Hey all. Sorry for the long delays in chapters but hey what can i say. Quick recount we found out that the fort is low on supplies and a massive run is being organized. Bill, Zoey, Francis, and Louis just got a taste of how the fort operates, like a clock. Quick reminder on each persons weapons. Bill has a carbine rifle, AK47 an uzi and a hunting knife. Zoey has two small handguns called sigs. Two revolvers and a flare gun with an almighty baseball bat. Francis has a sawnoff shotgun, a desert eagle, a combat shotgun.. his melee weapons are a machete and steel backed biker gloves. Louis has a p90 (remember its a fast shooting sharpshooting gun) a hunting rifle and a magnum. He uses a hatchet.

Francis and Bill both had gone to their little house, leaving Louis and Zoey wandering around. The camp always had something going on. Right now several people were practicing with weapons in the small arena.

"Lets check that out. It would be good to meet some new people." Zoey suggested.

Louis had been hoping to check out the main building again to see the people in charge.

"Sure, why not?"

They walked into the same arena area they had been tossed around in yesterday and found it filled with folding chairs and benches.

Two men were duelling, but not with fists or swords. One was swinging around a baseball bat and the other was using a rope.

"Is that safe?" Louis wondered aloud.

"relax. The bat is rubber and has some foam on it, the rope user normally uses a chain." A man replied.

The rope flicked around, and the baseball bat batted it away each time. Both men were covered in some kind of padding, with foot ball shoulders, goggles and what appeared to be fencing suits.

Eventually the baseball bat swung in and bonked the opponent on the head. Despite the helmet it appeared to stagger the person back.

A ref stepped in and called it an end.
The person with the baseball bat tore off the helmet and goggles, what Louis had thought was a guy was apparently a girl.

Some of her hair was gone, the rest looked singed, it was still a nice red colour though. Big hazel eyes looked back to the crowd.

Francis was passed out and Bill had went for a nap in his own bed. Awakening to hear the sawing of snoring he knew Francis was still asleep.

Bill left, wandering around until he saw James.

"Hey old guy how's it going?"

"it's goin good."

James was sitting with his back to a tree, one of the few in the concrete area.

"they tell you a bout the next mission?"

"No, what is it?"

"Supply run. Massive week long one. Going to the nearest big un-tapped city."

"Who were you before this bullshit all started? I can tell from most people but you seem different."

"I was a pastor."

Silence followed for many minutes.

Sunday rolled around and runners were going to every soldiers building.

Zoey answered the knock.

"Good you are all up. Meeting in the plaza in ten minutes. Don't be late. Be ready to travel." Stan told her before dashing off.

"Guys!" Zoey called turning to relay the message.

The plaza was filled with people. It wasn't orderly rows either, more like a mass of people who had just been told there was cake, but they couldn't eat it.

There was a small platform where the DJ equipment had been last Friday. It was gone and instead some people stood up there.

Pat was there in his business suit, pistol in a holster at his side. Rick, Stan and James were there as well, but they were all armed to the teeth, Rick in his armour and Stan pushing bullets into a clip.

"Silence!" Pat roared. For somebody with only one gun he sure got attention when he wanted it.

"This supply run is going to be different. Of our six hundred soldiers five hundred of you stand before me. It will be a week before you do once more. Each of you will report to your squad leader, whom will brief you further. The goal of this run is bullets! We need as many as you can get. Rather than one APC, each squad will also have two. Modifications to all have been made. Good luck!"

The crowd began filtering away into groups, going to where squad captains held up signs with numbers.

"where do we go?" Francis asked looking around.

"You guys are with me and James. " Stan replied.

Everyone jumped at the sudden appearance.

"What squad are we?"

"Alpha. We don't have a number. Its ten members who are given a unique mission."

Stan led them back to the podium where it was only his brother and Stan left.

"Good you four. You are getting paired with out two best soldiers for a special mission. I have no idea when you will return but this is a class one mission. We just got a trio of people in from a stronghold much like this one, only with a falling perimeter. They are being re outfitted right now and will be joining you. Your APC has been modified with a reserve gas tank, as well as metal sheeting to slide down over the glass. It will be your home for the next little while. Go to this new fort. Its north apparently, and tell them to load up everything they can, and get down here."

"Survivors on the way?"

Pat laughed.

"if there are any help them of course but somehow i doubt you will. Good luck boys. Your vehicle is stocked up and good to go."

"How cool would it be to rescue somebody?" Louis asked.

"Well if they are like you a pain. I spent hours scrubbing up your blood." James replied.

The armoury had three people standing , outfitted nearly the exact same.

All three wore combat vests, all three had rifles, the standard m4 carbine bill used from the looks of things. A pistol decorated their sides as well as a utility belt of various gear. Not one had a third gun. The main difference between hem was the middle one was a girl, one who looked ready to try and rip the teeth off a bear.

The other two men were tall, white and thin.

"This is Kelly, Jake and Johnson, yes they are twins."

Introductions were made all around and James led them to the vehicle.

"Let's ride, if you have to pee go now."

Francis walked away.

Sorry it's so short but this is mostly so you all know that i didn't just give up on the story. Next chapter will be much more interesting.