I didn't know what to say or do when I saw Edward coming to the front of the us, starring deeply into my eyes. The way that he looked, he had not hunted in weeks, he needed to soon or he would go insane. His eyes were so black that it scared me a little, but nothing like the way that he marched into there and took over the whole place with silence. I didn't know what to say when he told Aro that he was no good for me and that I should be marring him right now. I had lost all my senses when he said that he objected to mine and Aro's wedding. Where was he to say that we were not meant to be married, where was he to say anything at all about how well of a husband Aro would make to me? I could not believe that the man that I once loved more then Aro himself was saying this, I thought that he was a bigger man than this, that he would just smile and let me go. I guess that I had thought wrongly about Edward and now I was going to pay the price of it.

I could not feel myself at all, I could not feel the emotions that were pulsing through my body, the angry and sorrow I was feeling. I could not feel Aro grasping onto my head for dear life, whispering so lightly that I could not hear him say that he would always love me, that he was going to take care of this so that we could be happy. No I did not hear a word of it, not till later did I remember him even coming near my ear. None of it I could feel at that time, I just wanted Edward to go away and for Aro and I to go on with our wedding as planned. We were so closed to being done with all of this and being able to be happy with one another. I mean Aro and I had been through so much bull shit with each other and with the other person that we had once loved that now that we were here, standing next to each other and saying our vows, we could not wait to spend the rest of our lives in each others tight and protecting embrace. I could already see the way that this night was going to go over, or at least I had before Edward had shown up and ruined everything.

Felix and Demetri were already stepping up from their seats and were coming up to the front to take care of Edward, Alec was also getting up from the front of the guests to also help get Edward out of the area. They were coming as fast as they could, to make sure that this would be taken care of and not to ruin the moment more then it already had been. They would make sure that Edward would suffer more then anyone person should have to suffer. I could see that Esme was sobbing, knowing that her son would most likely be killed tonight because of what he was doing. The rest of the Cullen's were sitting in their seats, gripping to one another and watching their brother sign his death warrant and handing it over to the worst people ever to sign it to. Carisle had gotten up from his seat and was going to try and talk some sense out of the boys who were coming up, everything was going by so fast that I could not believe my eyes, none of the other guests could either. Felix and Demetri had Edward by the arms and were prepared to drag him by the arms out.

" Wait." Aro said and everyone turned and looked at him with a confused look. I was completely baffled with those words that I stood where I was with my mouth wide open. The next words shocked me more then the last one had. " I would like to hear his side of the story, I would liked to know where her heart should lay with and who she should belong to." I could not believe this.

Everyone around just looked at one another, giving looks as in they were all thinking the same thing: What the hell is going on here? I know that I was giving the same look around to anyone that I could catch an eye with and they would just look back at me like they were thinking that I was a poor little girl caught in the tide in which no one would go after to save. Carisle took his seat back with Esme and the rest of his dazed family, Felix and Demetri dragged Edward up to the front of the grand ball room and Alec took his spot next to me, gripping my hand tightly and slightly petting my arm with his other, he was trying to tell me that everything was going to be alright and that no one would be getting hurt here tonight. That was what I was hoping he was trying to say at least, I could not tell though, I was still caught in the tide somewhere.

" Thank you Aro for hearing me out on this. I would like to say that no matter what happens here that I only want what is best for Jane, not what is best for me or what is best for Aro, we are not the ones that matter here at all. This is supposed to be Jane's wedding day and I know that, but I believe that she is much better suited to be with me then with Aro. Why would I think that I am betting that most of the people in here are asking on another?" I was thinking the same thing, also the fact that Edward was sounding more like he was in a trial and was a lawyer then a man trying to stop a wedding. Then he went on.

" I know that Aro is a wealthy and that he is a very powerful man, but in times we all know that he is a little too power hungry-" I could hear all of the gasps all around the room, people not being able to believe that he was saying all of these things. " We all know that it is true and I do not want Jane in that. I don't think that Jane would be happy if she had to stand in the darkness of this, lovely, castle like all of the wifes have to do when they come here. No Jane wants to be out and about doing things in this world. She wants to be helping the world or doing whatever it is that she pleases at that time. She needs to know what the world is like and what she is missing out there. Not what it feels like to be a wife from the 14th century. She needs to know what it feels like to be a teenager and all the freedom that she has with that, not what it's like to be an adult like she already knows about.

" I will be able to give her all of these things. I know what they feel like and all the things you need to know a bout them. I know about the 21st century that a teen needs to live in and it's not about getting married or about doing a job that involves killing people. A teen is supposed to go out, get in trouble and get away with it sometimes, it's about having fun. Do you really think that he will be able to show you the new types of fun Jane? Because I know he can not give you any of those things, I know that you need those things and that you need more freedom. I could give you all of this and more if you would just take my hand, I could give you all of the things that he can and more. Jane I love you more then anyone else in the world, I love you with all of my heart and I am willing to prove it to you." I could feel my heart being shot up and into my throat. If I could I would be crying right now because I would not know what to say.

" Very well Edward, thank you for your word. I would also like to say that I love Jane with everything that I have and that I will prove to her in any way that I can that I will always love her. I know that I have not always been this way to her and that she will always think of the time where I had been married to another, but she has gotten past that and still has loved me for who I am and not for the power. I could not ask for a better woman if I tired to. I will always love her, no matter who she picks. Although I cannot say that I would not be deeply saddened if she chose Edward, I will not stop her. So now we will see what she wants from all of this." He smiled as he looked over to me, his eyed were begging, but his stance was stiff.

All the eyes were now cutting at me, wondering who I was going to pick and what was going to happen if I had picked this person and what would happen if I picked that person. I could feel my heart slowly climbing up my throat till it was at the very top of my throat. I could not believe that a vampire could not throw up from stress like this, because if they could, I would have been doing it right then and there because I felt like I was going to. This was a terrible feeing that I could not get ride of, everyone was watching and everyone was waiting. I could not believe that I had to go through this again. I had already chosen who I wanted to be with, hadn't I? I mean I knew that I wanted to be with Aro for the rest of time and that he wanted to be with me, I mated on him and he had with me. Why could Edward just take that for a answer and just leave me alone?

I opened my mouth to say what I wanted, but nothing came out. Not a peep not a yelp, nothing came out at all. If I could I would have screamed many times, just to make sure that I could have a sound come out, but there was nothing coming out, it was strange and I did not like it one bit. It was like someone had cut off my vocal cord and just left it there hanging and left me to try and tell people without a voice. I could not speak and I could not say anything, I could feel that I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream and throw a fit right there as if I was a kid. I wanted to cry and run up into my room as if I was a teenage and never come out of there. I wanted to just jump off a cliff as if I was an adult. I just wanted to curl up into Aro's lap and think about life like I used to when I was younger, like when nothing really went wrong. I wanted to just know that Aro was there for me, he was there with open arms to comfort me and to tell me that he was going to make everything better, that Aro was going to make everything all right no matter what he had to do. But everything was so wrong.

" I-" I got out finally after many tries of opening my mouth and then shutting it, I must have looked like a real fish out of water trying to breath or something off like that. " I know who I will pick and I know who I will have to break the heart of. I am truly sorry for this and I know that I am going to make some enemies from this but I have to go with what my heart wants, I have to. That is why I have to go with Aro, I have to get back to this wedding." I sighed as I got it out and smiled over to Aro, who had the biggest smile on his face that I had ever seen in my life!

Edward on the other hand was in a complete anger phase. He was not happy at all, his hands were now in the shape of fists, bawled up into tight little balls. His face was not distorted into another odd shape and it all seemed so off for king Edward to look this way. He looked as if he was going to kill someone, that he was going to kill everyone in this room if he could. I felt terrible for Edward, I could feel the pain inside of him, I could see the sadness in his eyes. I knew that he was feeling betrayed by me and that his plans were all smashed up into little pieces and were thrown on the ground and I had just stamped all over it. I knew that Edward was in a terrible place, but there was nothing more I could do for him. What happened next though scarred me more then anything else.

Aro was moving closer to me so that we could finish this whole thing up from where we had been stopped, so that we could finally be one and we could live happily ever after. His smile and his arm extended for myself to take it and never let it go, I had mine open and I was walked toward him as he was to me. It was like a scene from one of those romance movies, the ones with the happy ending, it seemed like it was perfect too. But death was not going to let that happen, it was circling around Edward, Aro and I, picking which one it was going to be, picking which would die and which would live. I could feel it and I knew that someone was just about to be hurt in the action. I could not make it to Aro in time, mostly because of the dress but also because of how fast Edward was.

One second Aro was coming to me and then in one brisk moment he and Edward were in a battle of life. It was like I could not win this, there was always going to be something in the way of my happiness, something that was going to kill me if it was not Aro himself it would be someone trying to kill Aro. I did not know what to do, I did not know what to say or how to act, which was new for me. I could not believe what was going on, I could not stop either one of them because when I tried to use my power, they would both move so quick that I would not be able to lock onto one of them. It was like every time it seemed like I would nearly be locked onto one of them, the other would move them both all around the room. I would nearly have one and then it was taken from me the next. . . less then a second. I could not stand that I was not able to control them! They were not breaking anything, which was a shock, but they were trying to break each other bit by bit.

The rest of the guard was now trying to pull Edward off of Aro too, but it seemed like one of the high school fights I had witnessed at the high school. It was like every time that they would get Edward off, Aro would run at him and pull him away from the guards. It seemed like Aro did not want any help in killing Edward, he wanted to do it himself and he wanted to make sure that he did it the way that he wanted to. The guards tried and tried again and again to get them both off, it seemed like with all of the power that we had, Aro was able to just pull them off and take Edward right back to where they were right before. They were both getting pretty beat by this point, but neither of them stopped and neither of them backed down either. They just kept on going and going. I could not bare to watch either of them die, even if that meant that I was going to have to get involved in this and get Alice very pissed at my by ripping my dress, I would do it.

I knew what was going on and I knew that I had to stop it, so I did the first thing that I could think of, I took of one heel and I chucked it at the both of them. When that didn't work I took the other off and I marched to where they were going to end up and I started to hit the both of them with the shoe, trying to make them stop fighting and trying to make them think about me. But they were not stopping and soon my shoe broke off on the both of them. They were not ending this battle any time soon and it seemed like they were going to fight until one of them had the other killed, thinking that would win me over. Aro's arm was not hanging limp but Edward torso was ripped up badly.

I soon jumped to the top of Edward, pulling on hair and whatever else I could find at the time to pull and scratch on, trying to make them stop for one moment and just see that I was in the middle of this. I was screaming and trying to stop all of this, but when it did not work, I just used my power on the person that I was on, which was that time was Aro. I feel off of him and hit the floor with a loud bang, but his was louder then anything that I had heard before. He feel to the floor and started to scream in pain. I wanted to cry when I saw who I had attacked and I stopped as soon as I knew who I had done it too. But it was too much time because Edward was now on top of Aro, pulling him up by the hair and turning his head to one side or the other. Thats when I did what I had to do to keep Aro alive. I really do not remember doing it exactly, but I remember running to Edward, jumping on his back and then the next moment there it was, laying in the floor.

Edwards head.

So many people were screaming and I could see that Rosalie wanted to kill me, as long as the other Cullen's. Esme looked so heart stuck that she could barely move, all of the guards stopping dead in their tracks and as for I? I went straight to Aro to make sure that he was alright, I did not know what I did not stop and scream or just sob like the rest of the people here, but I just cared about Aro and how he was and if he was alright. He was on the ground, but alive to be for sure.

" Jane." He smiled and his eyes were filled with so much joy that he did seemed to explode. He was happy but still in pain because of what I had done to him. " Is he?" He was talking about Edward.

" Dead for now, but I refuse that we burn him" I sighed looking over and Edwards head on one side and his body on the other.

" What?" He said, all the joy of his eyes leaving.

" For his family. Just say that were not going to kill him?" He just nodded and we took Edwards body up and into another part of the castle.

September 15th, 2011


Sorry that I have not written to you in awhile. To anyone that is reading this little book. It seems like everything happened like that, it seems like it was a matter of time when everything feel into place. One second I thought that I had killed Edward Cullen and that all of the Cullen's were going to kill me if they really got the chance to, the next moment Bella Swan was in the room begging to see him because she knew how to fix him up properly.

We let her do her magic and then with out any words or without anything to do with that it was like they just knew each other for so long. Edward looked at her with eyes that he had never looked at anyone with and gave her the same smile that he had given me not a year before and Bella just tucked some hair away from her face, behind her ear and gave a shy smile that made her look even more innocent then she had before. They just starred into each others different eyes and they just stayed like that for so long that I thought that someone had paused time or something. It was like there was so type of magic that was working in that room or something. No one knows where Bella had come from or if she was just here out of fate, but she was and she and Edward mated on on another that day.

If you're wondering, Aro and I had another wedding soon after the first. But this time Edward was there with Bella and nothing went wrong. Esme was just crying out of happiness and no ones head came flying off. Though I though at the after party we were going to see some robes fly off because of masters were partying like I had never seen them party before, I mean it was like going to prom all over again, but with a lot more people that did not need a single drink to act drunk. It was odd but still amazing to be a part of. All of the Volturi got to see the way each other danced and to be honest I don't think that we should ever have a party again because of the embarrassment that we all went through that night with dancing.

The honeymoon I will not go into details about, but it was in a nice little woodland area in the west side of America. I showed Aro how to hunt animals and most of the time we were climbing all around in the trees, showing each other how to have a good time without work, or just relaxing in the sun. He really seemed to get into the spirit of hunting and started to get into the competition of it too. It was funny how he would have refused to hunt with anyone besides myself. It just seemed to be like he was allowing only me to show him what he really had been missing in the world, only me. That was the first time that I felt like I was his real wife. Doing whatever we pleased, which yes, sometimes involved a bed. . . or a couch. . . or a washer. . . or a car. But in other news it was a great thing to be involved in. I mean it was the best of all honeymoons that I have ever heard of ever. I just wanted to stay there forever.

If you are wondering then yes, I am still a full time guard in the Volturi. Still kicking ass and taken names when I have to. And still using my power when it is needed, only when it is needed and sometimes when I just do not like the person that I am dealing with. Although we can sometimes work out things with the vampires more easier now then we could before, we still have to kill a vampire from time to time. It's all in the job I have to say, but if it makes the world a better place then it makes the world a better place and I guess I will have to live with that. It's not like we really want to kill people as much as we used to like to kill, but when we really have to we do kill. I know that each time that I nearly get hurt that Aro fears that I will get killed or that I will really be in a hell of a lot of pain. Sometimes I am, and I just don't show it. We still hunt humans, but if some wish to then the guards are able to go off and hunt some down. Which most aren't that into. At all.

One more thing, when we got back into the Volturi we found that someone had left a gift at or doorstep. It was a small infant. It was a girl and it was also half a human and half a vampire. I did not know that such a thing could be true, I had heard of them before, down in Africa but none in Europe, none with European skin. But there she was, tiny as could be with beautiful green eyes, and a soft completion. Some of the guards and even Caius thought that we should kill her because we did not know what she was going to be like. But I refused to let that happen, I was a wife and a guard member which meant that I had more then a say then the guards did and I also had a bigger say in some things then others. She was just a baby and I was not going to let them kill her because of the future. So Aro and I took her in as our own and named her Lucia because in Italian it because light and she is the light of our lives. Lucia Alice Volturi. She is learning to talk and walk now, she has light brown hair that is falling to her back.

I can't believe it but I am at my last page of this book, I guess that it is not as long as I thought it was when I was younger. I mean it's not like it is huge or anything. But this will be my last writing into this book. It feels off that I'm leaving and never coming back to this book. I think that one day I will come back and read all of this with Aro, but right now I do know what I'll do with it. All I know is that I have too much to do to think of writing in another book. Besides it would not feel right to wright in another book, it would feel like cheating in a way. I guess this is the last time I will be writing in a diary. But one day I will get Lucia a diary to write in. But for now I guess this is goodbye forever.

Forever goodbye,


PS: If you're wondering, I'm going to be the maid of honor at Bella and Edward's wedding. I can't wait.

PPS: Lucie has already found her one. . . it's that werewolf that tried to kill me in Forks. We took her there last week and he came up to me and told her.

PPPS: Aro's a great father.