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.::Lavi+Kanda: "But how was I supposed to know the TV wouldn't fit through the window?!"::.
For: Hakasha/Evanescent Silence
Rating: T
Genre: Humor/Friendship


It came about one Summer Vacation, exactly 2 weeks and 6 days before the new semester started, and for all intents and purposes Lavi was bored.

Bored, and lazing around on the empty floor of the new apartment that wasn't his, but might as well be.

With a frowning Kanda Yuu glaring at him from the door way.

He had never been one to break the silence, but, well. Now was the time to--Lavi guessed--from the way Kanda's eyebrow twitched. But what to say? What to say?

The first thing, of course.

"Neh, neh Yuu-chan, welcome back!"

He didn't look pleased.

Lavi sat up, "Neh, neh Yuu-chan, what'd ya buy?" Because he had the keys, and he had a bag--a simple grocery bag. It being Yuu-chan he could only guess what it was. But he didn't.


"None of your business."

"More soba?"

Another twitch of an eyebrow. The bag sounded too heavy when it hit the counter.

"Yuu-chan, we can't survive off of soba!"

"You can't." The response was clipped, but better than none, Lavi decided, mouth splitting into a grin, "Now quit lying the fuck around--the boxes will be here soon."

Lavi's grin widened, impossibly, "Yeah I know. Hard ta believe, idn't it?"

Because it was--wasn't it?


"We'll be Roomies officially then, right?"

"After we throw half your shit out."

Lavi mocked a hurt expression, "But Yuu-chan I'm very modest y'know!"

A raised eyebrow, "Che. Of course."

"But I am! honest!"

"Since when were you honest?" Maybe those words were a bit colder but--what did it matter?

By some grace of God they hadn't killed each other yet. Neither was quite sure exactly how they had slipped past that point, and it left Allen and Lenalee (both of which who had been gracious enough to come over and help with the sheer amount of boxes that needed unloading) even more baffled.

But if anyone were to guess, the answer would be simple.

It started with the TV.

And Lavi's words:

"But how was I supposed to know the TV wouldn't fit through the window?!"

It should have been a simple answer.

"Because you fucking retard--you can tell how damn small these windows are."

"B-But I thought for sure it would fit! I mean the TV Stand did!"

"Because you took it the fuck apart."

"And put it back together again."

"Tch--the same still applies--didn't you think to use the fucking door?"

"But that's boring Yuu-chan!" A pouty face, a pouty tone. Allen heard it from a mile away. Maybe the lemonade was too sour. Maybe it was like a trainwreck waiting to happen.

He couldn't stop watching.

Couldn't--and didn't--because there he was. In the living room, watching two of his best friends squabble like--like--he choked a bit on his drink. No, he wouldn't go there. Nope. Not at all.

"Who the fuck cares--the TV is fucking broken now." Because a force and a shove and it didn't work and--

"And I'm not any better off?!"

"Tch if you had used the fucking door like a sane person then maybe that wouldn't happen." And they would mourn over the broken television screen because--as said by Lavi--it went like this.

He wanted to be original, he wanted to try a different route--and they were on the first floor anyway so it was perfectly plausible that he could shove something through the window and be good as a can of peaches in summer.

Too bad for him there was a thing called concrete, and when the TV refused--well--there was a thing called backing off. And he had left it sitting there. Was going to go around but--oh it tipped by the natural forces of gravity.

And landed on his foot.

And on the concrete.

The only reason they knew this was the loud string of colorful curses that were thankfully in every other language besides English. They had run to the scene only to see what was left of the essentially broken tele. With Lavi nursing his injured foot, tears prickling at his eye.

They had only managed to get him to hobble inside before all hell broke loose.

Because Kanda hadn't gone running--he was busy setting up where Mugen would hang--on the wall--in easy access for training (he was cool like that)--and now they were here, in the living room taking a break.

Lenalee wanted to give them lemonade. She had already given Lavi ice for his foot (it had a nasty bruise on it. Or would. Black and ugly, a reminder of his stupidity), and now it was time to cool them off that way. Except, of course, it wouldn't quite work. No. It wouldn't. Not with them and--

"And again," Lavi continued, sounding a bit bitter, "I didn't know it wouldn't fit! Christ, Yuu, it's just a TV. You don't watch it anyway--I'm the one who should be upset about it but I'm not!"

"Do you know how much that damn thing cost?"

"Well you got it for a present so--but yeah I can figure."

"Che present or not. You try dealing with Tiedoll when he goes on one of his fucking guilt trips."

"You let those affect you?"


"Lovely response, Yuu. Look I'll pay you back! I swear! Then you can go out and get yourself another TV."

"And have you fucking try to force it through the damn window?" Allen felt a chill run down his spine. He wasn't quite sure it was from his lemonade. In fact, it would be stupid to think so, so he didn't. He just watched them glare at each other with Lenalee --fidgeting beside him.




"That was only once Yuu-chan. I think I learned my lesson."

If that was ever considered a truce, Allen was sure neither would ever admit to it. But then, they would be roommates. They couldn't kill each other yet.


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