E/O Challenge and Happy Birthday 88Ivories! :D

Word- Shoulder

Word Count- 100 on the dot.

Disclaimer- I own nothing

Spoilers- MBV- if you haven't seen said episode, this story might not make sense.

Beta- TribbleMaster- Thanks again for you unending patience! :)


He was tired, so tired.

He was drained and overwhelmed.

Suffocated by the burden on his shoulders…Destiny.

Crushed by the ever mounting weight, Dean asked for god's help.

There was no answer.

Castiel appeared silently next to him.

"Sam is quiet." He offered, regarding the sky above.

Dean nodded, concern abated.

Castiel turned to him. "Famine was mistaken." Before Dean could argue he continued, "What is inside you, it's very much like an open wound."

"What's the difference?" Dean asked softly, gaze returned to the sky.

"A wound has the potential to heal." Castiel said evenly and vanished quietly.

A/N: I was so sad for Dean at the end of MBV that I just wanted to reach through my tv and give him a big old hug! This is my way of doing just that. Also, this is my first attempt at writing Castiel, I hope I did him justice! Thanks for reading everyone! :)Penny