Author's Note: Two teens + talking about Operation: B.A.B.I.E.S./D.I.A.P.E.R. + being hyper + a late night = this. Buwahaha.

Second Author's Note: This is just the rough draft; super ario is going to help me with the revisions/details and whatnot (in the end, it'll be a coauthored deal). And yes, I am aware that they're all horribly out of character, but... It kind of fits the situation.

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"B-b-but Numbuh Five!" Numbuh One, also known as Nigel Uno, whined. "I wanna know now!"

Abigail (Abby) Lincoln, or Numbuh Five, laughed. "Numbuh Five'll tell you later. I promise."

"You better!"

Laughing, Abby walked out of the hospital, the rest of Sector V falling behind her. She knew her teammates wanted to know where babies came from, as she did before Cree told her, and to see Nigel squirm with such childlike curiousity was just too much fun. He hadn't been filled with such wonder in an extremely long time, and Abby wanted to make sure it lasted as long as humanly possible.

Nigel thought Abby was playing a game.

Pacing around the living room, he took his sunglasses off as his thinking started picking up speed and blasting into different directions. It was about five minutes into this that his best friend tapped him on the shoulder. "Abby needs to talk to you. Alone."

Grinning, the bald boy followed her into her bedroom as she shut the door. "You might wanna sit down," she told him. "What Abby's about to tell you is... Awkward..." her words trailed off, not quite sure how to describe what she was about to tell her friend.


She grinned as he perked up and his eyes widened.

"Oh yeah. The baby-makin' process is crazy! Y'see, when two adults love each other..."

"Oh my God!" Nigel whispered. He was appalled by everything Abby had told him. "So you mean... Adults...?"

"Yeah," she laughed. "When Abby didn't believe Cree, I asked my parents, and they told me the same thing. It ain't just adults, either; animals too."

"EW! Abby! I'm scarred!" He buried his face into his hands as the dark-skinned girl wrapped an arm around him.

"Have fun tellin' the boys, Nigel."

Hoagie and Wally - Numbuhs Two and Four, respectively - immediately bombarded poor Nigel with questions when he returned. Numbuh Three - Kuki Sanban - decided that she really didn't want to know and hid in her room, playing with her Rainbow Monkeys.

"Uh... Let's see..." How am I supposed to explain this!?

"Step-by-step always works!" Hoagie said.

"Um..." Oh Lord. Abby was right, this is way too awkward. "Birds do it... Bees do it..."

"But birds and bees don't make babies!" Wally let out an aggravated sigh.

Nigel slapped his forehead. He should have seen that coming. "Both of you know boys and girls are made differently, right?"

"THE THINGS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS!" Wally yelled. "But, what does that have to do with anything?"

Suddenly, the British boy had a feeling that if Abby was present, she wouldn't be able to breathe for laughing. "Well, a boy puts his... Uh... Thing... Into a girl's... Thing... And..."


At hearing the boys' yells of disgust, Abby fell off her bed, rolling with laughter.