlikely it was that anyone was born in Japan, with it being ruled by Earl since years and years and years ago (whatever now the exact number was).

He took a sip, and yeah, it was actually good. He finally decided to speak.

"Why?" he asked.

"Why what?" Lavi asked.

Kanda scowled more testily. "What's with this?" he grumbled and motioned at the tray.

"I thought you'd appreciate it," Lavi said and smiled as he grabbed a caramel and popped it into his mouth. "And… well… I'm sorry."

"And you should be," Kanda said bluntly and the bunny hung his head. "It's your fault."

"I was hoping you'd say you forgive me," Lavi mumbled and pouted, fingering on his teacup.


"I understand, though… I mean… Yeah… I'm really sorry."

Kanda glared a little and stayed silent as he continued drinking his tea. Strangely, he found the warmth and smell of the tea somewhat calming. Herbal tea was supposed to be calming, wasn't it? Was that what Lavi had been planning all along? Calming him down with herbal tea? Well, fuck you, Lavi, it wasn't happening, damn it. He was pissed off, and he was staying pissed off.

…well, he wasn't so much pissed off anymore that he was angry but he was angry, and that wasn't changing no matter what Lavi did. At least not when he came with such a half-assed apology and thought it would work. Honestly.

The silence wrapped tightly around them and locked them in. It made Lavi fidgety, while Kanda in all honestly didn't get bothered at all despite how heavy and somewhat awkward it was. Probably because the biggest reason it was awkward was that Kanda made it so. Yep. And Lavi really wished he could understand why Kanda insisted on being so... Kanda. It was frustrating. He had admitted he did something wrong and he had apologised, what more did the Japanese want?

Kanda seemed pretty... bitter about something that he wasn't sure what it was supposed to be. Err, he was angry because of the mission thing, of course, but there was something else, too. Aha, was he catching on that Lavi was doing this to calm him down? That would be bad, because then it would be harder to coax him into being calm. Hahh, he could be so troublesome sometimes, really. Lavi knew him, he did, but sometimes even he was a bit at a loss of what to do. Although, they had been through a lot of bumps and maybe he was just a slow learner...

"What more do ya want, Yu?" he asked – the best way to figure something out when it came to Kanda Yu was to ask. "I said I'm sorry, and... I did this 'cause I was hopin' it'd cheer ya up a little, 'cause... I hate seein' you mad at me, Yu, so dun' look at me like that."

He pouted, but Kanda's glare didn't change.

"I'm fucking mad at you. Get over it," Kanda said bluntly and turned his head away; his way of giving Lavi the cold shoulder without actually turning his back towards him, which was also sort of a sign that he could still be made less mad.

"You still didn' answer my question," Lavi stated, and pouted more.

"Figure it out yourself, bonehead."

Lavi sighed heavily and grabbed an apple, taking a big bite out of it as he stared at Kanda. Maybe, if he tried hard and long enough, he could see an answer from looking at him. Maybe!

...bah, who was he kidding?

"I'm sorry for being such a fucking idiot and screwing up the mission, it's all my fault," he tried and tilted his head at Kanda. "An' I'll take the blame. But, really, you could've—"

"I could've done what?" Kanda snarled. "You were being so persistent! You insisted that your idea was right and we couldn't split up because we didn't know 'what was waiting for us'. I should have gone in the right direction anyway, because you would've followed since the only one here who would actually have trouble with any Akuma on his own is you."

Lavi scowled. Now that was completely uncalled for, a way too low blow, even for Kanda. He knew he was among the weakest Exorcists. He didn't need someone to punch it into him.

"Yu, that was low."

"But that's not the problem," Kanda continued, ignoring his words (which didn't make him much happier, ugh).


"Fuck, I don't care about some screwed up mission," the Japanese huffed and glared intently at Lavi. "Shit happens. But I hate when you're such a fucking smartass."

Lavi wasn't entirely sure he was following anymore. "Smartass?" he repeated and frowned.

"Yes, smartass." Kanda gave him a glare that told him to shut the fuck up and let him talk. "I hate when you act like my opinions don't matter and only you could possibly be right. You're not the only one who's been an Exorcist for years. I've been an Exorcist longer than you. I know the job, so don't act is if only you do."

Kanda could almost sniff his way to Innocence, damn it.

"That's... not what I'm trying to do..." Lavi muttered and scratched his neck. "Do I really act like that?"

"Fuck yeah you do," Kanda said (he could have said something entirely sarcastic, he almost wanted to, but he felt that it didn't fit the situation). "I hate it. You're not so great. Bastard."

Lavi sighed silently. Okay... Kanda was really seriously angry and that wasn't good. When it was so sincerely, when Kanda said "I hate it" and not "I hate you", when he was glaring in that not-so-deadly-but-totally-serious way then Lavi knew it wasn't going to go away so easily. But as long as Kanda would stop giving him that look then it was fine.

"I'm sorry," he said again. "I really am. I'm not... trying to put you down or anything..." He leaned forward a little and put away the apple to lightly brush his fingers over Kanda's hand. "So... don't look at me like that. I hate it." He smiled a little. "You've every right, but... please don't look at me like that."

Kanda scowled, but he didn't look at Lavi like that anymore. And that was a huge relief.

"Thank you," Lavi smiled and pried the cup out of Kanda's hands while putting away his own cup.

Kanda blinked in that cute, owlish way that he did so rarely and as always it disappeared just as quickly as usual when the casual frown spread over his features instead, starting at his lips and ending at his eyes. And Lavi grabbed both of his hands and laced their fingers together as he leaned over the tray, his breath hitting Kanda's lips.

"I'm still angry," Kanda felt the need to say, and Kanda was never one to ignore that kind of need.

"I know," Lavi mumbled and pressed a brief kiss to the samurai's lips, the feeling of it lingering still on his own lips as he pulled away, keeping their hands as they were.

Kanda stayed still for a moment, eyeing Lavi with an expression that the redhead actually couldn't read - but he hoped it meant he was forgiven, just a little - then pulled his hands free to grab the cup of tea. Lavi settled back down and threw away the apple, because he didn't feel like eating it anymore, neither did he feel like drinking his tea at the moment.

Because, obviously, Kanda Yu tasted much better than any herbal tea.