~A few moments earlier~

Peach had finished reading her book for the zillionth time, and turned to see her daily visitor, the Pink Yoshi. She had given up trying to get the Yoshi to help her escape, as apparently Mr. L had told her that she was demented or something. Oooh how she was going to slap him silly once she got out.

That right there was her problem. While Bowser DID do a good job with cages, Mr. L was a genius at it. Not only that, she had found out that Mr. L had handcrafted the bed she had been sleeping on the past two months. It was wierd...Mr. L rarely showed her disrespect, and made sure she was as comfy as can be. She had actually wondered if it was such a bad thing that she was a prisoner. She had gotten away from Mario and his fangirls, which was a pretty big relief for her, and the Pink Yoshi kept her plenty of company.

Although Mr. L was good at creating cages, his lock-smithing stunk to the point where she could probably open the lock with a twig. Which had prompted her to ask the Pink Yoshi if she could bring her some sticks.

"I want to make a little tower of sticks, since there isn't much else to do here." She had said.

The Pink Yoshi didn't see a problem with that and had brought her a few sticks every 2 days. To make sure the Yoshi didn't suspect her of anything, Peach had actually started to make a tower of sticks. After 2 weeks it was at least 5 feet tall. Peach had actually surprised herself with her own steady hand, but just in case, she hid the tower from Mr. L and only showed it to the Pink Yoshi.

Today was the day, however, for her escape. Mr. L had just checked up on her about half-an-hour ago, and wasn't due for his next check-up for another hour, so now was her chance to escape.

Using one of the sticks to un-lock the lock, she swung open the cage door and peeked out the front door. Just as she suspected, she was on Dinosaur Island, as the trees, cavemen and Pterodactyls indicated. Peach then ran past a few hills and ran for the horizon she had always been able to see from her prison. She found a hill, with something more.


The green mustachioed bro. turned around in shock before laughing nervously.

"Whoops..." Luigi said as a sweatdrop slid down his head. "And to think I was so close too...."

"What's going on!?" The princess yelled in rage.

Just then, the Pink Yoshi ran up to Luigi, who was in his sandals, shorts and hat, before jumping around excitedly.

"Luigi-san! Luigi-san! Have you seen it!? Peach-san's stick tower is soooo big now! It's amazing!" She yelled excitedly.

It was then that the Pink Yoshi noticed Peach.

"Ah! Peach-san! You're finally outside! Luigi-san said that you would be coming outside soon, but I didn't think it'd be so soon!"

As Peach tried to figure out what was going on, Luigi took a deep breath.

"There goes all my hard-work..." He mumbled shaking his head back and forth.

"All right, that does it!" Peach screamed before stomping up to a not-so-surprised Luigi and grabbing his shirt collar. "WHAT IS GOING ON!?" She demanded.

Luigi sighed before looking at the setting sun.

"All right, I'll tell you..."

The princess loosened her grip.

"...after the sunset."

"Huh?" Peach said, confused, now completely losing her grip on Luigi, her hands falling to her sides.

"I said I'll tell you after the sunset. I always come out her at the end of the day before checking on you and then heading to bed."

The princess nodded and the three sat on the hill, watching the sun set in the twilight-lit sky. While she was anxious to hear what Luigi had to say for himself, she had to admit, the view was breathtaking. She could now understand why Luigi had wanted a summer home built here. When the sun had finally set, Luigi led them to the other building, the one that Luigi and Mario had stayed in during their summers here.

"All right, I said I owed you an explanation..."

Luigi snapped his fingers when a cage suddenly sprung up from the rug Peach and the Yoshi were standing on, trapping them both.

"...but I can't tell you quite yet." He said before heading over to the stove and began preparing two meals, fixing up some fruit for the Yoshi in the process.

"Luigi! What is going on!? First you kidnap me, pretending to be Mr. L, then this!? What are you planning?"

"I already told you that I can't tell you. So you'll just have to bare with me, Princess." Luigi said as a few moments later he slid a plate of expertly cooked food and some fruit for his prisoners into the cage.

Peach ate it, knowing that it was really Luigi and that he'd never poison her food, but kept a watchful eye on him none-the-less. She soon fell asleep however, as Luigi had turned on some really relaxing music. It was foreign music, but it still held a peaceful element to it, which lulled her and the Yoshi to sleep.

Once they were asleep, Luigi kept them in the cage, the one that would only open if someone snapped their fingers, and went to sleep.

~April 29th Dinosaur Colloseum~

Luigi had everything planned out, and had actually snuck past Mario as he was preparing for the fight, picking up his Pocket Poltergust and taking it back with him. The Pocket Poltergust didn't have as much space as the original Poltergust 3000, but it was easy to hide, and could transform into a smaller version of the original ghost capturing equipment.

Luigi didn't want ANYTHING to go wrong, so he made extra effort to make sure everything went well. The day of the fight, Luigi stood on the far side of the Colosseum dressed as Mr. L; Peach and the Pink Yoshi caged 30 feet behind him next to the old throne that King Koopa had once sat in. There he waited for Mario to arrive.

By the time the Plumber entered the colloseum, it was packed with Toadstools, Koopas, and even some boos, which Luigi showed the mini-gust to them, making sure they wouldn't interfere with the match.

He had found their mansion and proposed to King Boo II (the second) that he was not to butt-in on the fight. The threat that Luigi delivered hit them hard, especially when Luigi held up the old King's crown. Because Luigi was in possession of the crown, it showed that he was in charge and had defeated their previous leader, thus earning him their respect AND their cooperation.

But just to be sure, Luigi brought the equipment with him.

Mario, completely confident in his abilities, tried getting the crowd going, and did he do it. The entire colosseum was roaring with life and enthusiasm as they waited for the fight to start.

Mario got into his fighting stance, ready for the battle to start, while Luigi looked up at the clouds in the sky.

"After this fight........I'm moving here to stay..." Luigi mumbled to himself.

Turning his attention back to Mario, he called out to him.

"Are you ready for this Meatball?" Luigi failed to stop the chuckle that escaped his lips afterwards.


Luigi sighed. He needed work on his comebacks. A Toadstool slammed a gong, thus signalling the start of the match.

Mario jumped at Luigi the moment the gong was heard, and tried a thrust to his face. Luigi dodged easily, and continued to dodge Mario's flurry of attacks, before a thought occurred to him.

'I've always wanted to try that attack anyway...why not? I DO need to make this convincing.'

Mario, having won so many matches so easily in the past, was getting angrier and angrier at his lack of connections. And as everyone knows, the angrier a fighter is, the more mistakes he makes. So when Luigi pulled out a book and began reading it, Mario became infuriated. SO infuriated, that when he ran at Luigi and tried to land a kick to his upper body, Luigi easily dodged it. Mario went right along with his kick and tried to punch Luigi's face, when Luigi disappeared, reappearing behind Mario with his fingers in a hand-sign.

Half of the audience gasped as they recognized the situation from a popular comic book.

"Huh? Where did he...!"

It was too late for Mario.

"Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu, ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH! LIGHTNING STYLE!" Luigi yelled as he stuck his fingers up Mario's rear-end, sending the plumber flying to the other side of the stadium screaming and holding his rear-end. The difference between the two attacks was that Mario had been electrocuted the moment Luigi made contact with the plumber's rear-end.

What made the entire crowd go silent was when Luigi turned around and began giggling over the orange book in his hands. Even Peach and the Pink Yoshi were silent, a few purple lines running down the side of their heads.

When Mario didn't get up for awhile, Luigi was announced the victor. Mario woke up, his head spinning before noticing Mr. L walking over to him. Mario waited for the finishing blow, when he heard it.

"I hope you've learned your lesson."

Mario looked up, confused.

"I've been watching your actions through my other self's eyes, which is why I took over. Yes I wanted my revenge, but as a gentleman I cannot allow a beautiful maiden to be ignored while you run off with your fans!" Luigi said before sending Mario to the side with a swift kick.

Mario cracked his neck before saying, "What the hell is under there, weights?"


Mario was met with a strap that had 10 pound weights in 4 different slots.

"As a matter of fact, yes. Why else did I have you wait more than a month? I needed to train my legs so that I could move as fast as the OTHER green warrior. Also, those are only a 10th of the weights that I was training with." He said grinning.

"Huh..." Mario grumbled as he glared at the weights in his hands.

Luigi sharply clapped his hands before the cage around Peach and the Pink Yoshi opened up, freeing them. As Peach and the Yoshi ran over to Mario, Luigi glared at Mario, who in turn walked over to the princess before bowing his head.

"Please forgive me for how I've been treating you, Princess. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

Peach smiled before nodding her head.

"You are forgiven...both of you." She said turning towards Mr. L.

Mario turned to see Mr. L take off his mask, revealing Luigi's brilliant blue eyes.

"Glad to help, Princess."


"Yep. I've been at the summer home for the past month training my speed. How else would I be able to beat you?" Luigi said laughing. Luigi then stretched his arms before walking out of the stadium. "See you guys later." Luigi said as he walked back to the summer house. He had already gotten all of his things when he grabbed the mini-gust, not to mention that he left a letter there for Mario for when he got back.

~1 week later~

Luigi sat on the hill once again as the first rays of twilight were embracing the sky. The radio next to him playing 'Azu' (for you), and a small breeze leaving ripples on his short-sleave shirt. His hat sat off to the side and his hair blew along with his shirt. His arm was around a slender form, a mop of blonde hair resting on his shoulder. Her usual big pink dress was changed to a spaghetti string shirt and some shorts along with sandals, her crown lying in the grass next to her.

While he was surprised at her wanting to stay with him for a bit longer, he was happy. As the sun set though, Luigi remembered what he said to her when she first woke up as his, 'prisoner'. Turning to Peach and placing his gentle lips on her's, Luigi said,

"Sorry, you're going to be my prisoner for a little while longer..."

Peach merely smiled before pressing her lips back against Luigi's.

Kenta: I SO could have a done a better ending...

Eh, I guess it's not too bad... Hope you enjoyed it!

P.S. the song is Azu (for you) a Naruto Shippuden ending. (12 I think?)

Kenta Raikiri