Chapter 10.


Well, barely any sleep last night. If you know what I mean. Maybe an hour or so, me and Bill were kind of… Busy, and sleeping just wasn't a choice.

"Good morning, gorgeous. How was your night last night?" Bill whispered, his hot breath tickling my ear. I could tell from the tone of his voice, that he knew exactly how my night was.

"Oh babe. It was fantastic." I replied, turning my body to face him. There was a sweet smile on his face, and little bags under his eyes. It was adorable, knowing that he barely got any sleep because of me. I laughed to myself as I saw how much of a mess his hair was. As if a ferret had slept there or something of that sort.

"I wonder why…" He said, winking.

"You know why, silly Billy."

"Yeah, I got a pretty good idea." He giggled, leaning forward and kissing my nose. He smiled at me, then lifted himself out of bed. He was still in the nude, so I couldn't help but laugh at his little tush.

"What?" Bill asked, turning to face me. That's when he glanced down, realizing why I was chuckling.

"Ohh, whoopsie." He blushed.

"Hey, it's okay. I've seen all that before. No need to be embarrassed love." I said.

"But, to make you more comfortable…" I stood up, and Bill grinned. I don't really know why, my body wasn't that attractive, what with all the scars and bruises everywhere. But, he said he saw past all of that. He saw me.

"Better. Now we're even." He said, nodding, and heading to his closet. I laughed, and walked to mine. God, it was a good thing we both had separate closets, if we didn't… There would so not be enough room for all our crap. I decided I'd wear a pair of normal skinny jeans today, since we weren't doing any wedding stuff yet. It was tomorrow that we were gonna look for venues and flowers, stuff like that. Normally, I would dress all out, but it was a lazy day.

"Hey babe!" Bill called.


"Can I borrow a shirt, like a band tee that's to big for you?" He asked.

"Sure, hold on."

I reached into the drawer that contained all the shirts I rarely wore and pulled out a Led Zeppelin one. Before I walked over to Bill to give it to him, I pulled on a bra, and grabbed a random shirt from the drawer.

"Here you go." I said, tossing him the shirt.

"Thanks." He replied, pulling it over his head.


"Now, what should we do today?" I asked him. I really wanted to just relax, maybe go to the park with him, swing all day. Don't judge me, I'm like a five year old.

"Whatever you want." He said, putting his hands on my shoulders, and bringing me to his chest. I took a breath of his scent, even though he was wearing my shirt, I could still smell his skin through it.

"Honestly, I really just want to go to the park, all day." I said.

"Perfect, a lazy day. Just what I had in mind. And there will be no paparazzi, since it's our own private park, gated off from all humanity."

"Reallly?! That's so coool." I squealed, squeezing Bill."Yes, it is. I shall push you on the swing as long as you want me too." He whispered, kissing the top of my head.

"Bill, I love you. My favorite activity on a playground, IS swinging. You read my mind."

"No, I just know you too well. I guessed swinging was your favorite, cause it just seems like you." He explained.

"Oh, I get it now. So, you're not magical and don't have the power to read minds?" I asked, faking disappointment.

"Hey, I never said that. But, would I ever have a reason to read your mind? Anything you're hiding from me?"

"You'll never know." I said, nibbling on his shirt. Of course I wasn't hiding anything bad from him. He knew every secret I have. And whenever there was a new secret, it wasn't a secret to him.


"Tom! We're going to the park. See you later!" I yelled as we walked by his room. I knew he wouldn't hear me, either he was sleeping or listening to music with headphones that blocked out the world.

"Do you think Erica's in there too?" Kristina asked me as we made our way down the stairs, hand in hand.

"Possibly. They both like, live in there. But if she's not in there, she's normally in the garden, isn't she?"

"Yeah, when she's there… She's daydreaming. Her imagination runs wild. Like mine."

"I never thought she had an imagination. It was never noticeable." I said, sarcastically. I could tell Erica had a crazy imagination, mainly cause Tom never shut up about her. I couldn't complain though, I never stopped talking about Kristina.

"Oh yeah, totally not." Kristina laughed. We were in the living room now, finding Georg and Maadee snuggled close to each other on the couch. I saw Kristina smile from the corner of my eye. She loved seeing them together, cause when they first met, they never even talked, barely even looked at each other. But, at Erica's 19th birthday party, we played 7 minutes in heaven, and after that, they were inseperable.

"Babe, come on." I whispered, not to wake the to lovebirds. Kristina looked at me, smiled, then continued to the door. The sun was bright today, stunning. And when it shone on Kristina, her eyes glistened with radiance. They were always beautiful, of course, but when light hit them, little dots of green and silver could be seen in them. It was mind-blowing. Her whole face glowed in the sun, like the pale white moon.

"What?" Kristina asked me, her eyebrows pulled together in confusion. I must've looked a little crazy, you know, just staring at her like she was a new animal species just discovered.

"Nothing, you're just… so fascinating and dazzling." Wow, did I really just use those words? I asked myself. Never, ever, EVER had I used those words to describe anything in my life. But now I had a reason to use them. That reason was right in front of me, and I could actually call her mine. Yeah, I still wasn't over the fact that she was going to be my wife in a matter of months.


Oh my god, Bill totally just called me 'fascinating' and 'dazzling'. It was so cute! He was quite the dazzler himself. Rather fascinating as well. Handsome too. Adorable, and damn sexy. A gorgeous man, beautiful. Want me to go on? No, I didn't think so.

"Billlly! You're so sweet. I love yoou, I love you! So much." I leaped into his arms, and kissed him with all my might. His arms wrapped around me, securing me against him. I could feel him walking and I knew he was taking us to the park. I swear, my heart could just shoot out of my chest, any minute now. It was pounding so hard, god, I can't explain it. All the feelings I get with Bill, are impossible to describe. His lips were moving perfectly with mine, I've probably mentioned this before, but I believe my lips were created exactly the way they were, just so they could find their match, which happened to be Bill's lips. When it was getting good, and boy do I mean good. I felt Bill come to a halt, which obviously meant we were at the park. I pulled away from him, catching my breath, just as he was. I giggled as he set me on the ground.

"We're here." He said, motioning to something behind me. I turned to find a park, full of every playground to you could think of. Swings, of course, slides of all shapes and sizes, teeter totters, jungle gyms, rings, monkey bars, a sandbox, the whole shabam.

"Ohhmygod! This is so amazing!" I squealed, running straight to a green swing, and plopping myself on it.

"Swing me, my love!" I exclaimed, signaling to Bill. He chuckled, but ran over to me. He grabbed the chains, began to pull me back, and let go. I swung forward, the air weaving through my hair. Back and forth, back and forth, until I was so high up that Bill couldn't even push me anymore. "Wooohoo!" I screamed, closing my eyes, and releasing my hands from the chains. I felt as if I was flying, so high. Even though I felt like that whatever I did with Bill.

"Kristina! Be careful. Hold onto the chains you retard!" Bill said, concern in his voice. I opened my eyes again to look down at him, noticing how high I really was. My heart flipped so I grabbed the chains just in case.

"I'm okay Billy. I've done this before. I'm a pro."

"Are you sure? I don't want you to fall." He said.

"Well… Then catch me!" I screamed, flinging myself off the swing. Now, I really felt like I was flying. I didn't even know if Bill would catch me, but I trusted him. I felt my body being caught by… something. It felt like arms, and it was. Bill had caught me. He was such a good boyfriend/fiance/future husband. But, when I looked up at him, his eyes were shedding a ton of tears.

"Don't do that again…" He whispered, choking on his words.

"Imagine what would've happened if I didn't catch you, Kristina." "I'm crazy, Billy. But, you don't want me to do it again, I won't. I'm sorry babe." I said, wiping his tears away.

"I could've lost you…" He said, starting to cry more. Which made me cry… Thinking about him losing me, or me losing him. Or anything like that. Really, not to good.

"Bill, don't think about that. From here on out, you should KNOW that you will never lose me, for I'm in love with you, and I could never even have the strength to leave you, and if anyone or anything tried to pull me away from you, I would not give in. I would push them away, and come running back to you. Because you are the love of my life, and if I leave you. I'm not me. Something would have had to take over my body, or consume my soul. I won't leave you, you won't lose me. Pinky promise." I said, lifting my hand up, and sticking my little finger out. He smiled, wrapping his around mine.

"Okay, I won't lose you. I know that now. Kristina, I love you."

"I love you too Bill."

"Yeah, but I love you more!" Bill yelled, running away from me, making his way to a flowery patch. I jumped off the ground, ran over to him, and tackled him to the ground.

"Don't run away from me mister! And don't say you love me more! Cause I love YOU more! So hah." I announced, playfully slapping him.

"Oh, no you don't! I love you more!" "Nope nope nope. I love you more!"

"Kristina, NO. I love YOU more!"

"Bill, you whore! I love yooou more!"

Okay, so that went on for about 30 minutes, you don't need to hear it all. Now, we were laying on the ground, well, Bill was on the ground, I was on Bill. Nearly asleep. His arms were around me, and he was quietly singing a song to me. A lullaby, one he told me he had just wrote for me. I was crying to myself, snuggling closer and closer to Bill's chest. My eyes began to droop, and I fell asleep. The last words I heard were:

"And I'll always be there, singing to you, this sweet lullaby, as you fall into a sleep, as you peacefully dream of me."