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Forgotten Mate

Chapter: 6 Kotsu

Kagome was shaking in Sesshoumaru's embrace. "Kotsu long ago terrorized these lands. He was much older than I was and went after Kagome. He wanted the jewel shards. Back there it was just the miko and I. We were young but we had taken care of most of our quest. Before we encountered him."

Kagome took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "He was a pedophile, or lover of children. He kidnapped me and did terrible things to me." A small sob broke out from the miko. Sesshoumaru pulled her tightly to him.

"I chased him down and killed him by separating his head from his body. We thought that would be the end of it but now we know we were wrong. None of you need to continue with us we know, this is our battle." Sango stood. "No, I will help Kagome get her revenge." Miorku nodded in agreement.

Everyone looked at Inuyasha "feh, do ya even gotta ask." Everyone sighed in relief. Kagome stood. "The children cannot come!." Everyone nodded in agreement.

"One question though, Kagome is no longer a child, so she would not be in danger anymore would she?" Sesshoumaru shook his head. "He loves her terror, and I fear he is obsessed with her more than Naraku was obsessed with Inuyasha's former flame."

The group looked at the fragile miko. "I will not be left behind." Sighing the group sought out Kaede to watch over the children. Miroku, Kagome, Kaede and Sesshoumaru used whenever they could to place a barrier over the village to protect the children.

Inuyasha looked to the miko "So, where to?" Sesshoumaru held the miko to his side. "We search for villages that have sudden disappearances of children." Kagome said softly and soon the group set off to the nearest trading village to search for gossip.

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