Just like Cinderella

Chapter 1

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Oh by the way, I just want to tell you that Hasaki, their surname came from Gehabich and Misaki their original surnames.

Story start…

"Runo, mop the floor while Jenny, Jewels and I go to the market! Alice! You wash the dishes while Runo mops." A lady commanded the bluenette and red head and left with her daughters.

Runo and Alice Hasaki's life wasn't always this bad. At least, back when their father was alive.


Runo and Alice used to live peacefully with their parents. They may have been poor, but they were content. A few years passed, Runo and Alice's mother died of a rare sickness. The sisters grieve for weeks. Luckily, the two recovered when their father announced that he was going to remarry soon. Grief was replaced by excitement as the girls heard the news. It turned out that the woman Mr. Hasaki was going to marry has two daughters. The sisters waited impatiently for the wedding day.

Days flew by fast and the wedding day finally came. Runo and Alice were dressed in cute frilly pink dresses which complemented their cuteness. A crown of pink flowers was placed on their heads and a basket of sakura petals were given to them. They were ushered to the front of the cathedral. There was only one word in their childlike heads, humongous.

The ceremony started when the clock struck eight. The siblings went in, scattering sakura petals all over the aisle. Eyes followed each graceful movement that the sisters made. The time came the sisters finally reached the end of the aisle and sat on their respective places.

The time came when the bride, their new mother, come into the cathedral. All heads turned to her, the main attraction. She was wearing a Victorian-styled dress; the skirt was a balloon-shaped and had plenty of ruffles and ribbons, while the top had a huge bow in the middle. A semi-transparent veil covered most of her face, preventing the sisters from seeing it. She walked to the tempo of the music until she reached her groom. The minister looked at the couple before taking a deep breath and opening the Bible..."You may now kiss the bride." The minister announced.

Mr. Hasaki and his newly wedded wife kissed while everyone applauded.

A few years passed and Mr. Hasaki was diagnosed with the same sickness his first wife had. He stayed in his bed with his true daughters by his side. Even in his dying moments, the sisters never left his side.

It was then when the sisters' father died did she show her true colors. She made Runo and Alice her own personal maids, disregarding the fact that they are her stepdaughters and made them to do all the house works.

End of Flashback

Just when the stepmother and her daughters left the house, a knock was heard from the door.

"I'll get it!" Runo said and reached for the door.

She opened it to reveal the royal messenger, Joe. In his hand a letter which had the royal seal on it.

"Good morning, sir messenger. What may I do for you today?" Runo greeted. "The mistress and her daughters just left a while ago."

Joe studied Runo from head to toe carefully.

"I never knew that Mrs. Hasaki's maids were beautiful." Joe finally said.

Runo blushed and bowed her head down. She tightly gripped her dirty rags and smiled sheepishly.

"You are...Mr. Hasaki's daughter, correct?"

Runo slowly nodded, still gripping her dirty clothing.

"Do you have a...sister?"

Runo's head shot up and she released her clothing, shocked by the messenger's question.

"Yes I do sir." She stammered. "How did you know and why do you ask?"

Joe chuckled and said "I know because I am the royal messenger, I can't deliver messages or letters if I don't know who the citizens are and where the live."

"I never thought of that." Runo admitted.

Joe chuckled and handed the letter with the royal seal on it.

"It's an invitation for a ball held for the Prince and his cousin." He said.

He leaned in closer to Runo's ear and whispered. "I heard that the ball will be held so that the Prince and his cousin may finally find a bride."

Runo's eyes widened and she gasped. She looked at Joe who in turn, winked at her and left. She placed the letter in the pocket of her clothing so she won't lose it. Alice walked up to her sister and tapped her shoulder. Runo turned to Alice to see that she had a worried look on her face.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

Runo shook her head, indicating that nothing is wrong.

"Then what happened?"

"The royal messenger gave a letter. He said that it is an invitation for a ball."

Alice nodded.

"He also said that the ball will be held so that the prince and his cousin will finally find a bride."

Alice gasped and widened her eyes. Runo nodded and held her sister by the shoulders.

"Yes, Alice. Shun Kuzami will be at the ball."

Me: That ends Chapter one. And the Kuzami came from Kuso and Kazami. It may be a bit simple but I hope you enjoyed. Please review. Watch out for the next chapter. See you.