Summary: Ever wonder what happened after Logan breaks down in the lobby of the Sunset Regent? I know I did. Missing scene from "Ruskie Business".

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*** Veronica's POV ***

Veronica stood back, a little uncomfortable hearing the fight unfolding between Logan and Trina. She tried her best not to catch the words that drifted over to her as the siblings took shots back and forth, voices getting a little louder with each one. Veronica could almost swear Trina was enjoying making a scene.

Fidgeting nervously with her hands, Veronica kept focus on anything other than the pair, until Trina mockingly made a comment she couldn't ignore.

"... Isn't he the big bad wolf? Cigarette burns and broken noses. Oh, the stories you used to tell."

Her eyes snapped back to them just in time to catch the way Logan's body flinched at Trina's words, almost like she had hit him. If either of the Echolls had looked her way, they would have caught the look of confusion, then horror as it crossed her delicate features. Her mind spun for a moment as the significance of Trina's words resonated there taking root.

Her attention was brought back to the pair just as Trina's voice rose further, "Maybe I can be the ring girl at one of your bum fights."

Without thinking, Veronica had moved forward, a long forgotten instinct kicked in and she suddenly felt very protective of Logan and wanted nothing more than to get him far away from Trina.

"Ya know what," Veronica stepped between the two, addressing Logan as she gently took his arm. Ignoring Trina she hoped the contact would distract Logan from the full on screaming match she saw coming. "Should we get going? Logan?"

"Veronica! Look at you all grown up! Hey, we should hang out when I'm in town!" Trina exclaimed excitedly, as if there was nothing out of the ordinary, her fight with Logan already forgotten.

"Okay, yeah." Veronica politely answered, slightly disgusted at the idea.

Before Trina could say another word Veronica quickly turned to look up at Logan, concerned. "Logan, come on. Let's go." She gently pulled his arm and guided him away.

They only made it about 6 steps before Logan stopped, his large frame crumpling and starting to shake as small sobs broke loose. Veronica looked around helplessly, unsure what to do. Her own mind reeled at everything that had just happened in the last 2 minutes, she couldn't even imagine what was going through Logan's as his grief really set in. Instinct returned as she awkwardly wrapped her arms around him, cradling him to her as she tried to support his weight while gently rubbing his back and making soothing noises.

Veronica wasn't sure how much time had passed before the prickly desk clerk from earlier approached, a disapproving look on his face.

"Miss..." he said tersely as he knelt down to her level.

Veronica looked at him, almost pleadingly. "He just found out that his mother passed away." Veronica looked back down to the figure clinging onto her. He had quieted, but seemed to have tuned out, unaware of their surroundings or that the clerk was there.

The man's snotty expression softened. He motioned back towards the front desk. "He had me book him a room earlier. Let me get you the key card."

Veronica nodded, not looking up at him, still gently rocking Logan. "Thanks."

"Logan." she whispered to him softly, "I need to get you up. We're going to your room.'


Logan let out a deep, shaky sigh in his sleep and shifted restlessly. Watching him from where she sat just on the edge of the bed, Veronica wept silently unable to stop the flood of emotions she felt for the broken boy before her.

There was grief, definitely. For both the woman who was lost and the son she left behind. She knew when she took the case that this was the most likely of out comes. That they would discover Lynn was indeed gone and Logan was going to have to face it.

It didn't stop her from hoping though. She had always secretly hoped Logan's hunch was right. That they would just find a tidy little paper trail leading to Lynn unharmed and hiding out in some place like the Sunset Regent. The credit card Trina had used was the only and last lead Veronica had for tracking Lynn. Trina's appearance in the lobby was nothing short of devastating.

There was also anger. For the better part of the hour she had been sitting here, just watching Logan sleep, Veronica replayed over and over again Trina's cavalier attitude as she callously mocked her younger brother for what had most likely been a past confession, maybe a cry for help.

Trina obviously did not believe, but instantly and without question Veronica knew it to be true. Trina's words and the way Logan reacted caused something in Veronica's mind to click into place. So many little things from the past suddenly just made so much sense.

Pool parties where Logan never removed his shirt. Mystery bruises that he would just explain away with a vague 'play wrestling with the guys' or 'wiped out surfing'.

Like watching an old movie, Veronica could now see so many times where she should have picked up on it, should have just felt that a friend of hers - that Logan - was going through such an unspeakable horror.

When Veronica's grief started to ebb, a fresh wave of anger would roll in to take it's place. Veronica could feel it welling up inside her, flooding all her limbs. Anger at herself for not seeing it, at Trina for ignoring it - Lynn as well since she had to have known - but most of all her outrage and wrath was pointed toward one person.

Staring down at Logan's tear-stained face, Veronica decided right then and there that she would find someway to make Aaron Echolls pay. At the very least, she hoped to introduce him to the business end of her trusty tazer.

*** Logan's POV***

Logan opened his eyes to focus on the darkened white ceiling above him. A quick glance at his watch informed him it was just after 3 am. Briefly he wondered where he is. The bliss of the unknown only lasted for a few seconds before it all started coming back to him in flashes. The lobby, the horrible conversation with Trina as she stood there wearing his mothers clothes, crushing any hope he had of finding his mother alive and holed up in the Princess Suite.

He remembers Veronica pulling him away from Trina and taking a few shaky steps before his legs gave out. His only thought being that she was really gone. Not in hiding and waiting for the right time to come save him. She really had just left him there.

Everything after this truth hit is a blur. The only things he can remember somewhat clearly is Veronica's voice as she spoke to him in soothing tones. Veronica's arms as they held him. Veronica encouraging him to stand up and come with her.

His eyes drift from the ceiling above and slide to the right as he takes in his surroundings. He is obviously in a hotel room, and a fairly nice one at that. Vaguely he recalls giving his credit card to Jeeves to book a room.

Looking to his left he is surprised to see Veronica curled up next to him, sleeping. The ghost of a smile crosses his face. She looks so small and harmless ... such a stark contrast from when she's awake. Sure, she is still small, but the size of her mouth more than makes up for that. Not to mention, she is far from harmless.

Logan gently shifts to his side, careful not to move the bed too much, and slides down coming face to face with her. He watches her curiously, wondering why she stayed, why she even came back to the hotel earlier, why she even bothered to help him in the first place?

He supposes it was out of some honor to the memory of their friendship past. Though that would be surprising considering all time and effort Logan had put into destroy those memories of when they used to be friends.

After Lilly died, hating Veronica had been easier than he'd expected. Easier to hate then love. Easier to hate then remember happier times. Easier because then he could forget to notice the differences in all of them over the past year.

Still staring at her slumbering form, even in the darkness Logan can clearly see the differences between the sweet, innocent Veronica of yesteryear and the much more cynical version before him. Even in her sleep this Veronica just looks ... sassier.

Logan made no real secret of how he really felt about Veronica back then. Besides the back seat limo confession of her being hot, there was also the lecherous stares when ever they were pool side and the too-many-too-count offhanded, colorful comments all designed to make Veronica blush adorably.

Everyone always laughed it off as 'Logan being Logan', but he had always had the suspicion that Lilly actually knew the truth. She confirmed it one night after a party. She, as usual, had too much to drink and she let something slip.

*** flashback ***

Logan bursts into the room carrying an obviously drunk Lilly. She's giggling and giving playful orders to Logan as he maneuvers around her desk chair to place her on the bed.

"I'll be right back." Logan says as he untangles himself from Lilly clutches, "I just wanna make sure that Ronnie gets to the guest room, since DK's out cold on the couch."

Lilly studies Logan for a moment as he throws an anxious glance towards the door. "You love her, don't you?"

Logan shrugs. " Of course, she's one of my closest friends."

Lilly laughs, shaking her head. "No. You LOVE her." It was no longer a question, but a stated fact.

Logan froze at the finality in Lilly's voice. His mind blanked and he found that he couldn't deny it. He knew then that it was true.

Before he could say anything, Lilly spoke again.

"It's okay, you know." she yawned and settled into her bed sheets, "You deserve someone like her."

Logan was stunned and looked up questionably at Lilly, but she was already asleep.


They never spoke of it again, but occasionally Lilly would catch Logan watching Veronica and flash a small, knowing smile.

Logan blinks, the memory of what seems like another life time disappears and he's again watching the sleeping face of his mortal enemy, his ex-best friend and his first case of 'puppy love'.

He thinks it's somehow funny that his whole world was just thrown into mayhem ... and yet laying here listening to Veronica's soft steady, breathing ... he feels oddly at peace. Calm and comforted. With that last thought, Logan closes his eyes and lets sleep claim him again.


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