Chase sat looking out the window of the bride shop he couldn't believe Zoey had asked him to come with her, Quine and Lola dress shopping or rather when he refused Quine had triggered a nerve in his arm causing him to pass out and them dragging him with them against his will when he much rather would have been back at his apartment listening to his two best friends and roommates Michael and Logan arguing about who he should choose as his best man he looks to a back room "Hurry up"

Zoey pokes her head out the door "five more minutes"

Chase looks at the door as she walks back inside "I thought it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress"

Zoey looks out the door "You know I don't believe in all the superstitious stuff"

She closes the door as Chase crosses his arms and looks annoyed up towards the ceiling he knew Zoey didn't believe in all the superstitious stuff but he sure wished she did all of a sudden his cell rings he grabs it and looks at it the screen says Michael he presses talk and puts it to his ear "Hey Michael what's up ?"

Michael talks aggravated through the other end of the phone "Tell Logan I would make a better best man" Chase hears Logan yell something at him in the background

Chase looks up at the ceiling as in saying help me "Look I told"

He is interrupted by Zoey comes out in a white wedding dress Chase looks at her then back at his phone "I'm gonna have to call you back"

Michael screams threw the phone "Chase, Chase wait" Chase closes his phone and walks over to Zoey "Wow you look stunning"

Zoey looks at him "You've said that about every dress I've tried on"

Chase looks at her "I know"

Zoey looks at him " You just want us to get done don't you ?"

Chase looks at her with a smile "Yes please"

Zoey Smiles at him as he looks toward the back room "So ummm… where are Quine and Lola ?"

Zoey looks at the backroom aggravated " Would you guys get out here"

Lola pokes her head out of the backroom "Never"

Zoey walks over and starts tugging at her "Come on" She drags Quine and Lola out who are wearing big puffy dress

Lola looks at Chase "Well how do we look ?"

Chase thinks for a second then looks at them "You look very puffy"

Lola looks at Zoey "No"

Zoey looks at her "But they go with the theme"

Chase looks at her confused "What theme ? You said nothing about a theme"

Zoey looks at him "Chase every good wedding has a theme"

Chase looks at her "Well why can't the theme be Zoey and Chase's day"

Zoey gives him a look "Chase be serious now I was thinking a southern bell theme"

Chase looks at her" Your from California I'm from Boston neither one is in the South"

Zoey looks at him " But it will be so cute well get you a suit with a little top hat"

Chase looks at her "A top hat" Zoey gives him a look " But that will dent my fro" he pats his bushy hair

Zoey smiles at him "I know and I love your fro"

Lola looks at them "Hey guys" Zoey and Chase turn towards her as she continues "I hate to interrupt this lovely moment but what about Nicole"

Zoey looks at her watch "Oh my gosh I totally forgot about Nicole at the airport" she looks at Chase "Why didn't you remind me ?"

Chase looks at her "Oh forgive me if I forgot something after being drug here unconscious"

Zoey looks at him "Well don't just stand go get her"

Chase looks at her "How am I going to get there ?"

Zoey looks around for a moment then hands him the keys to her car "Take my car" she starts to push him towards the door "Now go"