Just Like Cinderella

Chapter 8

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Dan: Hey! Don't listen to her she's crazy.

Me: And Alice and Shun would be a couple engaged by now.

Shun: ...*whispers* too bad then.

Me: Oh! Don't worry Shun. I own this story so I can do whatever I want.

Dan: But you still don't own us!

Me: Bummer.

Story Start…

"Wow, time flies when you're having fun." Dan commented, finishing up his food.

He turned to his partner to notice her troubled face.

"I didn't realize it was this late." He heard the bluenette muttered. Runo turned to him. She held his wrist. "I'm sorry your highness, I mean Dan but I have to leave now."

She saw him frown. "I have yet to-"

"Dan, I'm sorry but it would cause me trouble to stay here." She said, retreating her hand and walking backwards away from the buffet table.

"But, Runo where are you going?" he asked clearly bothered. Runo started to dash away, tears forming in her eyes.

"Runo wait!" She heard Dan call out to her. She knew Dan was following her but she didn't dare look back.

"Alice?" Shun asked, noticing her troubled expression that didn't seem to fit her beautiful face.

She looked back at him, holding his hand with her own. "Shun, thank you for everything. I have to go now."

"Wait, don't leave yet." Shun said.

Tears started to form in her eyes. "Shun, I really have to go." she said, stepping backwards to the terrace doors.

Shun quickly but gently held her hand. "Will I get to see you again? How will I find you?"

"I-I don't know." She stuttered. "I don't…know."

"Alice, please…stay." He begged, looking into her teary eyes. "If not, would you meet me at the park tomorrow, five in the afternoon?"

She gently slipped her hand away from his grasp. "I-I don't know if I can, but I'll try to. I'm sorry, Shun." She went out of the terrace.

"Alice, wait!" she didn't look back, knowing it would be less painful that way.

"Playing catch the mouse huh?" Jenny growled, walking away from the terrace door. "Wait till I tell mother!"

The pink haired girl went on to find her dear mother to arrive in time to see her sister complain as she was about to.

"Mother, the two little rats are here." She heard her sister complain. Sometimes they think alike. "And that bluenette is dancing with my Dan!"

"Let's go home then." Ms. Hasaki stated. "I thought of a certain punishment for those spoiled brats."

So she with her two daughters hurried home.

The two girls ran and ran until they reached the double doors where they met up.

"Runo, are you alright?" Alice asked, out of breath.

The aforementioned blunette nodded. "Let's go."

They continued running until they reached the gate. They stopped to look back at the palace like they may never see it again.

"Alice!" "Runo!" familiar voices call out.

Before the Hasaki sisters knew it, the guards are closing the gates and the two boys are catching up to them.

Out of nowhere, carriage stopped in front of them, blocking their way. "Get in!" the driver exclaimed.

"Barron!" the sisters said, as they mount the carriage. He whipped the horses as they jolt forward, barely passing through the closing gate before it closed for good.

Runo and Alice peeked through the carriage window to see the Prince and his cousin mount their royal horses accompanied by a bunch of guards as the gates opened once again.

"They're following us…" Runo whispered.

"Hang on you two." They heard Barron say as the carriage sped up even more.

When they finally seem to lose their pursuers, they made their way to the back of the house where a certain red head is waiting for them.

Dan: You really enjoy making me suffer, don't you?

Me: Well, maybe a little bit.

Shun: Why drag me into it? I was having…nevermind…

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Shun: …

Me: *grins* a great time?

Shun: Fine…Whatever…

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