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He'd never noticed how cute she when she was asleep.

Now, normally "cute" was not a word anyone would use to describe Dr. Temperance Brennan. Hot, attractive, icy, distant, brilliant, clueless, maybe even endearing. But cute? Cute suggested something innocent, something immature and naïve. Bones was all maturity and composure; she was a woman, a capable adult woman, not a girl, and she would thank you not to forget it.

But here, sitting on his couch with her head lolling against his shoulder, her lips just barely parted, her face looked so – so –

He couldn't pin it down. Maybe it was the way she was completely unguarded, losing the sharp calculating stare she so often wore. Maybe it was the way her weight pressed against him, making him very aware that he was the only thing propping her up in a sitting position; she was dead asleep. Maybe it was the sound of her slow, deep breathing, sounding for all the world like an exhausted little Parker who had insisted moments ago that he wasn't tired. Whatever it was, for the moment Bones looked cute. She looked damn near adorable.

Then she shifted, making a little groaning noise, and she turned her head, burying her face into his sleeve. She nuzzled his shoulder a little, and for a moment he wondered if she was starting to wake up. But then she was still again.

Booth smiled, unable to suppress a quiet chuckle. Bones, the ever-professional scientist, was using him as a human pillow. Sleepy Bones was more friendly even than Drunk Bones.

But then, Sober and Alert Bones would probably disapprove of this whole situation. Was this – if he just let her sleep like this, that wasn't taking advantage, was it? It was totally harmless, and if he had been the one to fall asleep first the same thing would have happened and he couldn't have done anything about it. Booth just never fell asleep during movies; he was always too wrapped up in the action. Bones was never very emotionally invested.

He sighed. He just liked having her near, that was all. He liked touching her, not in a sexual way but just a human-contact way, a warm-puppy-in-your-arms way. Feeling her solid physical presence was at once reassuring and comforting and surprising and –

Not enough.

It was never enough. How could a head resting on his shoulder or a brief embrace ever be enough?

What he really wanted was to wrap his arms around her and clutch her close to him, to leave soft kisses on her lips and whisper sweet nothings in her ear and press his cheek to hers; he wanted to run his fingertips across her skin and smell the faint fragrance of shampoo in her hair and tell her just how much she meant to him. And most of all, he wanted to feel her holding and kissing and touching and loving him back.

But he knew she wouldn't. Not now. Not yet. So he was patient, and he restrained himself, and he relished the simple pleasures that a partnership with Dr. Temperance Brennan offered. And sometimes he could almost swear that something was changing between them.

Lately she was letting him get closer. Granted, it wasn't much. But moments like these, where she let her guard down around him, were getting more and more common. And sometimes when they walked together she'd put her arm through his and he'd feel a little stirring of hope in his heart.

Pathetic, Seeley, he admonished himself. You're a girl, you know that? A twelve-year-old girl. You may tease Sweets, but he's probably never spent a year pining over a woman without making a single move. And that's not even counting the years you wouldn't admit to yourself that you were crazy about her.

He checked the time and sighed. It was getting late, and they had a trial coming up in the next couple days. They had to start getting ready tomorrow. Bones needed to get home and get some sleep in her own bed.

"Bones," he whispered.

She didn't stir.

"Bones," he repeated, a little louder.

And then she twisted a little, and let out the tiniest of moans. Mentally he knew it was a moan of protestation, a "five more minutes" moan.

But it sounded…


Jesus. What the hell am I doing? This is extremely inappropriate. Okay, I need to wake her up now.

"Bones," he said again, more emphatically this time.

She blinked groggily and looked up at him in confusion, as if she'd been dreaming she was somewhere else. Slowly she registered where she was. And then, wonder of wonders, she blushed.

Bones, blushing? Booth was suddenly dying to know what she'd been dreaming about.