D for the seven Dwarves

Who gave their beds, and their food

But Snowwhite obviously never found it enough

Because eventually she left them for good

When Harry left the Room of Requirements, Ron left the Room too and catched up with Harry quickly. "Hey mate, haven't seen you around for a couple of days. What are you up to?" Harry smiled, not many people thought of Ron as an observing person, but there wasn't much that slipped passed his attention.

"Sorry mate, can't tell you yet. Give me three weeks and I'll answer all of your questions." Harry said. Ron nodded, trusting Harry to take care of himself.

"Hey Ron, is it okay for you that I'm going now, I have to see Snape, need to ask him something." Ron frowned, but nodded once again, and they parted ways.

Harry eagerly ran down to the dungeons and whispered the password that Snape had given him the night before, so he wouldn't have to get up himself.

Harry entered the rooms and saw a bottle of Firewhiskey and two tumblers already standing on the table. He filled both glasses and sat down swirling the amber fluid before gulping it down.

"Again, Potter, you're not going to get drunk on my watch." Snape said from behind Harry, who just rolled his eyes and took another gulp. Snape sat down in front of him.

"So who was the lucky bastard today?" he asked and Harry grimaced.

"Bloody Corner it was, Merlin, I hate that guy!" Snape raised an eyebrow.

"So not a match either." He just said and Harry shook his head. "Thank Merlin he was not. And I do hope he will now finally stop stalking me." Snape smirked. He had seen the Ravenclaw stalking Potter, it was rather disgusting.

It was silent for a few minutes, before Harry disturbed the peace.

"Uhm, sir, could you... could you tell me more about my mum?" He shyly asked and Snape nodded.

"Where did I leave of last night? Oh, right, when I started liking her. Well, as you know I never really liked her in the beginning, but that all changed when one day she was tripped by the Marauders, or rather by your father and godfather. I know it's awful, but I felt that if she didn't like them, and I didn't like them, we could start a front against them. We used to turn their pranks on them, so that they were the ones sporting blue spots all over their bodies, or with an odd little dance in their steps every 10 seconds. I began to like her even more, when your father first hit on her, she turned him down. Badly." Snape snorted at the memory. "She was a fierce one, your mum, and never one to mess with if you didn't like trouble."

The next name made Harry frown. Sure, he liked the guy well enough, but he had always thought he was rather straight. Harry shrugged and bounced of his bed to get a shower.

Since today was a Saturday, it was quite a bit harder to find the guy, since no one really ate breakfast on the same time, since you could get breakfast during the whole morning. So Harry went off to collect his Firebolt to go out and practice his seeker moves. The season hadn't begun yet, since it was only the beginning of the school year, but it never hurt to practice.

And it seemed that Harry was very lucky today, since the guy he was looking for, was also on the quidditch field.

"Hey Harry!" He yelled, waving at him. Harry waved back and then motioned for him to come over. He grabbed their hand, and led them to the back of the Quidditch locker rooms. Before the guy could even ask Harry anything, Harry had already spun him around, pressed him into the lockers, and kissed him.

First he was to shocked to react, but when he began to kiss back, Harry was only a bit disappointed that Cedric Diggory was not one of his Loves.

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So who's the next victim?