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Warning: This chapter contains sappiness and clichés.

Günter stared up at him with wide eyes.

Gwendal was getting a little uncomfortable. Should he take it back? He wasn't sure. Günter had said that he loved him, but maybe it was too soon for such a big step. He wasn't sure what to say but he had to do something, "Günter…"

Günter snapped out of his trance and leaped into Gwendal's arms hugging him tightly. As if to make sure he was being perfectly clear, Günter leaned back a little and turned his head, presenting his right cheek, upon which Gwendal placed a small kiss. Günter looked up at him with shiny love struck eyes.

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Of course, since Anissina and Cheri had been expecting that reaction, they quickly appeared to congratulate the two. Sadly interrupting the new couple's first kiss.

Günter jumped back a little, his arms, which had been wrapped around Gwen's shoulders, slid down to rest on the broad chest in front of him. The taller of the two, however, merely glared at the meddling women and tightened his hold on the smaller man's waist possessively.


The spent the next several hours trapped at a 'small' engagement party.

Günter was happy, gracious, and all of the other things you are supposed to be in that situation but his fiancé was just annoyed.

Even though he put on a diplomatic front, Gwendal hated the stupid party. The feeling of Günter's lips was still haunting him. He wanted to drag the lavender-haired man into a corner somewhere and ravish him, but that would not go over well. That and his mother would be insufferable.


The event dragged on, and on, and on, ad nauseam. Until... at last the end was in sight!

The guests began to drift out in ones and twos, most of them slightly tipsy. It was well past midnight. Yuri (who was carrying a sleeping Greta) and Wolfram shambled back to their room drowsily.

Günter yawned and rubbed his eyes cutely. Gwendal couldn't take it anymore, he strode across the room and hauled him in for a kiss.

When the stopped to breathe, Gün smiled up at him warmly and snuggled into the embrace. It had been a long day and he was emotionally exhausted. He fell asleep standing up, with his head nestled on Gwendal's shoulder.


The birds were singing in the trees and the winter sun was shining when Günter woke up in Gwendal's bed. How had he gotten there? He couldn't remember anything after the kiss. He immediately began to panic. He'd had some wine at the party, but only a little bit, there was no way he'd gotten drunk.

Had they…? Could he really forget something so important? And where was Gwendal?

Günter bolted upright and surveyed the situation. His eyes immediately fell on the chair, where Gwendal was sleeping.

He was a little ashamed of himself. Gwendal would never take advantage of him! He wouldn't even sleep in the same bed (even though they were both fully clothed and the chair looked insanely uncomfortable).


Gwendal's mind chose that moment to return to consciousness. He felt like he'd been… hm, what was the expression that Yuri used? Run over by a train? Whatever that was.

His back was stiff and his shoulders ached. And his head, did those stupid birds ever shut up? Ah, but they were cute.

Why wasn't he in bed?

"Um, Gwendal, are you awake?"

Ah, that was why. He opened his eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the light. It was difficult; he rarely slept in this late.

"Ah, good morning Günter" his voice was husky from inactivity.

The amethyst-eyed one gave him a slightly dopey grin. "Good morning Gwendal!"

Neither of them said it out loud but they were both thinking something along the lines of 'I could get used to this' (Gwendal was also thinking 'Ugh, don't tell me he's a morning person.').

"… Well, I should probably get to work."

"Oh… Y-yeah, me too." There was a slight pout to Günter's voice.


Günter got up and walked towards the exit. He stopped when he saw that a piece of paper had been slipped under the door.

He picked it up curiously.

You both have the day off~3

Have fun now~


He turned to share the good news, only to find Gwendal in the midst of taking his shirt off. Damn, talk about nosebleed inducing. Luckily, he had a ton of tissues.

Once Gwendal had gotten his shirt over his head and off, he noticed the way Günter was drooling (and bleeding) over him.

He wanted to do a joyful little dance; but Gwendal DOES NOT do joyful little dances. So he settled with a satisfied smirk, which only made him look hotter.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Um, your mother gave us the day off…"

That earned a raised eyebrow and a dark, sexy chuckle.

Günter stopped breathing, he had never heard Gwendal make such a sound before, but he liked it.


Günter was compelled to move forward, get up on his tiptoes, and kiss Gwendal's cheek.

Gwendal turned and captured his lips, pulling him close. Things devolved from there.

Günter's hand inevitably fell onto a nicely muscled chest.

Gwen let out a little growl, and before either of them knew it, he had Günter pinned to his bed.

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