Temari's Diary – Kankuro, look and die- June 3rd 1928
I've always loved flight as long as I can remember. I even have a small kite from when I was just a little kid, according to Uncle Yashamaru (when he was alive) it was by favorite as a baby. Mother would fly it across the dunes, and I'd just look around with wonder. I think my first real memory came the day the stunt pilot came to Suna. They don't come much anymore.

My father doesn't like the planes, feels they aren't "ninja" enough.

I had to train with Gaara again today. God I hate that, he just stairs with that look. I was gliding down on my fan, trying to get the hand of the basic gliding technique, when I just caught him staring at me, like a cat watching a bird. It made me lose my concentration and fall to the ground, naturally no one caught me. So here I am, stuck in the hospital. My father hasn't visited at all, I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad about that.

Kankuro's diary – Temari don't you dare peak July 23rd 1928

Dammit, father still won't give me access to Karasu's armor. He just said I was "weak" and ordered me out. He doesn't get I, I need Karasu's armor, it's the only remaining metal-puppet we have. Yes, Karasu was originally designed as a wooden puppet, but it obvious Sasori modified him to work in conjunction with the armor, without it he's simply to weak. I've tried adding wood armor, but it doesn't work, since it's a separate piece it interferes with the balance and is split to easily. Meanwhile Baki tells me I can't have the armor till I can keep Karasu intact, as the can't afford to risk one of the only remaining sets. Well how am I supposed to keep it intact with and artificially weak puppet and that psycho brother of mine? It's often me or the puppet…. Sometimes I think father would prefer it would be me.

I get no respect in the family. Father thinks I'm a failure. Mother and Yasharmaru are dead. Gaara… yeah I'd have better luck trying to flood the entire Kingdom. Even Temari doesn't respect me, and she's my sister…. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who thinks women shouldn't be kunoichi or are dumb… but a little respect would be nice? I mean I am the heir to the kage. The only people who do show me respect are my teachers and they only do that because they know I'm next in line, and Baki doesn't even do that.

I've come to a conclusion. If I can't get the armor, then there's only one thing to do, get my own. Now all I have to do is figure out how to make it chakra channeling….

Kakuro's diary- August 8th 1928

Goddmit, the only freaking blacksmith with any skill won't make my armor. Most of the incompetants here can only do weapons or tools, not armor, and especially not custom armor. The only one who can is a half senile old bastard. I told him I was the son of the kage, and he brushed me off like I was nothing. I can't send for the armor because there's no way for me to get the measurements done a Karasu. The prick offered to "train me" to make the armor doesn't he know I already have enough on my plate?

Temari's Diary- Oct 3rd 1928

I did it, I finally did it! I managed to do a perfect glide. I admit I was a little nervous after last time, but I worked up the courage to do it from one of the cliffs. Gaara was still eyeing me like a homicidal little maniac, but there wasn't a thing he could do. Kakuro's being an asshole though, acting all cranky just because his little hobby isn't going so well. Jerk. Sorry I can't write more, but I'm off to do some more gliding.

Kakuro's diary- Read and I'll burn your face off- Oct 3rd 1928

Miss high and mighty managed to glide today, just caulk up another thing my family beats me at. Blacksmithing Sucks. I ache in parts of my arms I didn't even know I had, and I think I've burned every single finger I have at least once, puppeteering SUCKS with a burn finger, and Baki won't give me a break. But the worst is the asshole blacksmith, he won't give me a break and is always on my case. Just today he told me I should quit if it was so hard, damn bastard. Then there's the book on sealing I got. Who knew sealing was so hard? I mean I studied the basics in puppetry for years (good thing too or Karasu would be scrap fifty times over). But the general theory? Mean it isn't even consistent, the material, what you want to seal, every little variable changes it, I don't know how people make a living on it.

One good note is I managed to get my hands on a Fire Republic book without father knowing. It's about the ancient wind country. According to it we were once as diverse as the Earth countries, with many different tribe. I don't know how much is true, but it's fascinating.

Kankuro's diary March 4th 1929
One thing I got to say for blacksmithing, it has made me ripped. Seriously I have got to be the buffest puppeteer in… ever really. I finished a knife today. Wasn't much, just a kitchen knife. Heck wasn't even part of what I really wanted, I need to learn armor, not weapons. Still it was a good knife, the old man even said so. Felt good, getting a compliment like that. It wasn't like those I got from my puppeteer instructors, felt real, I knew he wasn't giving it just cause I was gonna be the Kazekage. He even let me keep it, told me not to worry, he expected me to work off the cost later. Kinda stupid, I don't cook, and it's no use as a combat knife, but still… felt nice.

Temari's diary May 20 1929

Father was angry today. Apparently the communists have printed another tract, this time it was not only aimed at the daimyo but at him at well. Called him corrupt and accused him of killing Sasori. I'll bet he actually did, given how much he hates progress and what he did with Mother… I wouldn't put it behind him. He's really pissed because the tract got distributed in Suna itself. He found some poor saps with it, and there in the dungeon. He still doesn't know who printed it. I managed to save copy, I'm sticking it in with the rest of my thoughts. I won't be writing as often, with this in here it's not safe, so I'm hiding you in one of the cliffs, no one but a wing user will be able to find you.

Kankuro's diary May 23rd 1929
I finally figured out what has Temari so happy, it's the tract that's pissing father off, idiot. I mean don't get me wrong, she smart enough not to show her cheer around father or Baki, but she shouldn't be happy at all. If they win, we. will. be. killed. It doesn't matter if don't make trouble, or even if we support them. I've read history, more than anything else, the most dangerous thing to a new regime is someone with a claim to leadership of the old. Sure Temari can't directly rule right now, but there have been examples of female kages in history, much as Father would like to deny it. Plus even if she couldn't, plenty of kages have only become by marrying the female heir. If they win, we will be killed. If we fight them we will be put on trial and killed. If we join them, they will use us as propaganda until they win, then we will disappear.

Temari's diary July 3rd 1929
I've finally got the hang of the smaller fans, using them to direct the glide downward. It's hard, as I have to keep both hand off my main fan and keep by balance with only my knees, but I can actually turn now. I tried standing up, but nearly lost my balance. I ended up having to drop one of my fans to get a grip and steady the 3 moon fan. I think with a little more practice I can manage it. Baki suggested I try using my feet to grip the fan, he says Konoha nin use a "tree walking" technique. Not many tree's around here, but there are plenty of walls and cliffs…

Kankuro's diary Oct 27 1929
Father's celebrating. Apparently the stock market crashed over in Fire. He thinks it "shows the essential foolishness of letting peasants choose" Idiot, doesn't he get it. If Fire's economy falls Wind's is going to fall, and that means our funding is going to be cut, not to mention the number of missions Fire business men hire Wind ninja's for when they want to engage in business the government would frown upon.

Temari's diary May 3rd 1930
I did it. I finally did it! I actually managed to fly. It started as a normal glide, I could feel myself falling even as I used my hand fans to push myself up. I don't know exactly when I started flying, but when I next looked down I realized the ground wasn't getting closer. I nearly fell off in surprise. It was amazing, I actually managed to make myself go up. It was everything I imagined, gliding is nice, but to have control….. According to Baki I stayed up for five minutes, but it felt like both hours and only a few seconds at the same time. I nearly crashed when I came down, I was so tired. According to Kankuro I fell over from chakra exhaustion once I hit the ground, no surprise given how tiring continuous wind jutsu's are.
(If this feels off feel freed to modify the time, I just figure that continuous usage of wind, rather than the controlled bursts seen in fighting, would tire someone out reallllly quick)

Kankuro's diary July 4th 1930
I have had a breakthrough, I finally managed to create chakra channeling metal. I've been trying for over a year now, but I finally got it. So I first realized something was up when I began taking a look at the various chakra weapon crafters. All of them were blacksmiths. Now that somewhat makes sense, after all if you're going to go to the trouble of a weapon that expensive your gonna have is custom made, right? But all of them? Why not get a master weaponsmith to make it for you and then get a master seal maker to enchant it. I realized that I had been going about it all wrong, trying to seal ready-made stuff.

So I go to make a dagger, but as I heat the metal I add seals. It was a bitch to do, first I had to modify the gloves to conduct chakra, which took me a week alone. But as I'm sealing it I notice something. I've been able to make seals on metal before, that's easy. The problem is they don't conduct, unless you touch the seal directly nothing happens. But as I channeled the chakra through I noticed that the pathways were changing as I sealed the metal, actively moving into the inside. Once I finished and let it cool I could channel chakra through it!

Now it's not quite time to break out the ice and melons yet. The channeling was extremely weak, and wasn't usable. It wasn't like the time I felt the chakra sword in the trophy room. Plus it took me all day for a barely functional dagger, Sasori wasn't famous because he made chakra conducting metal, that was done before. He made it easy to mass produce and modified it.

Temari's diary December 27th 1930
Sorry I haven't written until now, but it's been really hard to get away. I don't know where to begin, I suppose it all started four days ago, when a mysterious oasis appeared near the city. No one knew what to make of it, some claiming divine spirits, while others claimed it was a communist plot and would poison anyone who drank. Naturally father sent guards to prevent anyone from actually doing anything.
It was the 24th when it actually happened. I really don't tend to look forward to Christmas, "a time to spend with family" isn't exactly something to enjoy. Father had moved us to the tower, his paranoia running rampant. It was late at night when I woke up, and then I saw him.

The first thing I noticed was he was from Fire entering from the window. How he had gotten past the guards I had no idea. I told him not to move or I would bring every guard down on him. Faster than I could blink, he pulled out a gun. I tried to dodge while yelling as loud as I could. I soonnoticed a lack of 1)pain, 2)gunshot and 3)my yelling. I looked at the man in confusion. He gave a small bow "I am terribly sorry, my lady, but I can't have you yelling. That little gunjutsu will keep you from talking for the next… hour or so. You could try to make some other noise, but I really prefer that you didn't."

It was then that I caught his face he wasn't much older than I was… What was really amazing was the air he projected around himself. It was cool, not like the maniac of Garaa, or Kankuro's "tough guy", or even the coldness of my father. It was a man at ease with himself.

I wasn't sure what to do when I saw Gaara come into the room, I had forgotten that he didn't sleep. Gaara, unsurprisingly declared he would kill the man. The man only stared him down. I tried to tell him to run, but, couldn't talk. Then something amazing happened Gaara backed down. I don't know how the man did it, I don't know what it was, but Gaara back down and the man headed into the hallway. He came back a few minutes later, with a small sack. As I watched he headed to one of the window, before stopping on last time.

"I'm terribly sorry, I almost forgot." Reaching into his cloak he pulled out three brightly wrapped presents, handing one to me, and one to Gaara, who took it without protest and didn't even break it. He then left a third "please be so kind as to give this to your other brother will you?" I nodded, far to shocked by what had happened to do anything else. He left through the window without another word. It wasn't easy sneaking into Kankuro's room the next day, but I managed it.

Father was furious, and after he found out about the gifts he demanded I give him the fan to burn. But I didn't tell him about the other gifts. The first was an amazing model airplane, not only was the detail incredible, but as you channel chakra into it the propeller turns. The second piece was a pair of aviator goggles, just my size. They say that man was Itachi Uchiha, and he's a notorious criminal, he killed his entire family except for his little brother. I could get behind that; hell, Kankuro would probably thank me. I'm keeping the goggles and plane here, where father won't find them.

Kankuro's Diary December 27th 1930
It's amazing. That man Itachi Uchiha, not only did he manage to waltz past our defenses, but he actually stole the ruby eye. Father's furious, doubly so when he found out Itachi snuck into our bedrooms while we were asleep. I spent as much time as I could memorizing every bit of the book, knowing father would demand it and burn it. It was written by lightening, and discussed modern nin tactics. The most frustrating thing was I know I would never read it all before he found out, and holding out wasn't a possibility. So I tried to read as much as possible before it got taken away. Father apparently tried to take Gaara's sand toys away, but Gaara refused… would have like to see that.

What I didn't tell father was the other two gifts. Inside the box was a note "Certain parties would be very angry if these were known, so please be discreet.

Inside were two pieces of metal. At first I was confused, then I noticed one was a gear, and one of the finest I'd ever seen. Acting on a wild hope, I channeled chakra through them. They were both part of a metal puppet. The gear was part of a joint, while the second was the more usual metal. I'm not sure how he got them, but this is… the greatest thing ever. Don't dare take them apart, instead using a file to shave of a few scraps for study. With these I may actually be able to go somewhere.

There is something that bugs me about all this. Gaara doesn't sleep… so how'd he sneak past him. Plus he's been acting weird, less confrontation, NOT telling us he'll going to kill us every five minutes…. It's disturbing. Actually both my siblings are acting weird. Temari's had her head in the cloud one minute then acting all moody the next. Plus I saw her watching father burn the fan, she looked ready to murder him. I'll admit, it was a nice fan, even wind chakra compatible, from what I heard. But still… it was like she was possessed.

Temari's Diary Jan 1st 1931
It's a new year, time to make a promise. I've had it. I don't care if father doesn't like planes, I'm going to fly, and not on my fan. Even though I've made great stride, it inherently limited, I'll never be able to fly more than a few hours, no matter how skillfully I regulate myself. Beside, planes are perfectly fine tools, isn't a ninja supposed to use any weapon at hand? Now all I have to figure out is how

Temari's Diary Jan 14th 1931
I expect it to start snowing any minute now, maybe for all nine Bijuu to show up and begin the final reaping, cause the world is surly ending. Kankuro had a good idea. I was watching Kankuro today as he was taking measurements on Karasu, while holding various metal plating up to him. That's when it hit me, there's no way to get father to allow a plane, so why not make my own? I know a lot of cavern complexes in the cliffs where I could hide it. Only problem is the expertise, but I've got a solution to that. I know Kakuro's has some way of getting books from elsewhere, especially once father would disapprove up. Little blackmail never hurt nobody…..

Temari's Diary Feb 12th 1931
Building this may be more of a problem than I originally expected. I finally got some designed books, and I'm not sure it's possible. The frame alone is hard, but the poles are viable, and I've made enough fans I'm sure I can handle that, least for a basic one. No the real problem is the engine, there's no way I can manage the chakra engine for this thing. Even if I took blacksmithing half the seals aren't available and simply can't be done by one person. This sucks. Still, I found out a lot of fun facts from the books. You know flight was invented in wind. First powered flight was made by the Light brothers in the devil hills south of here. Funny that.

I heard on the radio that Itachi struck Iwa. Must be nice, going where you please, on the open road like that. Sometimes I'd just like to, fly away. I'd go and join him, pretty sure a master criminal would have use for someone who could fly. Me and him, we'd make the perfect criminal pair… I'd have to put up with that Kisame fellow, but he can't be any worse that Kankuro…

Kankuro's Diary May 16 1931
I've finished the first version of the armor, and just in time too. The designs not perfect, I had to stick to simply enchanting the patches where the strings attach, and connecting to the larger armor. It's not as good as one whole, little stiff, and the connections are a weak point, but it's better than nothing. I'm going to need it, my father assigned us a B-rank mission, I'm not sure who I'm in more danger from, whatever we're going to face or Gaara. I mean with C rank at least it's simple, find the target, and run at the first sign of Gaara getting angry, but here I actually have to think about which is more dangerous. Old man wished me luck, said if the whole kage thing doesn't work out I'd always make a great blacksmith.

Temari's diary June 16 1931
I can actually do it, I can actually have a plane. It won't be easy, but I can do it. I can actually fly. I supposed I should at the beginning. The B-rank mission we were assigned was to guard some northern town, apparently it was being raided by ninja. At first I was nervous, but when we got there it was unexpectedly quite. Apparently after the last raid the nin had decided to raid a few towns north of the border till they were sure the heat was off. Bad luck for them that we waited.

Good luck for me, as it turned out. While we were at the town, one of the "barnstormers" was traveling by. Baki set us some independent routes to check every day, but he didn't account for my flight speed and I had a free hour or two till he got back. I I went over to the barnstormers and asked to give me lessons. At first he tried to up the price, must off figured ninja were loaded…. He was partially right of course, I'm the kages daughter, but not like I can access most of that wealth. I got him to settle for some of the stored food I brought, the shows just weren't brining in the cash these days. The flights were amazing, at first he wouldn't let me touch the controls, being a "lady" and all that. But after a few days I managed to convince him (seeing the hole my wind could tear in the dunes may have helped). I learned more in that week or two that in months of book reading.

The only problem was that we began to get reports the bandits were heading back, once our mission was over I would have to head back. I tried to convince him to sell the plane, but he wasn't willing to part least not at what I could offer then and there, it was his baby and his livelihood. He tried to convince me to give him somewhere to meet later, but I couldn't do that. Father wouldn't allow him to overtly bring it into Suna, which meant the only potential meeting place was outside. I could have given him directions, but there was no way I was giving a hidden entrance (even if only by air) to a random stranger. He would have sold if for the first solid meal Rock offered him.

The missing-nin finally gave back. Frankly for me the fighting was bad, Baki, Gaara and Karasu were the frontline fighters, and they kept them all at a distance. So I was able to stand back and blast away without any of them getting close. The numbers were a bit surprising, there must have been over twenty of them, but we were still winning. Then… it happened. I don't know what exactly it was, but something pissed Gaara off. The next thing I know he's gathering sand towards himself, forming a giant claw. He swings it and crushed two of them in one blow. Baki and Kankuro backed off, and Gaara began to fight the rest by himself. He was tearing through them, but a few were pretty quick on their feet, only making him matter. He gathered even more sand, and a giant tanki began to form. I'd always known Gaara was a monster, but this was the first time I really was able to directly associate that monster with the one-tail.

The power… was incredible. Baki ordered us to flee. Gaara then turned his attention on the town. I didn't see much directly, as none of us were foolish enough to go near, but I did see the aftermath. Everything, buildings, animals, people, had been crushed. The few survivors were shell shocked. One old man called us traitors and yelled at us for not protecting them, Baki informed him that we did protect them… from the bandits… I can still remember his face. As we search I found the barnstormer..or at least his remains. The plane was in pieces, and the left wing was completely crushed, but as I inspected it I found the engine was still intact. I managed to get Kankuro to put the pieces in storage seals, and got it all the way here.

Now that I've got an engine, I've actually got a chance. It won't be easy, I still need a frame, but I have lots of experience with fans, and I should be able to get the rest of the frame made in pieces if I contact the right people. Unlike Kankuro's little project, it doesn't need to be an exact fit.

Kankuro's diary November 5th 1931
I heard on the Radio that Fire's got a new president. Not surprising. My father is smug about it, as he thinks it shows the failures of their system. Idiot, the last three years showed this. This… this shows the success. When the have a bad president they can get rid of him. They can adapt and change in a way we never can.

I've always known I was going to be the next kage. Gaara… even before I kewn him I knew he was shunned, and Temari's never been the marrying type. (Though I do know she might reconsider for a certain missing nin, but she'd kill me if she knew I knew). So I always knew I was going to be kage, and I've prepared for it. I'm not the smartest ever, but I'm not a dumb as some people think I am. I've read every book on politics, tactics and history I can get my hands on, and I know how much deep shit Wind is in. At the beginning of the War we were the ones who were expected to make Earth back down, simply by showing up, but after Sasori and my grandfather disappeared we weren't even a blip.

War's coming again, of that I'm sure. And wind is not ready at all right now. My father blames it on the Damiyo, and military cut-backs. But all nations have cuts back after the war, it just makes sense. It's incompetent leadership that's killing us. Father refuses to face the modern era, angry at the diminishing power of ninja, but that only makes the problem worse. Yet non-ninja become more important with technology, but refusing to use it ourselves only makes it worse. We need to embrace change.

There's another problem with power. Mainly that those who know they don't have a firm grip hold onto it hardest. My grandfather was never as harsh as my father. Why, because he was the strongest, and everyone knew it. Don't get me wrong, my father's one of the strongest, but he's not absolutely. That's why he's so harsh, he's deftly afraid of others taking his position. That's why I need to recreate the metal puppets. I'm not one of the best, I never had the natural talent. Part of the reason I went into puppetry is that a lot of it is learning technique, not talent. No matter what I do I won't be the strongest. But there are other ways to establish authority. If I recreate the metal-puppets, it would establish me as having contributed some great to Suna, and my position would be secure. I need that, a lot of the reforms that need to be made won't be popular, and I can't do them if I have to face rebellion from my own ranks.

I also have to look out for my father. If the rumors are right, and he really did kill grandfather and Sasori, then I'm doubly in danger. First for rebuilding the metal puppets, but second because he's going to suspect a cue, given he used on himself. So I can't let him know when I actually begin building them. But once I have them… he won't be able to threaten me, even Gaara won't. I don't think full metal puppets will crush so easily, and given the reports from war histories… I think the weapons on them might even be enough to break his shield…

Written by clockworkchaos.

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