Death Of His Heart

Finally put it all together

But nothing really lasts forever

-Call Me by Shinedown

She's warm in his arms. Won't be warm for much longer, but for the moment she is. Not a thing will tear him away from her now and nothing, he knows, will ever be equal to the way she feels beside him. The way her dark eyes burn into his and tell him all he has ever wanted to know from her, as she slips away from him, further and further.

He is losing her and she is giving her entire being to him while it happens. She is making it more difficult than it should be. It should be nothing more than another crew member fallen to a misfortunate event. But it is not. It is much more than that, a thing which is most hard to comprehend as the death of any crew member is the death of a part of his soul. She is the death not of his soul like them, but the death of his heart.