After over 20,000 reads, pages of comments, and a number of requests, I've finally chosen to write a sequel to my popular fanfic Dancing with the Devil. Attached below is a summery of Dancing with the Devil as to refresh your memory and a peak at what comes next: Tango to Hell. (See my page to fallow the story)

Thanks guys, I know it's been a while but I really really thank you for your support.

Summery of Dancing with the Devil:

Severus and Lily had been best friends since arriving at Hogwarts. But when he insults her bloodlines and begins to fall into the wrong crowd, their friendship comes to an abrupt end. Desperate and lonely, Severus strikes a deal with Slytherin's notorious and beautiful witch, Narcissa Black. He promises to use his cleverness to get her out of an arranged marriage with Lucius Malfoy if she helps him to win Lily back. He gets made over, becoming stronger and friendlier and more confident in himself (not an easy task) while also secretly working on an ancient spell that'll allow him to fly. But Narcissa has a plan of her own, and before he knows it, the two become the most power-couple of their house and possibly the school.

Lily notices the change in her former friend, and she misses him terribly. At the same time, she is trying to discourage the advances of the charming but arrogant James Potter.

In the end, Severus gets wise to Narcissa's real intentions: to make him into an acceptable wizard that her parents would approve of and marry him instead of Malfoy. She was misinformed of the fact that Severus is not a pureblood wizard, but by then, she had developed real feelings for him. Severus, however, can't stand the betrayal any longer.

In front of Potter and his gang, Severus jumps from the Astronomy Tower. Instant death, right? The staff and students of Hogwarts certainly think so. But Severus has secretly used the flying spell. And he's off to meet with Lucius and Lord Voldemort. In his unstable state, Severus thinks that the only way to continue on is to become a servant of the Dark Lord.

When Voldemort commands Severus to kill two young kids at a playground, Severus is reminded of him and Lily as children, and he is unable to do it. Voldemort simply states that Severus is too young and therefore unready to become a Death Eater.

Naricissa and her cousin, Regulus, are the only two who know of Severus' ability to fly. They seek him out and inform him that Lily has been absolutely mad with despair over his 'suicide'.

Severus returns to Lily immediately. They both confess the reasons for ending their friendship, and when Severus shows her that he has changed and no longer intends on becoming a Death Eater, they make up. By the end of the year, they are a happy couple.

Severus forgives Narcissa because, after all, he couldn't have gotten Lily back with out her.

And Severus proves that, despite the odds, a wizard can change for the better if he's got a good reason to.

Tango to Hell

Severus wrapped an arm around Lily's waist. "Don't be nervous about your parents," he said, working to keep his voice casual, when really, his palms were sweating and his mind reeling.

"I've never brought home a boy before," said Lily. In the immense heat of a summer day, he thought her voice was as desirable as a cool breeze. "But honestly, it's my sister I'm worried about."

Severus scoffed.

"You know how Petunia's engaged to that bloke, Vernon, right? I think he'll be in tonight too. Maybe that'll keep her from making a scene."

"Not likely," he said. "She's always had it out for me."

The two had been sitting side by side in the small park between their houses, discussing the night that would fallow. As kids, they had loved to play together at that spot. But this summer, it had become a place where they we free to chat and flirt and snog.

"Well, you know how she get's around magic," said Lily. She combed her fingers through her messy, red hair. Severus watched her greedily.

"It doesn't matter," he said. "No matter what we'll be together."

Lily looked him in the eye and smiled teasingly. "You think? For how long?"