Neti-neti: "not this, not this"; negating all names and forms in order to arrive at the eternal underlying truth

-A drabble compilation

.:: LaviYuu-Picture Frame::.
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Rating: T

Lavi wasn't exactly sure when he started putting them up. One by one, lining the walls of his ratty old apartment that he had bought for cheap, with no real intention of staying for too long.

Just take photos. they said. He said. He couldn't exactly go against the old man's orders, not after pushing boundaries so much. Take Pictures and send them back. Because it was his own way of recording, wasn't it?

so when he started to keep some, he wasn't quite sure. It was like the lies he told that Sunday afternoon--standing in front of the church yard, pressed white Sunday-school clothes swearing against the God they loved so much.

Allen had gotten on to him about it. Lenalee nearly cried.

Yuu hadn't said anything, but then, he assumed that was normal.

it was a fixation, maybe, that he took pictures then. Or started to--if he wanted to have a defining point on when something started. Which, of course, History meant dates. Dates were very important. Highly important.

So he started--and it happened--he had many. Allen's smile, Lenalee's frown, Chaoji and that Karate competion he finally won, Tiedoll and that art piece he loved so much--Daisya before the car accident.

Yuu when he was training (he never told him about that), Yuu when he was angry, Yuu when he was sad-but-wouldn't-say-it, Yuu when Mugen was pressed to his throat because why-the-hell-did-you-take-a-picture-now. Yuu without his shirt on.

It was becoming a fixation. One he hadn't meant, but one he loved all the same.

He had a picture of the spin-the-bottle contest. Of Komui's shocked expression when Lenalee got chosen--and the kiss too. It was a memorable event, laughter and fun and orange soda (he had a picture of that too).

Of Kanda with his hair down, after a shower, to help it dry faster. Of them sitting out on the small balcony, where they could hear the laughter downstairs as Allen constantly won. Lavi had a picture of his poker face too.

Of the quiet times--when they were all asleep. When they would whisper secrets to each other--and then yell at him to turn the flash off. Try to be more discrete. Except that wasn't like Lavi. Not like lavi at all.

He never showed Bookman these pictures. Never. Never would, either, he was sure. They would be his own private collection, hanging on the walls of his ratty old apartment that no one ever went to but him. He'd never show them, though they might smile. He'd want a picture of that too. He loved smiles--secretly--he had a picture of every kind.

Even Yuu's --hanging above the wall of his bed, threatening to fall, and if it did he wouldn't mind. No, he wouldn't. Because he would see it everytime when he sat up in the morning (or chose to look, in any case).

Yuu hadn't been happy when he caught that picture--that one time after practice, sheathing Mugen and breathing harshly. It was summer. They were alone. In a clearing. Maybe it hadn't been the smartest idea to sneak up behind him at the time, but Lavi hadn't cared. Never would.

It was the perfect shot, even as Yuu denied it. Even as he made him swear never to show another living soul--and well, Lavi could be proud of himself because he hadn't told anyone else. Never ever. Never would. It was a promise between them. Between--whatever they were.

Because he could never take a picture of the first time they kissed. Or else Yuu would kill him--certainly. Or maybe he would understand, Lavi didn't know.

He only hoped, one day, to have a picture framed up on his wall of a smile he put on Yuu's face.

That would be wonderful wouldn't it?

Maybe he was a little bit obsessed. But pictures contained moments, and moments were precious, unlivable again except through memories--memories which could be forgotten.

Lavi didn't want to forget. So--he took pictures. Took pictures and framed them and put them up on the walls of his ratty old apartment that he had gotten for cheap.

It was enough.

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