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It was 7am on a beautiful Monday morning, the sun was shining through the window as the light cream curtains had not been closed the previous night. A trail of clothes led from the hallway into the bedroom, handcuffs were left hanging on the head board and the sheets only covered both their naked bodies as the loved up pair had a night to remember. Don Flack was lying awake with his arms around his girlfriend Jessica Angell and running his fingers caressingly through her beautiful long brown hair, a smile crept upon his lips as he watched her sleep, she had her arm around his waist and her head rested upon his shoulder. It had been a few months now since Jess' recovery from the shooting at Tilary Diner, Don was the happiest man alive right now, he had everything he ever wanted. Jess was the love of his life and he almost lost her, but Jess is a fighter and a survivor so thankfully he didn't. Jess had returned to work three weeks before but was on restricted duty.

Carefully making his way out of the bed so as to not wake Jess, Don headed to the shower though his movements caused her to wake up anyway, she watched him head to the shower with a smile on her face before curling up in the sheets again, not quite ready to leave the bed just yet and went back to sleep, her shift didn't start until 9am so she still had a little time. Getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around the bottom half of his body, Don headed to the kitchen and worked on making Jess breakfast in bed though Jess had other ideas as she crept up behind Don and with a quick swift pull she yanked the towel from around him, leaving him standing naked in the kitchen for a moment as he turned to face her and captured her lips with his.

"Good morning" he said with a wink as she dropped the towel to the floor.

"Hmm, morning" she said with a twinkle in her eye as she examined his muscular body before pulling him closer to her and capturing his lips with hers as her hands explored his body.

"What are you doing up? I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed" he said with a smile.

"Well you can still give me breakfast in bed though I was thinking of a different kind of breakfast" she said with a wink and pulled him into the bedroom.

Returning from the bedroom a while later, the two sat at the table eating breakfast, Don was in just a pair of skin tight boxers and Jess was in one of his shirts which he always loved to see her in even if they never did stay on her for long.

"So ah...its Valentines tomorrow, I got a surprise for you" Don said with a smile with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"You do" Jess asked with a raised eyebrow. "What is it?"

"Oh that Miss Angell, you will just have to wait and see" he said with a cheeky wink as he finished his breakfast and put his dishes in the sink.

"Oh come on, don't be a big meanie" She laughed "Not a chance, it's a surprise"

She groaned and hit him lightly before heading to the bedroom and getting dressed, he smirked and done the dishes before joining her and putting on his usual suit.

"You know I think you should get rid of those suits, you look a lot sexier in tight jeans and a sweater" Jess said with a wink

"Really? Well then in that case detective I think I will take your word for it" and at that he took his shirt and dress pants off and proceeded to put on a pair of tight jeans and a brown sweater before the two grabbed their badges and guns from the safe before heading the door and to the car.

"So your shift finishes at six yeah?" Don asked, Jess looked at him and nodded.

"Six on the dot and I'm out of there, besides I'm still on restricted duty which is getting really irritating now"

"Yeah I know but the captain is only looking out for you Jess, you'll be back out in the field soon, you'll see"

"I hope so, otherwise I'm going to go behind his back" she said with a chuckle before putting her belt on and kissing him deeply before Don took off and headed to the precinct.

"Ah, Flack, Angell I was wondering when you two would get here" Captain O'Hara said looking to the clock, neither of them had realised they were twenty minutes late, they just looked at each other before back at O'Hara, he shook it off and looked at Don.

"Flack, you got a 419 on the Brooklyn Bridge, seems college students have been using it as their new place to party"

Flack nodded and gave Jess a wink before heading out. Jess sighed and headed to her desk. The precinct was half empty and Jess just took a deep breath before finishing off the paperwork she had but she wasn't going to do it without getting a coffee first.

Flack had been out at the scene for a good hour now, another call had come in and as Jess was the only homicide detective available, Captain O'Hara decided it was time to let her back out in the field. She was more than ready to be back out but he would still be concerned about her, just like everyone else was.

"Angell" O'Hara said walking toward her desk. She looked up at him, almost expecting him to ask her how she was but was more than happy when he didn't.

"I got another call, you got a 419 at Ground Zero" those words made Jess freeze, she looked at the captain like he had horns on his head, he frowned and looked at her.

"You get any of that Angell?" he asked with a frown. "Ah, yeah sorry I was miles away"

"Well, you're the only homicide detective available and I think it's about time I let you back out in the field" Jess couldn't help but smile at this, even if she did hate where the crime scene was.

"Thank you sir" she said with a smile before grabbing her jacket.

"Just take it easy out there Jess"

"I will sir, thank you" And with that, she left the precinct and headed to Ground Zero.

Arriving at Ground Zero, she took a deep breath before getting out of the car. Years ago she could look up to the sky and see the beautiful towers that once stood there, but now it was just one huge construction site. Officers had sealed off the area and closed the grounds off to the public and tourists. Jess walked in to the construction site and spoke to the man who found the body to get all the details from him before walking over to the body. She looked around the site and quite a lot of memories were coming back to her, memories she tried to shake off but couldn't.


Just another normal day, most New Yorkers thought to themselves as they woke from their sleep and got on with their daily routine, having no idea what this dreadful day would have in store for them. Jessica Angell was 19 years old and was just fresh from the academy. She had been on the force for just over a month now working for New Jersey PD. William Jones had been on the force for five years now and had just been promoted to Sergeant. He was Jess' partner and had been since her first day. He always loved getting the rookie's, usually to make fun of them and tell them they wouldn't last but Jess was different, her father was a cop so it was in her blood and he was the officer who trained Jones, he had no idea what he was in for when he met Jess. Walking into the locker room as Jess was putting her boots on, he stood checking her out, Jess just rolled her eyes and looked at him.

"Unless you want my boot to be surgically removed from your ass I suggest you look elsewhere"

Jones laughed at this. "Oh, quite the tough nut there sweetheart, come on gorgeous give me a break, you got a nice ass, can't blame a guy for staring"

Jess glared at him and sighed. "Yeah, well I'd prefer if you didn't"

"Damn I love it when you get feisty Jess. Jones said with a smirk on his face, he and Jess had a love hate relationship but she was one of the best officers he had. Jess looked at him and pinned him against the wall.

"Just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the out, don't mean I can't handle whatever you can, now, are we going to go out on patrol or are we just going to sit in here throwing sarcastic remarks at each other all day?" Jess asked raising an eyebrow. Jones cleared his throat and gestured for her to walk out the door. "After you gorgeous"

Jess rolled her eyes and walked out the door and headed to the car, she was a tough nut and not to be messed with as Jones quickly found out, she was determined to make it and not always be compared to her dad.

9:05 am came and from this moment on, New York would never be the same again as the entire city stood still and could only watch as a plane hit the South Tower, causing devastating results for everyone who worked there. Smoke quickly filled the sky and clouded the centre of Manhattan, for every cop in the city this meant a lot of over time. Every cop was dispatched to the scene as they quickly began to evacuate the surrounding buildings and leave a clear path for the fire department to get through as quickly as possible. Cops from all over the city were called in to help. Jess and William were doing a routine patrol when they heard the news over the radio. Jess looked at him and frowned.

"Is there something wrong with my hearing or did he just say that a Plane hit the one of the Twin Towers?"

"No you heard correctly baby, how the hell can a plane fly that low, not as if the damn building ain't tall enough for the pilot to see it" Jones said as he got a call from the captain. Some units were being dispatched to Manhattan to help out with the evacuations. He and Jess were two of the many officers that were being sent.

"Hope those reproductive organs of yours stay in your inside Angell, captain wants us over in Manhattan to help with the evacuations, let's just hope you can handle it"

Jess raised an eyebrow. "I'm more than capable of handling myself thank you very much" Jess sighed "Do they think this is some sort of terrorist attack?" Jess asked with a frown. "Haven't a clue though it is kind of odd a plane hitting a skyscraper don't ya think?" Jones looked at Jess who swallowed a lump in the back of her throat, she had only been on the force for a month and she never had anything as major as this to deal with but she had a strong head on her shoulders and was willing to do whatever it took. She just nodded and mentally prepared herself as Jones drove to Manhattan.

Manhattan was in chaos, people were panicking and screaming as they ran for their lives as the city was becoming filled with debris. The police were doing everything they could to keep the public calm but how the hell could they be calm when something like this was going on? Jess and William had arrived in the city at record time, but nothing could prepare them for what they were about to see as another plane hit into the North Tower. Jess gasped and covered her mouth as she looked on in shock horror. This was something you would only see in the movies, but no movie was being filmed in Manhattan today, no special effects were being created, this was indeed reality. Joining the rest of the police squad which mainly consisted of the NYPD, and now NJPD, Jess listened carefully to the instructions that were given by the officer in charge of the entire operation, not one she would want to be in charge of, she thought to herself before joining the team she was assigned too that would be heading inside the North Tower to evacuate and help those that were trapped inside.