Harry sighed when he climbed out of bed, nervous for the day that was awaiting him. This day would be the first of 26 days in which he would try to find his mate. His mother had sent him a time-travelling owl in case she would have been hurt. The owl had carried a note with only five words on it.

Invenio diligo

Severus will explain

So Harry had went to find Severus, it had not been a pleasant talk.

Harry knocked onto the door that separated the rooms of the Potions Master from the dark and cold corridors from the dungeons. A few seconds after his knock a dark voice allowed him entrance.

"Potter, what are you doing here?" Harry hadn't answered. He just held out the note at the Potions Master with a scowl on his face. The man sat heavily down as soon as he recognized the handwriting of the woman he had once so fiercely loved.

"How long have you had this?" Severus asked him and Harry offered two words. "Just now." The words seemed to offer the elder man some relief.

"Your mother has offered you an escape from pain with the matters of the heart. She created this spell on a dare for me." Harry frowned, why would Snape challenge his mother. "She was my best friend, and I was deeply in love with her. We were once again fighting over why she had chosen Potter, your father, over me. She loved me like a brother she said, but I didn't believe her, how could she ever be a sister to me when I loved her so dearly?" Severus sighed and buried his head in his hands for a moment and continued his story. Harry hung onto every word Severus had to offer about his mother.

"She didn't want me to be unhappy, and she wanted me to find love too. But for that to happen I had to stop loving Lily as fierce as I did. So I challenged her to find a way to make me stop loving her so much. She accepted the challenge and thus created this spell." Harry looked up in shock at Snape when he whispered "Your mother was fifteen when she created this spell, Harry. She was a wonderful woman. Power beyond recognition, but kindness and love outshone the power that would corrupt her." Harry's eyes were wide open, for he had always believed Snape hated his mother as well.

"I vowed to her that if she ever sent someone my way to explain this spell that I would do so, and that I would willingly reclaim every hurting word I ever send the way of that person. So hereby I apologize for every wrong I did or said to you Harry, and I ask you to be forgiven."

Harry's mouth fell open and he continued to stare at Snape in shock. Was Snape apologizing? Snape snorted at the shock that had overtaken the youngsters body. He closed the mouth of the youth and Harry snapped back into reality with that gesture.

"You're forgiven if you tell me more about my mum. What does the spell do?"

Severus almost smiled at that question. "Your mum was very clever, but she could also be very sneaky. Invenio dilligo literally means find love. She created a spell for one to find their Love, their One and Only, but it comes with a price and an obligation." Harry nodded. He already knew he had his sneakiness from his mother, for his father was too much like his godfather to ever be able to pull of sneakiness.

"The spell will last 26 days. You'll have to cast the spell exactly at midnight the night after you learn of the existing of this very spell, otherwise it will be void." Harry was glad he had come to Snape right away.

"The spell will create a list and every day a new name will appear on that list. This person you will have to kiss before midnight or the spell will be void. The spell will give you names that will each start by the letters of the alphabet, obviously starting with the a. The spell will allow you to find you true Love through this kiss. I'm not sure how to describe the feeling, it's just… You'll feel as if you belong, as if you were meant to kiss this very person. But you can only tell the others on the list, not your Love, not if you haven't first kissed all of the others and told them, otherwise the spell will once again prove to be void. It doesn't matter that you have already found your Love, it has to fulfill itself, thus avoiding that you missed a second Love, if you were meant for two persons to hold your heart, and without the spell you'll never know."

Severus' eyes shone with pain, and longing, and Harry nearly had missed it, because the moment after reading this pain, masks were pulled back over the tall man's eyes.

Harry found himself to be curious about who Snape had lost by this very spell. He vowed himself and his mother that he would find a way to erase that pain that had so fleetingly but intensely shown in the dark onyx eyes.

Harry had casted the spell at midnight and now was becoming very nervous about the task he had to accomplish.

Suddenly a light flared in front of him, and a piece of parchment fell out of the light. Harry reached for it and read the first name. He suddenly became very interested when he read the name.