E/O Challenge: Shoulder.

Happy Birthday to Kiwiplasj who asked for drabbles where Dean gets a pet- hope this satisfies your request.

Also for MidgeVS5 – hope this cheers you up on a Monday morning.


Nine Lives

The old abandoned house was perfect for a Rawhead. Noises coming from the basement seemed to confirm it as they moved cautiously down the stairs, tasers ready.

At a sudden movement Dean was about to fire. Just in time he spotted the cause by torch light - a cat and her kittens.

Relieved Dean knelt on the dusty floor, beckoning to the mother. She moved happily to his side, stood on hind legs and placed her front paws on his shoulder, purring contentedly as he stroked her fur.

"Well," Sam laughed. "You always did have a way with the ladies."


Okay – you're gonna think I'm mad but I wouldn't mind being that cat!