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The Lost Chronicles of Giovanni – Chapter 1: Born With Choices

"We are born with choices. We are born as unique entities. Both Humans and Pokemon have a path set before them in this world where all beings thrive to uncover life's true meaning. But why can we not see it? Because the everlasting darkness has blinded our hopes, our dreams, and our destinies. You might even say we are being tested based on our personal justifications, instincts, and ability to decide. Yes, the power to decide the path set before us. Either way, the future is inevitable. We cannot foresee it because of the challenging darkness. . . yet we can instigate our goals with fearless ambition; this is what defines a hero. But if one wishes to walk the path of good, they must overcome their deceitful fears and avoid succumbing to evil. Some believe evil is a way of coping with life, as a way of understanding the whole concept of it. This misconception will only continue to emanate the world unless a true hero proves otherwise, without failing to resist the tempting hatred. No . . . without failing to combat this looming evil."

-Clint Ketchum, Final Journal Entry


Despite the fact that it was the tallest structure in all of Hoenn, Sky Pillar was incalculably distanced from the rest of the region's landmass. The vacant tower resided on an island, one casted out to the unpredictable tides of the sea's boundless body. Nightfall was imminent but the foggy winds were gravid with extreme potency, causing the ocean waters to shudder violently.

In addition to these pressing conditions, the Night of the Black Moon was at hand. At this time, like any other New Moon, the unilluminated portion of the Moon was facing almost directly towards Earth, so that the Moon was not visible to the naked eye. However, the only difference from the yearly lunar vanity was the unnatural powers it shed, according to the prophecy.

Metsuma was standing on the top of the ancient tower, looking out to the setting sun with his hands symmetrically entwined behind his backside. He seemed so absorbed in thought, and turned his head to the horizon as the last glimpse of sunset fell below the horizon. The evening weather conditions picked up. A cold harsh wind from the North blew with strength. But Metsuma looked beyond it all again, returning to his paradise, along with his world of riches and freedom that was bound to arrive soon enough. Meanwhile, the moon was unseeable, just to his liking. "Tonight is the night.", He thought pleasurably. "All I need now . . . is Clint."

Lightning flashed across the sky, this hurricane was inevitable, it was coming and the Hoenn Region was going to be hit hard. Just then, lightning struck somewhere on the lone island, and shook everything. The storm was right at the shore.

However, Metsuma did not stir until he could feel the the presence of his best friend. His eyes shot open and he smirked, deviously.

Just as the last of the storm clouds moved in, Clint sprinted onto the scene in sheer panic, calling out to Metsuma through the noisy winds that passaged between them. "Metsuma, what's wrong?", He cried out, a little too anxious to evacuate the turbulent weather. "You requested my presence, here specifically!"

Keeping his backside faced to Clint, Metsuma let the rain pour down upon him. "Do you know where we are, Clint?", He asked, almost comfortable with the lethal storm spanning over their heads.

Clint's eyes turned sharp, his mouth twisted. He was a bit taken aback by such a simplistic question. "Well . . . of course I know! This is the Sky Pillar!"

"Correct.", The other man said quietly. Finally, he spun around, flashing a sinister grin. "It's also the perfect spot to perform the ritual, undisturbed."

Clint's face went pale with horror, as he didn't understand the meaning behind Metsuma's words. "Ri . . . ritual?"



Anxiously, Giovanni peaked out the balcony window of his room, staring wondrously at the stars; The night sky was dark but the moon's glistening light sheltered Viridian City in a ray of shine. Giovanni had just turned 15 yesterday . . . and tomorrow would be the day he would receive his first Pokemon from the professor himself. His father would be proud. Proud of this first step into a world unknown.

"I hope I get a really strong one.", He whispered to himself, naturally appealed to the ideal of being the very best. "Of course I will. What am I worried about?" He was full of energy, to say the least. It was incredible that he would finally be leaving behind his home of oppressing memories. The time had come to escape his imprisonment and begin anew. He was ready for the world and the boundless wonders that inhabbited it! For the past five years he had been ready for this! "And this time . . . she won't stop me from leaving . . ." Pushing his thoughts aside, Giovanni leapt away from the window and onto his bed. "I have to get to Sleep", He reasoned as he burrowed underneath his blankets. "I'm not going to start my journey exhausted. I can't afford to."


Morning arrived and Gio awoke with his heart pounding anxiously. "Today is it!" He hopped out of bed, hastily got dressed, and rushed downstairs! He couldn't even think about breakfast or showering! He just had to get to Pallet Town and receive his very first Pokemon! He opened the front door of his mansion . . . and standing in his doorway in front of him was Junior Professor Samuel Oak.

About 10 year's older than him, Sammy was the son of the famous Nelson Oak, Kanto's Regional Pokemon Professor. Gio and Sammy had been pretty close friends for quite some time now. Sam would always help Gio out with any his school work he was struggling with, or even spend time with him for the sake of good company. The young man was also a very wise mentor, having home-schooled the young Ketchum every other week for the past two years. It was the right thing to do, even though his father Nelson was a bit uneasy over the Ketchum Family. Sammy views, however, differed. In reality, Sammy was the only friend Gio really had, despite age.

Sammy starred at him irately with both of his arms crossed around the front of his white lab coat. "My father is pretty upset, you know. He told you to be in Pallet at precisely 8 AM this morning . . . and you weren't there!"

"What are you talking about? He said 10 AM!" , Gio retorted in a panicked toned. Had he really screwed up something as simple as timing?

Sammy merely shook his head. "10 AM? My father is already piled in work by 10 AM! Gio, I don't know why I vouch for you anymore."

Gio rolls his eyes as he fixed his shirt collar and straightened his spiky acorn-colored hair. "Well you wouldn't have to if you just told me why your dad hates me so much."

Sammy sighed and leaned on the door. The two glanced blankly at each other before Sammy began to speak again, trying to prevent the situation from becoming any more awkward. "Gio . . . Its not YOU he hates. Anyway, can we not talk about this anymore? Lets head back to Pallet together and maybe I can get my dad on his OWN good side."

Giovanni stretched and yawned for a moment . . . and then reluctantly agreed. "Ughhh fine. But if he starts scolding me, I'll be out of there quicker then a Quick Attack!"

"Oh, real cute." They both laughed. Sammy had to admit that his younger peer was the comical of the duo. He seemed to always get a kick out of turning serious matters into a pure joke. But was that possibly just a cover for something?

Gio quickly put his sneakers on and started for the door to regroup with his friend standing outside his mansion.

He was about to shut the door behind him . . . but Sammy objected. "Ummm, don't you want to let your mother know you're leaving?"

Again, Gio rolled his eyes. "Pshh, what does she care? All she does is hide in the basement all day. I'd be lucky to see her once a week."

"Oh . . . I see." Truthfully, this came as no shock to Sammy. Gio's mother was a very suspicious character. Only rarely would he encounter the high-profiled business woman because of her preference for isolation. He could only wonder . . . what could 'Mrs. Ketchum' be up to?


Hours later, Rita Ketchum herself sat relaxed in her cozy chair. The laboratory/Office in the basement was dark, windowless, and cold. Corporate files and boxes, power generators, and tons of research papers scattered the room. Moving to Viridian City two years ago had been a major stress on her career. Keeping in contact with her lackeys, such as her top agent Zerelda Miyamoto, became an even more laborious chore. After all, If the law were to discover her 'Alter Ego', than her sprouting organization would immediately fall apart.

Suddenly, the phone began to ring. The housemaid upstairs, Paris, answered . . . then without a word, transferred the call to Rita's chamber below. She immediately reacted to the caller. "Hello?"

It was her despicable son, Giovanni. "Hey . . . Mom."

Rita became outraged. "What is it? I'm busy, you know, trying to work so I can afford to put food on the table!" . . . "Unlike your father."

"I know! I know! I just felt kind of bad about leaving without telling you first."

"Leaving?", Asked Rita in a stunned vocation, confused and thrown off. She had forbade the boy the step foot away from the manor. After all she spoiled him with, was he truly still more driven by the outside world?

"I'm calling from the Pokemon Center in Pallet Town. Sammy drove me here. I'm going to go see his dad and hopefully get my first Pokemon Today.", He boasted with pride. No longer would he cower in the shadows of her cruelty.

As expected, Rita grew even more annoyed. "Like I've told you countless times before; a Pokemon is the last thing you need right now! How about thinking about your own mother for a change and get a job, rather than wasting your time with this Pokemon Training nonsense!" Rita slammed the phone down on the receiver and groaned furiously. "That Boy is pathetic as he is stupid. Just like his father. He knows so little." She sat thinking for a moment in her unappealing bitterness . . . and then picked up the phone again, dialing another number. She would have to worry about her son's defiance later. Besides, now was the time to focus on work. After a moment's pause, she spoke into the phone against her ear. "Kade?"

"Yes my dear?" , Said the other voice with a very dainty, effeminate tone.

"I want to talk to you about project Rocket.", She spoke seriously.

"Oh really?", Kade questioned with great interest.

Rita paused for a moment as if having second thoughts. But after a few pondering seconds, she replied. "Indeed. When can we meet? When . . . can we ALL meet?"


Following the warmhearted chat with his mother, Gio followed Sammy out of his car and towards the Pallet Town Laboratory, nestled atop a local hill. As they proceeded, he took a moment to espy his surroundings; the community was very old fashioned . . . and peaceful. He was comfortable with it. Mainly because it felt great to finally be away from his confining mansion after so many months of an isolation he cared little for.

When the time eventually came, Gio paused almost five feet from the laboratory entrance with a nervous expression.

"Gio, I was kidding about the killer Clefairy.", Said Sammy laughing, noticing his expression of fear.

Gio shook his head. "No, it's your father. I don't know if I can go in there. I mean . . . what if he's like really mad for my being late?"

"He's MY father, you know. And I'm still alive.", Sammy confirmed jokingly. "That should tell you something!"

Gio laughed to himself. "That's probably because you're the perfect child."

Sammy smirked, ruffling Gio's spiky brown hair. "No one's perfect."

His mind was made up. He wouldn't dare be in the presence of another individual who despised him. "I'm gonna head home . . . I'll be seeing yo-" Gio was immediately cut off in mid sentence as a girl rushed in front of them, knocking Gio over in the process. The girl spun around, dazed.

"Watch where you're going!", Gio angrily exclaimed, standing to his feet while grunting.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" The worried girl said back to him. "I'm just in a rush, is all! Please don't be mad!"

Giovanni stood up to face her directly . . . and then suddenly, he felt more secure than he ever had in his life. This . . . this girl he was face to face with; she was stunningly beautiful, around13 years of age. Smooth white skin, luscious curly pigtails, and a cute but enchanting guilty smile. She was carrying a ton of heavy books as she struggled for balance.

"Oh umm don't worry about it.", He said embarrassingly while scratching his head. "Errh . . . can I help you with those books?"

She gazed at him blankly before coming to respect his sudden change of attitude. "Oh . . . really? That's so kind of you!"

Sammy immediately knew what Gio was trying to pull. "How come you never help me with my books, Gio?" He cut in, trying to be funny.

"With all the books you read, I'd be in an ambulance by now.", Chuckled Gio in reply to Sammy as he politely collected the smiling girl's belongings.

The three shared a laugh as they began to walk inside the laboratory. Gio began to wonder to himself: "Did . . . did I just make a new friend already?" He smiled to himself as he carried his new friend's books inside the building with great pride. While he should have be thinking about Pokemon, he couldn't stop thinking about . . . her. Turning to her briefly, he cleared his throat and managed an introduction. "By the way, I'm Giovanni and this is my buddy Sammy. You got a name?"

"Well of course." She enlightened with another delectable smile. "My name is Delia. Delia Rezumi."


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