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Ch: 1 His Little Miko

Thunder rang out and lightning crashed through the skies. Kagome whimpered and hid close to the well in the near dark well house. A dim glow from her flashlight flickered and the sweet five year old hugged her chilled form.

She was hidden away in the well house. The outside storm waged a silent war against the young girl. With her house locked, no key and no one to let her inside, Kagome had no other choice but to hide within the dark dusty unwelcoming well room.

Her mother was at the hospital; her father had told Kagome that she would have a little brother soon. Her father had also promised he would pick her up from pre-school today, but he didn't. And Grandpa was with her mama.

So Kagome had ventured from school in the rain and hurried home before the storm decided to lose it's mercy it held for the little girl. With the little girl running across streets and up steps to get home trying to escape the bone chilling rain, only to discover she had lost her house key.

Kagome didn't like the well house, even ignoring her slight curiosity of it so she would remain away from its dark depths…until now that is. The frightened little five year old ventured to the only unlocked, dry slightly warm building, the well house. But for Kagome there was a silver lining…

Now Kagome had a perfect excuse to look into the well. Her mother's fears were not sneaking into her head nor her fathers scolding. She would not be reprimanded and would not be in trouble for peering into the wells depths should hold no consequence with her parents gone.

The young girl tugged over a stepping stool and pushed it against the wells side. Kagome's chubby face lit with anticipation and excitement. Electric blue eyes shined in excitement as small arms and legs pulled a fittingly small body to peer over the lip of the well.

Using her dim flashlight to peer into the darkness within, Kagome only stared at dirt. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Disappointment glittered through the young girl as she sat on the well edge.

She had slightly expected a giant monster to be living at the bottom of the dried up well. Lightning crashed over the well house and a strong gust of wind slammed open the well house door.

With a shrill scream Kagome fell back into the wells depths. "Mommy!" the small child was thrust into a passage of blue and purple. It carried the small form through the tunnel of light and swirls. Too panicked to understand what was going on, the young girl cried out in panic and fear.

The blue and purple light settled the small girl safely to the bottom of the dried up well. Night darkened the sky above the scared five year old. Her already watery eyes pushed forward her salty tears.

The small girl reached for the vines in vain. Whimpers of fear escaped her mouth and panic settled into her small mind.

Nearby a young male demon barely over four-hundred winters a teenager was running away from his home at top speed.

His mother dared to set him up with one of the high class aristocrat whores of the court. Each female, for calling them ladies would insult their sex, tried tremendously to appeal to the young inu demon. Each female were twice his age and thought him easy to manipulate, they didn't understand that Sesshoumaru had no interest in them.

Each of them would throw themselves at himself. Had they no shame, modesty hell the human woman controlled themselves better and they were much quicker about mating. Sesshoumaru stayed hidden in the forest of a nameless village.

With his fathers passing his mother wished for Sesshoumaru to mate quickly and take the throne. With all the commotion his mother felt that settling their lands with a firm leader would be wise.

Sesshoumaru was lord in title but the council still saw his mother as the pack leader. Sesshoumaru did not wish to take on the role of ruler just yet.

A silent wail caught the young prince's attention. Sesshoumaru walked toward the noise of distress, if only to ease his curiosity. Walking into a small clearing with only a well, Sesshoumaru figured whatever it was left.

A scent of salt and a small sob broke that theory. Walking toward the well Sesshoumaru peered down into its depths. A small huddled form sat at the bottom.

A young human girl whimpered out brokenly for her mother and father. No other scents of humans had been near the well and Sesshoumaru could only smell the young girls scent from the well. A human.

Sesshoumaru listened to her painful sobs; her whimpers tore at a base instinct in him to protect this stranger.

She wore finely crafted clothing and Sesshoumaru assumed she was a daughter to a shogun or human samurai. A small girl, who looked as if she were cast out, which could be a possibility for most humans were shamed with having born females. Sesshoumaru did not understand why humans would be shamed with baring girls. In his demon culture they valued their females, so few were born. Though all that kept Sesshoumaru here was his curiosity.

Her scent was human and humans were a weakness. His sire had fallen in love with a human woman and now he was dead, and said human woman had left the safety of their clan. She dishonored him and his mother.

Truly he could not understand why the human princess disliked them both. She feared they would harm her but Sesshoumaru was half brother to her pup. They were pack whether they accepted them or not, they would be under his protection. It didn't take away from the shame the woman caused his clan but it was all.

"Girl!" Sesshoumaru called out hearing her muffled whimpers stop and bright blue eyes stared up at him in surprise. Warm Blue eyes widened when meeting the slightly cold Amber eyes.

The young girl looked so vulnerable. Something within Sesshoumaru slipped into his mind. He felt possessive over the little girl. The innocence in her eyes was opposite to the darkness in his own soul.

Kagome looked up at the person peering over the well neither made a move or noise since she looked up. The little girl looked at the young Inu Prince in awe.

Kagome watched as said demon hopped over the edge and down to her side. "Wow" Kagome squealed out. Lifting said female in to his arms Sesshoumaru jumped out of the well and stared down at the young human girl.

"Who are you?"

Kagome fell out of her bed. Her mind was still foggy with her dream. "Who are you?" She remembered asking the dream boy.

Souta rushed into Kagome's room. "Kagome, Boyo won't come out of the well house."

Kagome sighed and stood up shooing her brother out of her room and changing. She had school today and the cat should be out by the time they left.

But twenty minutes later, here she stood holding the cat and teasing her brother for being so silly. Boyo jumped out of her arms and the well covering broke open as A centipede like creature broke through grabbing the blue eyed Japanese girl and dragging her through the well into another time.

"Give me the jewel" With fear surging through her Kagome shouted no as a blinding power shot through her and hit the creature and sent Kagome to softly land on the floor of the well.

With a sense of de-ja-vu Kagome looked around the familiar well and up to the sky.

'Just like my dream' Kagome stood and gripped to the wells vines climbing up. 'Will 'He' be up there.' Kagome pulled herself over the well and looked around the deserted area.

Spotting a flash of silver Kagome turned and followed her path with only one thought on her mind. 'Is it you Sesshoumaru?'

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