Having died in the war against the Akatsuki, Namikaze Shiki woke as a zanpakuto with a new name and new powers. And her wielder turned out to be none other than Hyuuga Hinata. FemNaru. Possible Hyourinmaru/Shiki

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Chapter One: My Name is?

When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting
- Loveless, Prologue


It was raining.

Like it always had in the Rain Country, with both village and country living up to their name.

Namikaze Shiki, currently sixteen years old. ANBU captain of Konohagakure no sato. Daughter of Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, and Uzumaki Kushina. Spitting image of her mother with fiery red hair with golden highlights to it, and with her father's eyes. Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Youko. And next-in-line to be the Rokudaime Hokage of Konohagakure no sato.

Those are all her titles.

And as one would usually expect after hearing all these titles, she is bound to have done something to achieve what she had done, especially for the Jinchuuriki of the most feared demon in history.

And yes, they aren't that far wrong.

But all that was soon forgotten by the person in mention as she lay dying in the streets of the once proud village of Amegakure, slumped against the wall of what was once a house, blood pooling around her which seems to be more than what the average human body could contain.

Craters were visible on the grounds of Amegakure no sato, no matter where you looked. And the houses and even the Amegakure Tower were destroyed. It almost looks like a whirlwind had just gone through the village, and not to mention the dozens of dead bodies lying in the streets, with their blood running in the ground with the rain.

The reason is quite simple actually.

There had been a war that had broken out between Konohagakure no sato and the Akatsuki organization which base is in Amegakure no sato.

The cloak wearing crime organization which consisted of nine of the most powerful shinobis in all the elemental continents, and with twisted ideals for the world.

With careful planning and strategy made by one Nara Shikamaru, Konoha had manage to wither down the members of the Akatsuki organization to a mere handful, leaving only Pein, the self-proclaimed 'God' of the Akatsuki, as well as Konan, the number two of the organization, and Uchiha Madara, the hidden leader in the shadows.

Finally, with the Akatsuki organization only comprising of those three, the Godaime Hokage of Konoha, Tsunade, decided to send a small task force consisting of her most powerful shinobis to take down the last three members of the Akatsuki organization.

Hyuuga Hinata and Hyuuga Neji have both teamed up together with Team Kurenai and Team Gai to take down Konan, the 'angel' of Amegakure no sato and the Akatsuki organization. It had been a long battle, but the Leaf-nins have won, with only one great price.

Hyuuga Hinata had given up her life in order to make sure that the woman belonging to the accursed organization that had given them so much trouble stays dead.

The howls of Inuzuka Kiba and his canine partner Akamaru could be heard for miles after their battle with Konan.

Sabaku no Gaara, the Godaime Kazekage of Sunagakure no sato had faced off against Uchiha Madara in battle, with his two siblings – Kankuro and Temari, assisting him in the battle, alongside Hatake Kakashi, Team Asuma, and the Hokage herself.

It had been a long and taxing battle, but one that they'd managed to won in the end, thus eliminating one of the Leaf's greatest threats.

But it is the battle between the next Hokage, Namikaze Shiki, and the self-proclaimed 'God' of the Akatsuki organization that had everyone involved in that battle worried.

Namikaze Shiki, the sole remaining apprentice and student of the Gama Sannin Jiraiya had sworn to take down Pein who had been the one to take the life of her teacher, and also the first one to actually give her just the slightest bit of attention, and had taught her everything that she knew.

Thus, when Senju Tsunade was making up the taskforce to invade Ame to face off against the remaining members of the Akatsuki organization with the help of Nara Shikamaru and Namikaze Shiki, the redhead had requested Tsunade to allow her to face Pein alone.

Both the Hokage and the lazy strategist were highly reluctant to do so, but Shiki wouldn't take no for an answer, and thus, the strategy for facing Akatsuki was formed.

And now, with the last members of the Akatsuki organization and their puppet followers gone for good, Namikaze Shiki lay dying in the rain-filled streets of Amegakure no sato.

Shiki's eyes were half glazed over and unfocused by now, especially since she knew that she is already dying. Her body even felt cold to herself, though that could be due to the freezing rain as well. She could almost feel her life slipping away from her.

'Hinata…' Shiki thought to herself, her thoughts about her best friend who had been there for her throughout her Academy years, and even after.

We have to take down the Akatsuki! If we let someone like Uchiha Madara or Pein to go about doing what they liked, I do not even want to fathom the entire outcome.

Let's make a promise. We'll be sure to take down the Akatsuki organization. We'll be there for each other, no matter what!

Shiki smiled a small weak smile to herself. 'Hinata… The promise has been fulfilled.' Shiki thought. Her vision is darkening over slowly by then, and she knew that her time in this world is almost up. Shiki chuckled weakly to herself. 'I couldn't even manage to remain alive long enough to be named as the next Hokage. And then again, I do have no one to blame but myself. If I had listened to Shikamaru, and had allowed either him or Gaara to assist me in the battle against Pein, I wouldn't be dying now, would I?'

Shiki closed her eyes and took in a deep breath to try to steady her breathing. 'Hinata, I had never regretted meeting you. And I had never regretted being your friend. If there is a next life, I sincerely wished that we could be friends or even comrades again. And then again, with my luck, there is…probably no way that that is going to happen…'

And finally, her eyelids slid shut just as the remaining shinobis that were involved in the battle stumbled upon this scene.

Namikaze Shiki did not open her eyes again.

Far away in a different dimension, the Ruler of the Heavens, also otherwise known as the King of Soul Society smiled to himself as he received this final thought of this dearly departed soul as he separated the souls of the Jinchuuriki and the demon that she was bound to, so that the Kyuubi could be sent back to Makai, as per the deal made with Namikaze Minato and the Death God of their dimension.

"Friends in life, and comrades in death, huh?" The King chuckled to himself, humour in his tone. "Do be careful of what you wish for, Namikaze Shiki." He smiled to himself. "Well, you might just get your wish to be with your best friend even in death. Welcome to the afterlife, Namikaze Shiki."


When Shiki opened her eyes again, she blinked owlishly as she looked up into the clear blue skies which were as blue as anything, with the puffy little white clouds floating in the sky. And faintly, Shiki could feel the faint breeze blowing past her.

As Shiki sat up again, she glanced down at the ground only to see that she had been lying in a meadow of fresh and sweet green grass, with the grass just growing to the length of her ankle. There was even a large apple tree growing in the meadow that she was in, with the several large branches of this strange tree being grown in a way that rather resembles bench seats. Several sakura trees were also growing in the meadow, with the petals fluttering prettily to the ground like pink snow.

There was even a semi-large pool in the meadow. And now that Shiki focused, she could hear the sounds of waves crashing against the shore, and breaking up again. Blinking, she looked into the far distance, and spied the beach with pure white sands which brought a smile to her face.

It is probably due to her mother that she loves the water and the sea so much. Shiki closed her eyes and took a deep breath in to breathe in the sea breeze and the faint salty air that she could breathe.

A sudden thought struck Shiki just then, and her eyes flew opened.

She had just…died, didn't she? How is she still alive then? She definitely remembered fighting Pein, and dying not long after she had taken Pein's life, and more than half of his puppets.

Just what is going on around here?

And just what is this place?


Shin'ou Spirit Technical Academy
Soul Society

"Where am I?" Hyuuga Hinata muttered, looking left and right in this confusing maze of hallways that the authorities have the guts to call a school.

A school for shinigami, more specifically.

And frankly, Hinata found it pretty ironic.

She jumped from being a shinobi in life to becoming a shinigami in the afterlife.

It had been about a week or so ever since she had arrived in that Rukongai place, but not before being given a 'Soul Burial' by this weird cheerful looking guy in a black kimono that kind of reminds her of Shiki. And not long after being in that Rukongai place, she was suddenly approached by that same guy who had promptly dragged her to this Soul Society place where she was told is the headquarters where the shinigamis worked.

It was only later that Hinata found out that the shinigami who had brought her here is Shiba Kaien, the vice-captain of the thirteenth squad. And because of the enormous amount of reiatsu that she had which is more than that of a normal human soul who had just 'died', she had the choice to become a shinigami which Hinata had agreed to.

And this is why one Hyuuga Hinata had somehow found herself lost in the Spirit Technical Academy – the shinigami Academy, on her first day of class.

For a brief moment as she wandered around, trying to find her classroom, Hinata wondered about Shiki and if she is alright. Hinata's lips twitched into a smile as she thought about her best friend. Of course she is alright! She is going to be the next Hokage, isn't she?

"Excuse me, are you lost or something?" said a voice next to her ear which made Hinata jump about a foot in the air.

She then turned only to see an amused looking teen with silver hair who doesn't seem much older than her, with aqua green eyes, also dressed in the shinigami Academy student robes that every student was issued.

"Hai," said Hinata, embarrassed. "I got lost whilst trying to find my way to my classroom. Just what were they thinking when they made this school so damn huge?"

The sides of the boy's lips twitched. "I thought so," he said, sounding as if he was trying hard not to laugh. "The teacher sent me to find the new student when she hasn't arrived after half-an-hour. Are you Hyuuga Hinata?"

Hinata stared as she wondered how the boy knew her name, and then guessed that it must be the teacher who had told this boy, as the Sotaichou had met with her personally, since people from the elemental continents rarely come to Soul Society for some strange unknown reason.

"Yeah," said Hinata nodding.

The boy smiled. "I was right then," he said. "Follow me. Class has already begun, but the teacher sent me to find you as he had a feeling that you had probably gotten lost."

Hinata nodded dumbly as she followed the boy. "You know my name, but I do not yet know yours," said Hinata, trying to make small talk.

"Oh yes. How rude of me!" said the boy, turning to face Hinata as they both stood outside a classroom door. A small smile that reminded Hinata of frozen lakes appeared on the face of the boy. "I'm Toushirou. Hitsugaya Toushirou."


It took Shiki awhile before she had managed to sort out all her thoughts.

And somehow or other, bits and pieces of information entered her head at random times which really freaked her out. At first, Shiki had jumped to the conclusion that someone had been trying to mess around with her head, but she soon threw that idea out.

And from what she could make out from her thoughts, she is now something otherwise known as a 'zanpakuto', a spirit entity of someone otherwise known as a 'shinigami'. And her wielder or shinigami whom Shiki had yet to meet was her destined partner whom she'll be with until her shinigami's death which Shiki sincerely hope wouldn't come to that.

It took awhile before Shiki managed to find her powers as a zanpakuto, and also her name as a zanpakuto. Both name and powers seem pretty ironic to Shiki who can't help laughing when she had found out what it is.

And it also took Shiki awhile before she found out that she could see the events happening in the outside world by just looking at the reflection of the pool in the meadow, and wishing it. And to say that Shiki is surprised is an understatement. Of all people, she had never expected for one Hyuuga Hinata to actually be her destined partner.

Kami sure had a sense of humour.

She saw Hinata's interactions with that Hitsugaya kid who had became Hinata's first and only friend in the Academy. The other girls in her class were all jealous that Hinata is the best friend of the Academy prodigy, Hitsugaya Toushirou, and all the boys, save for a few, were all pretty reluctant to befriend Hinata, and to face the wrath of the girls.

Shiki can't help sighing to herself when she had seen this.

Some things just never change, it seems like.


"My shikai?" Hinata blinked as Toushirou dropped by her division barracks one day for a surprise visit as she was busy doing the paperwork for her vice-captain, who ironically, actually turned out to be the very same guy who had recruited her as a shinigami, Shiba Kaien.

It had been close to six months ever since Toushirou and Hinata have both graduated from the Academy, and were placed into their individual divisions. Toushirou was personally recruited by the tenth division captain, and had actually become their third seat in a matter of months.

Hinata on the other hand, had actually heard that several of the squads were actually fighting over who get to have her, as people from the elemental continents rarely come here. In the end however, it is the thirteenth squad who get Hinata, as even though she had some skills in healing, her skills widen in other aspects like kido and hakuda. It is only a matter of months before Hinata had actually rose to third seat.

Though to be more specific, it is kind of Kaien who had forced Hinata to third seat status by taking the chance to spar with her every single time. And rather than having to go to the fourth squad after every 'spar' like what Kaien had called it, Hinata opted to fight Kaien instead.

Her once shy and meek nature had practically been beaten out of her after Shiki had returned from her three year training trip with Jiraiya, and was exasperated to learn that Hinata still had that nearly non-existent confidence. She had then almost forced Hinata to spar with her every single time, saying that she wouldn't go easy on Hinata, and she would expect Hinata to return that favour.

And slowly, without Hinata even realizing it, she is getting more confident in both her speech and mannerisms, and even posture. And to her surprise, she even managed to beat her younger sister with relative ease, something which her father was both surprised and proud at.

And still, even with both Hinata and Toushirou in different divisions, they both still managed to find time to meet up every now and then, and still remained great friends. The best friend of Hinata's taichou, Kyoraku Shunsui, had actually joked that he would have thought of them as lovers.

"What about my shikai?" Hinata asked, putting away another document.

Toushirou looked at Hinata like she had suddenly grown two new heads. "Haven't you already attained your shikai?" he asked, and Hinata shook her head. Toushirou almost groaned. "Hinata, you're almost as good as me. It's not possible that you wouldn't have already met your zanpakuto, or even heard their name."

"Well, if you're talking about meeting my zanpakuto…" Hinata frowned. "I do think that I had met…her in a dream. Or at least, I think that it's a she, as she was dressed in a midnight blue kimono. But I had never managed to see her face. And just when I thought that I can see her face, I had always woken up."

Toushirou blinked and sighed. "That won't do," he told Hinata sternly. "You're a third seat. Seated officers always go on the more dangerous missions. You will need your shikai on one of those missions sooner or later. Kido just wouldn't suffice should you run into a particularly dangerous Hollow. Come with me, Hinata. I'm going to help you get your shikai."

"But my paperwork…" Hinata stammered, looking at the mountain of paperwork waiting for her to do.

"I'll send word to Shiba-fukutaichou and inform him about it," said Toushirou. "I'm sure that he wouldn't mind."

Hinata sighed as she let herself be dragged off by Toushirou.

Shiki raised a curious eyebrow as she did her usual routine of looking at the outside world with the small pool in her mindscape. She saw Toushirou and Hinata in some training ground in Soul Society, both with their zanpakutos out in its unsealed states.

Shiki then smiled to herself.

Toushirou is trying to help Hinata to achieve her shikai.

And from what Shiki knew by delving through Hinata's memories in this mindscape, Toushirou had achieved his shikai some time back. And all of Soul Society is saying that Hitsugaya Toushirou's Hyourinmaru is the most powerful ice-based zanpakuto in all of Soul Society.

Shiki studied Hinata's form as best as she could. No longer was her best friend slouching and carrying herself like her confidence is next to non-existent. The way that she had carried herself, as well as the determination in her eyes told Shiki that her best friend had changed, and in a good way.

And Shiki found that she liked that.

"It is time, Hinata." Shiki muttered to herself, standing up from where she had been sitting by the pool, and walking towards the lone apple tree in the meadow that she was in. "It is time for us to meet for real."

It is time to test her wielder.

Hyuuga Hinata seriously does not know what is going on.

One minute, she is sparring with Toushirou. Then the next, she is in this place.

This place…it gives her a feeling of peace.

Hinata's ears pricked up just then as the sound of a strange tune being filtered out with some kind of whistle reaches her ears, and she turned around, her eyes wide. She knew this tune. She had heard it several times during her childhood, and even after.

"This song…" Hinata muttered, her eyes wide. "It's Shiki's tune."

She then followed the tune to a strange looking apple tree growing in the meadow, and her eyes widened at the person whom she saw being seated on one of the mid-level branches of this enormous tree, her back backed against the tree trunk, pressing a green leaf against her lips gently with two fingers, her legs dangling down below her.

That girl didn't seem to be much older than Hinata, and she kind of reminds Hinata of Shiki. Though her memories of her past life is a little fuzzy the longer that she had became a shinigami, that she could barely remember what her best friend looks like.

The girl in front of Hinata was wearing a midnight blue battle kimono which just reaches to mid-thigh, with white crescent moon imprints on the kimono itself, with a white shirt peeking out from underneath the kimono. She was also wearing a pair of black shorts which reaches to mid thigh, with a pair of silver bangles hanging around both wrists. A pair of black combat sandals with a single sword strapped on her back finished her look off. Hinata's sharp eyesight also caught sight of a choker with a silver crescent moon pendant hanging around her neck, with a single silver swallow earring hanging from her left ear.

It is the sight of that earring which brought Hinata's memory back to her, and her eyes widened slightly.

"Shiki?" Hinata muttered, taking one step closer, then another step. "Shiki, is that you?"

The strange little filtering tune stopped as Shiki removed the leaf from her lips, and she turned to smile at Hinata. "It's been a long time, Hinata," she said. "I'm glad that we finally get to meet."

"How?" Hinata wanted to know. "How did you die? And when did you…?"

"On the day of the Akatsuki attack." Shiki replied. She then chuckled. "Fate sure is ironic. Making us comrades and partners even in death."

Hinata smiled. "I have wanted to see you ever since I had been in Soul Society," she said. "Sure, I had Toushirou as a friend, but it just isn't the same. And somehow, throughout my time in the Academy, and even now as a shinigami, I had always felt that you are always with me. Now I understand why."

Shiki's smile turned teasing. "Just a friend?" she said. "Are you sure that that is all Toushirou is to you?"

Hinata blushed, and Shiki laughed.

"Well, I've called you here for a reason definitely," she said. "I've never allowed you in your zanpakuto mindscape before because you aren't ready yet. You aren't ready to wield my power yet. But now, you're ready." Shiki smiled. "Can you hear my name?"

"Name?" Hinata blinked. "Isn't it 'Shiki'?"

Shiki shook her head. "My name as a zanpakuto," she said. "Can you hear my name as your zanpakuto? My name is ------"

Hinata stared unblinkingly as she couldn't hear Shiki's name as her zanpakuto. Her voice seemed to break up at the point when she was telling Hinata her name. It was almost like how the sound over radios was breaking up due to bad reception or something.


Shiki sighed. "I guess it is still too soon for you to hear my name," she said. "But you should be able to hear it now. If it is you, I believe that you can hear it. Your power is vast and powerful. With the right and proper training, your power can even match Hitsugaya Toushirou's Hyourinmaru. And once you've achieved shikai, you can easily rise to vice-captain status." Shiki smiled at a stunned Hinata. "Hinata, I want to help you as both your best friend and your partner, your zanpakuto. But to do so, you have to hear my name. And in order to do so, you're going to have to pass my test."

"What test?"

Shiki smiled before she leapt down from the tree that she was on and landed on the ground on both feet. "Find my power," she said simply, and Hinata can only stare. Shiki stretched out her right hand, and there was the sound of a light tinkle before Hinata suddenly found herself within the depths of water. Yet the strange thing is that she could breathe even whilst underwater.

"What is this?"

"Don't panic," said Shiki calmly. "This is my test. Find my power, Hinata. Do so, and you will gain the right to wield me, and find your power. Believe in yourself, Hinata. If it's you, I believe that you can do so. Find my power."

Hinata then glanced around quickly only to see that several little glittering bits, which on closer look seemed to be in the shape of moons, stars and even swallows, were falling through the water. One among all these is the form of Shiki's power, huh? Just like her to set up a test like that.

But which one is it?

Hinata then remembered something that Toushirou had told her once.

Do you know, Hinata? Shinigamis' reiryouku is different from normal souls. A shinigami's spiritual threads are red in colour, compared to the white spirit threads of normal human souls.

Hinata then focused on trying to see the spiritual threads that she knew was around each of those little glittery bits. Finally, bit by bit, she could see the spiritual threads. A glimpse of red caught her attention as it fell past Hinata, and acting on sheer instinct, Hinata reached one hand out and grabbed hold of it.

"Got it!"

The instant that Hinata had grabbed that red spiritual thread, she soon found herself back on the meadow, facing Shiki.

"You've passed the test," said Shiki simply. "You've gained the right to hear my name." She then gestured around her. "I like this world, Hinata. It is this peaceful and beautiful place when you're happy, and when your mind is clear. But in a negative state of mind when you're upset, angry or desperate…" The world then began to change. The plants and trees were starting to wither and die, and the grounds immediately froze over with ice.

"This is what will happen when you're in a negative state of mind," said Shiki, looking at a dumbstruck Hinata. "Hinata, I like the sun, and the peaceful sunny days that you provide in your mind. And I wish to help you keep it that way. You are powerful, yes. Even back then, I knew that you are destined for great power. But even with all that power and your trust in me, it just isn't enough." Shiki smiled. "You have to believe in your own powers. Now, let's go. Show the world your power."

Back in the outside world, Toushirou was stunned when Hinata blocked his strike with one of her own, and his lips twitched when he saw that burning fire of determination in Hinata's eyes, and that sudden surge of reiatsu around her.

That only proves one thing: she had already met her zanpakuto and had already heard the name.

Hinata. Call my name. Shout it out loud. My name is…


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