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I found this little snippet fic while browsing through some of my old work, and it roused a little bit of the D N Angel angst and love I used to FEED off of years ago. Maybe I'll even update Ephiphany if I have the motivation. (;

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He had forgotten what it was like to fly.

He would often soar in the night on the wind, as he did years and centuries before, and would often circle the tower that he used to land on. But now, he did it alone.

Dark had disappeared years ago. Krad had looked into those amethyst eyes for the last time as they fought in the halls of the old Hikari mansion, passionately exchanging words and blows in a fight of mind and body.

Dark had wanted them to return to the Black Wings together. Krad had said no.

And so, Dark had shed a single tear and disappeared.

Things had not been the same. Satoshi, happy to be rid of the ancient curse, had moved to the country. Daisuke had followed. Krad had stayed.

Now that Dark was gone, he was no longer bound to a host; but he was neither human nor entity. He was chained to walk the world forever, as the Black Wings had sealed itself for the last time when Dark sank into its embrace for the rest of eternity.

Krad tasted the air with his wings and let the wind run through his white feathers. He tried to remember what it was like to feel Dark stand beside him, to feel a body warm against his own, and to kiss silently as the world left the two alone on the top of that tower.

Krad stood now on that tower until the stars shone too brightly on the ledges where Dark used to sit and wait for him to sit too. And then, with a reverent touch, Krad pushed off of the railing for the last time and left into the dark of the sky.

He never looked back at that tower. And he never looked forward into the sky.

He flew into the dark with a deep-rooted knowledge that he would never truly know what it was like to fly again.

Just a quickie, I initially wrote it as a 300 word shot for school, but decided it was too DN influenced to turn in to a teacher. XD

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