E/O Challenge II and Happy Birthday Kiwiplasj! :D

Word- shoulder

Word Count-100 exactly!

Disclaimer- I don't own Dean but Zep came full blown from my imagination!

No spoilers this week.

Thanks again TribbleMaster! Best Beta Ever!

AN: I like to think this takes place sometime pre-series while Sam is away at college, but hey put it anywhere you want!


Zep was a typical dog.

He chased cars, chewed Dean's shoes, and drank out of the toilet. And he refused to sleep anywhere but on the bed with Dean, using a pillow.

Zep was large, grey and howled along to Dean's favorite music. He was a quiet companion and a loyal friend. He smiled when Dean scratched between his shoulders and liked to lick Dean's palms with a cold tongue. He didn't eat much and never drooled in the Impala.

Dean always imagined Zep would have been a chick magnet.

If only chicks would have been able to see him.

A/N II: I hope this is somewhere in the near vicinity of what you asked for KiwiplasJ! I have to note that when I was writing this I felt very much like Patrick Star when he thinks too hard. You know sizzling eyebrows and smoking hair Lol. Thanks for reading and until next week everyone... :)Penny