Ginny leaned against the wall, stunned by what Malfoy had done.

His excuse was mistletoe, which indeed was blooming above her head.

'probably full of nargles' she thought.

But even just a mistletoe kiss was way too out of character for Malfoy, it was just too unbelievable.

She touched her lips, still able to feel the softness of his against hers.

She giggled, feeling like a schoolgirl who had just gotten her first kiss.

Then, she started off to her dormitory, still in shock.

Malfoy slammed his dormitory door.

Why the hell had he done that?

Now she probably hated him, or worse, LIKED him.

He shuddered at the thought.

Malfoy flopped on his bed, trying to make sense of his thoughts.

He had kissed her, but why??????

Did he LIKE her?


Just No.

That was out of the question.

He fell asleep after midnight, lulled to sleep by the memory of her silky soft lips against his.