Chapter One

AN: Hello, everyone. This thing came fast like lightening! Pure fluff, then my sequel… just because….

Penelope looked down at the invitation and groaned. She was close to banging her head against the desk. It was to her family reunion. It happened once every ten years. She never looked forward to going, but really didn't want to go this year. Probably because of her rotten cousin Bridget.

Bridget was a snooty, spoiled, rotten socialite that lived in LA. She treated Penelope like crap growing up. She would try to avoid Bridget; she would've told Bridget to go to hell in a hand basket years ago, if she wasn't the daughter of her favorite aunt.

Truth be told, she never saw her mother's side of the family. She really missed the majority of them. They reminded her a lot of her mother. Most of them were wonderful, it was only Bridget that was a hag.

Bridget was a thorn in Penelope's side ever since they were kids. She was five years older, but for some reason, Bridget considered her a chief rival. Pen didn't, but Bridget did. She would say a lot of rude comments, but never in front of their families.

She was the anti-Penelope growing up. Bridget was the cheerleader type with a thousand boyfriends, P preferred hacking the computer. Bridget wore designer duds, P was rather gothic back in the day.

Aunt Mary said they were reserving a resort in Napa Valley for the week of the reunion. Mary's second husband, Uncle Irwin, was a real-estate tycoon who was able to set them up in fantastic locales. Wine country with fantastic weather sounded terrific. The only bad thing was Bridget.

"The place is terrific, and so romantic!" Aunt Mary gushed over video conference with her. "Bring your boyfriend, or is it a fiancé now?"

Penelope inwardly cringed. She broke up with Kevin two weeks ago; she didn't have a date, much less a fiancé.

"I'm sure its just a boyfriend," Bridget said, smirking into the camera. "You know Penelope; always holding out for that perfect guy."

Penelope wanted to give Bridget the finger. That was a running gag for her; Penelope's lack of boyfriends were because she was waiting for Mr. Right. It was a slam, a direct hit. And it caused Penelope to say something stupid in defense.

"Actually. I do have a fiancé. We'll be there," she said, before her brain could effectively stop her mouth.

"Oh," Bridget said, thoroughly surprised, as Aunt Mary squealed in excitement.

Crap! Penelope thought. What have I done?

"Duty calls. I must go. Slave to the man, you know," she said, quickly ending the call. It was well after working hours, she was just hanging around to hang around, and had the bank of computers to work with.

She knew exactly what she needed to do. Rent a fiancé. She immediately began looking up escorts for hire.

Derek was still at the office rather late. He used the gym there, instead of going home. He stopped in his office, grabbed some things he could read over the weekend, then planned on going out with some woman. It was Friday night; he usually partied that night of the week.

He noticed a light coming out of P's office. What was she doing here still? It was damn late, she was usually gone a long time before that. He snuck by and saw that she was holding a laptop, talking to someone. She was using her personal laptop, why wouldn't she just use one of the many ones in her office? It intrigued him. He took a step in.

"Each gentleman you look over is purely professional, well educated, and of course, very good looking," the woman over the computer said.

"I've never done anything like this before," Penelope said, her voice almost a whisper.

"Don't be embarrassed, miss," computer lady said again. "A lot of women hire someone for this kind of function. More than you would ever guess."

"Okay," she said, still whispering. "How much?"

"Depending on what you are needing, and from what you described, it's top of the line." The woman paused for just a minute. "It would be about three thousand dollars. You would need to incur all travel after you reach our LA office."

"Dear God," she said. It was obvious she didn't think whatever she was doing was going to be quite that expensive.

"Of course, if you want private intimate entertainment, that is extra above and beyond, usually starting at five hundred."

Intimate entertainment? His mouth dropped. Oh, baby girl, what the hell are you doing?

"I'm not going to want that." She said it so quickly and so flatly, Derek nearly laughed.

"Okay, miss, have you browsed the pictures and chosen someone?" The voice was prompting her, very friendly, like she was choosing a dress instead of a man.

"Yes, I-"

Derek reached around her and shut the laptop. "No, you haven't."