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Luigi watched as Mario overthrew Bowser for the billionth time before walking casually over to Peach's little prison and breaking the lock easily. As he took Peach's hand and led her out of the creepy castle, Luigi sighed.

"He's doing it again..."

"Grr....what?" Bowser said as he got up and cracked his now stiff neck. "And why aren't you freaking out like you usually do?" The Koopa King asked curiously.

"It doesn't matter...the more my bro beats you, the more arrogant he becomes. I just wish he would learn his lesson...THAT'S IT! Thanks Bowser! You're a genious!" Luigi yelled before running off.

The Koopa King merely stared at the retreating form of the younger plumber before shaking his head. "I helped? With WHAT!?"

He would soon find out.

Mario walked ahead of Peach and started signing the autographs that he'd started doing lately. Since he had saved the Princess so often, it was only natural that he'd gotten his very own fan club. Though it wasn't helping the Princess's mood.

"AAUUGH!....!" Peach growled as she stomped inside of the castle. "He's such an arrogant jerk! The only reason he saves me anymore is because of his stupid little fanclub! UGH! I HATE HIM!"

"Hate, is a strong word, madame." A suave voice said.

Peach whirled around to find someone she'd hoped she would never see again.

"What's the matter dear? Surprised?"

" did you take over again?"

"Oh, that doesn't matter, but you...your majesty, that's a more pressing matter..."

"What are you-!?"

The figure quickly ran over and pressed a cloth to the Princess's face, making her faint into his arms.

"Heheheheh, this stuff never ceases to amaze me." The figure chuckled before swinging the princess over his shoulder.

He dropped the cloth on the ground and stepped out to the balcony, looking down upon Mario and his fanclub. With one loud phrase, the figure raised his glowing green hand.


The green lightning struck Mario so fast, the porky plumber didn't even realize he was hit. As Mario shook his head, he looked up and gasped.


"HAHAHAHA! Did you think I would just disappear without having my revenge!? Do not worry, for I will not kill her....yet." The figure said, revealing the unconcsious princess before turning away, flashing his cape to the crowd.

"Let it be known, that I, Mr. L, The Green Thunder, have challenged the impudent Mario Segale, to a DUEL! The prize shall be the princess! The loser, Mario, will....well, I don't think I need to say it." Mr. L said grinning to the crowd.

"GIVE BACK THE PRINCESS!" Mario yelled to the masked man.

"FIND HER!" Mr. L said before raising up his finger.

A flash blinded not only Mario, but the crowd as well. When everyone could see again, Mr. L was gone, along with the princess.

"He'll pay for this..." Mario mumbled before running towards his house.

~In a Secret Spot 1 day later~

"Phew. This has really been a pain in my sides...and how could that guy wear this stuff and NOT get hot!?" The caped figure mumbled to himself, pulling on the fabric of the black outfit.


"Whoops! Looks like she's waking up." Luigi said before changing his voice to fit his character. "Welcome, princess, to my humble abode." Luigi said taking a gentlemanly bow to the tied-up princess.

"You! What do you want!?"

"Oh, nothing. Just REVENGE."


Mr. L turned to the side, a glare gracing his face.

"That porky little plumber has been a thorn in my side for FAR too long...It's time I got some payback for the thrashings he's done to me."

"How can you control Luigi!? He's not like this!"

"Oh, but he is..." The masked man smiled evilly.

On the inside, Luigi's stomach twisted in regret. He had always thought it horrible when he and Mario had always found Peach locked up in a cage. Now, HE was the one who had put her in that position himself.

"In any case, I will not be so caring as the great Bowser and let you deliver your letters to your precious hero." He said turning away.

"Don't call him that!"

This surprised Mr. L, and it showed as he turned around and asked, "Oh? Why not? He IS your little hero after-all."

"Hah! He spends more time making himself look good for his fans then spend time with me!"

"Hoho! So you admit it!"

The princess quirked an eyebrow at this.

"Admit what?"

"That you would rather have him dead."

"I DIDN'T SAY THAT!" Peach said, appalled at the masked man's statement.

"Ahh, but you implied it." Mr. L said as he shook his finger back and forth in a 'tsk' motion. "When you insulted him, you expressed great anger towards him, thus wishing him harm."

"But not death! No-one deserves that! Not even Bowser!" Peach yelled back, not realizing what she had missed out on.

The masked villain simply chuckled.

" truly are a gem, princess." Luigi said before bending in front of the tied-up princess.

He inched closer and closer until she could feel his breath against her face. The heat rose to her cheeks as the masked man was practically eye to eye with her, when suddenly, he stopped.

"As much as I'd love to take your lovely lips, I'm afraid I will have to save that pleasure until AFTER I defeat that scoundral Mario." The masked man said before standing up and walking over to the door to the princess's wooden cage.

Closing the door, Luigi turned around and bowed.

"I'm afraid I will have to leave for now, princess, but I will return, with some food and water. If you would prefer a nap then staring out the window, then by all means, go right ahead." He said before turning around and closing the door.

Peach took a deep breath trying to calm her frantically beating heart before looking around. Now that she actually had time to look around, she noticed the wooden cage she was put into was only part of her room. There was a small fireplace off to the side, as well as a small stone desk.

Wait a minute, a stone desk? She must be on Dinasuar Island! If only she could tell Mario where she was! But...the only way Mario had been able to find her was because Bowser had let her send letters. Even though Mr. L was a gentleman, he didn't let her do so.

Peach tried wriggling around in her bindings, only to find them really well made. Another sigh escaped her lips before she looked across the room, before letting her eyes drift to the soft warmth of her bed.

Wait a minute...soft bed?

The princess looked down to find she was, indeed, on a bed. Not a bed for someone of Royalty, but it was still comfy none-the-less. The most surprising fact that she noticed about it was that it was hand-made. Made from scratch, as all the materials of the bed were natural and there were even the noticably few mistakes of an apprentice carpenter. As she looked around, she could feel her eyes growing heavy.

"Luigi...please wake up..." She said before falling asleep.

Outside, Luigi pulled off his mask before wiping a gloved hand across his sweaty forehead.

"That does it..." He said walking to another building not too far off.

Inside, Luigi stripped himself of the hot sweaty clothes of the green thunder, and changed into a green T-shirt and shorts.

"That's better, now to find some food for the Princess." He said putting on his cap and some sandals.

Luigi walked out and began talking with a few of the residents of the island, some Cavemen and Yoshi. As he laughed along with them, a pink yoshi walked up to him.


"Yeah?" Luigi said turning to the yoshi.

"Why did you bring a girl into your other summer house? She was all tied up and stuff..." The curiosity of the dragon-lizard could be noticed by a blonde idiot...............maybe.

Luigi didn't even panic as he had already planned this out in case someone asked.

"Ahh, well she's an old friend of mine who has a terrible ill-ness. I brought her out here so she could get some fresh air, since she used to live in the city. And if she starts screaming for help, don't worry about it. She's a little...special, if you know what I mean. She can't think straight as she was kidnapped when she was little, so when she's in an unfamiliar place she thinks she was kidnapped." Luigi lied smoothly.

Heck, half of it was true now that he thought about it.

"Oh, okay. Is there anything I can do to help?"

" that you mention it, I WAS going to go out and get some food and water..."

"I'll help!" The Pink Yoshi pleaded, trying to be of some use to the girl who OBVIOUSLY had great taste in colors.

"All right, thanks!"

And so the two waved goodbye to the others before heading out to get some supplies.

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