Chapter 31

I was really trying hard not to throw myself across the table and hit him.

My friends were the wrong crowd? He picked me to be the ideal role model. If he had been paying better attention he would know that they weren't half as bad as I really am.

Here I am in my shorts and corset top staring right at the reverend and my father.

"If you think my friends are a bad crowd then you picked Satan to be the ideal role model, they're angles compared to me" I said lightly.

"I'm worse than every single fucker in this screwed up town" the reverend gasped as my father glared at me.

"If you actually paid attention to what's actually going on rather than assuming that just because I'm the chief's daughter I would be perfect you could have saved us all a lot of trouble" I continued.

I sat back down. "Why don't we start again? Ask away and this time I won't lie" I said.

The reverend cleared his throat. "Drugs?" he asked. "Yup" was my only answer.

"Smoking?" I nodded.

"Getting drunk?" he asked. "On a weekly basis" I replied happily.

He looked at me for a moment "Sex?" he asked unsure if he really wanted to know.

"Yeah. Do I have to tell you how many people or how many times?" I asked enjoying seeing him and my father squirm. My friends and everyone else was enjoying the show. I think they were proud of me.

"How many people?" He asked.

"Five. Three boys, two girls" I smirked as they both looked ready to faint.

"So…Innocent and pure?" he asked hesitantly.

"Innocent? Not since my 16th birthday party. Pure? Big fat no on that one too" I replied casually.

It was silent. My father looked ready to kill me. He loves me and I love him but sometimes he can be selfish. He wanted me to let the reverend talk about my friends and boyfriend like that just so he could be in the good books.

I decided I might as well go out with a bang.

"I lost my virginity to Jasper while I was drunk on my birthday. Of course at the time I was too drunk to remember so up until a few weeks ago I assumed it was Mike Newton but it wasn't…thank god. Then about half a year later I had a threesome with Rosalie and Alice. And then after that I had sex with Edward and Emmett. And I have been having sex just about every day the past few weeks." I said.

My friends were all smirking.

"So to conclude; I drink, I smoke from time to time, I have a drug every now and then and I have sex a lot. I took Jasper, Emmett and Edward's virginities and I was Alice and Rosalie's first sexual experience." I smiled sweetly.

Again it was silent. I was staring at my father who was glaring at me.

Jasper had grabbed my hand again. Everyone was smiling at me silently saying well done for telling the truth and sticking up for the people I love.

"So…I will no longer be your role model. I'm certainly not fit for it. We should get going" I said to my friends who were all smiling and nodding.

As we walked towards the door my father yelled "Isabella if you leave now don't even think of coming back" I was hurt to say the least. Everyone gasped.

My friends all looked sympathetic and angry. I turned towards my father.

"This is who I am dad. Take it or leave it but either way I ain't changing. I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not" and with that I turned back around.

Jasper grabbed my wrist "How about we give them a big finale?" he said.

All my friends were smirking "Why are you all smirking and what does that mean?" I asked them all. Before I could react Jazz pulled me to him and lifted me up.

My legs wrapped themselves around him and he kissed me passionately. One of his hands on my ass holding me up and pulling me closer, the other hand in my hair securing my mouth to his. Both of my hands were in his hair pulling him closer to me as our tongues tangled together desperately.

Everyone was cheering for our performance…other than my father that is "Isabella get back here this instant."

I ignored him and kept kissing Jasper who was moaning into my mouth. He walked us outside still kissing me and pushed me up against a wall. Both legs still around him we ground into each other and both moaned.

"God guys that was amazing" Rose said.

"You were fucking fantastic Bells" Em piped in.

"Really, everyone is proud of you Bella" Edward added.

"Guys you can stop now" Alice said.

I pulled away for a fraction of a second before Jasper once again pulled me back to his mouth refusing to let me go or speak or breathe.

"Fine, we'll see you guys later. We'll call you" Alice huffed.

They all yelled love you as I waved my hand in their direction and they drove off.

"Well miss Swan it seems you're Forks' bad girl" Jasper whispered seductively.

"And you're Forks' bad boy" I purred as I kissed his neck. He bucked his hips again before walking me to his car.

"We are going back to my place darlin'. Hold in there sugar" he drawled out I moaned as he set me into the car.

"Yeehaw cowboy" I smirked and winked as he moaned this time.

When he got into the car he gave me a long hot kiss, exploring my mouth and my body. He pulled back and looked into my eyes.

"I love you Bella" he whispered.

"I love you Jasper" I whispered back before he place a gentle loving kiss on my lips and then sped home so we could have more rounds in his bed.

This heat wave definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

It was the best few weeks of my life and I wouldn't change them for the world. I got my friends and the love of my life. Fucking sentimental again.

I did what I wanted. I fucked Jasper Whitlock…and now I get to love him too.

We beat the game and won each other. Now that I think about it, I always loved the player more than the game itself.

And now I have him. Life is good. In fact it's fucking fantastic.

----The End----

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