Chapter One: Okay I'm pissed!


Main Character:Kagome

Pairings: possible Kag/Inu?, Kag/Kouga?, Kag/Sessho?, or Kag/Kouga/Sessho?

Disclaimer: Unfortunately for me I own none of the characters in this story that honor goes to author Rumiko Takashima all i own is the plot.

" I must be trippin off Acid" I said as quietly as I could to myself, as I struggled to loosen the ropes that bound my hands and feet, because honestly I'm kind of pissed off.

~Yeah, yeah I know that some of you are wondering: What the hell is wrong with Kagome she never acted this way on the TV show?

The answer to that my friends and believe it or not all that stuff about me being all goody goody and so hung up on the dumbass (aka Inuyasha) that I was ignoring the fact that he snuck off to see the mummy(aka Kikio how do you spell that bitches' name) is just some watered down version*cough*bullshit, of what really went down and the reason why.... those punkass producers I let use my biography for a show listened to dumbass ass and edited the best parts in it, or should I say the parts where he got his ass whooped by yours truely.

Then the idiots, I'm guessing they thought I was one to, try to feed me some crap about it being too violent for their intended audience.

(UH Newsflash: the show broadcasts midnight)DUH! The unintended audience should be asleep at this time.

Which then, obviously, led me to cussing their asses out, but I did eventually let it go *cough* , but your suppose to let stuff like that go riightXD?

Anyway what these fuckups did was F'd up in my opinion so out of the kindness of my heart I'm gonna do right by you guys a tell ya what really happened, see it all started when.......~

".…. yeah that's gotta be it cause ain't no way in hell these possum-faced, mothafuckas got me tied Up…. on a Damn Mat… in the middle of a FUCKING VILLAGE like I'm some kind of SIDESHOW FREAK" I say, my voice gaining volume with each word, to the crowd while warily glancing around as it steadily grew.

At this point every last one of the villagers, including the old miko Kaede, had heard about the strangely dressed girl, whom they'd all been told was found and captured in InuYasha's forest, and with blooming curiosity had took it upon themselves to go and investigate this news.

"MAKE WAY, MAKE WAY for Kaede-sama" I hear someone call out from behind me and shift my body slightly to see what all the fuss is about. 'Guess I should see for myself who is in charge of this band of idiots' I thought a sour look spreading over my face as I imagined a one-eyed mad woman in a lab coat on horseback, with a crack pipe in one hand, and a pistol in the other as she yells "Of with er' head"....

~ Yeah I kinda have an over active imagination~.

Fortunately for me an old woman looking to be maybe in her mid 50's, dressed in a white gii, red hamakas, looked like the traditional priestess garb, and who appears to be missing her right eye(Seeee I was right about that part) stood before me with a curious expression on her face as she bends over slightly to inspect me as she turns my face this way and that.

"....the hell you want lady?"I asked her irritated because she invaded my personal space.

"Who are ye child?" she asks me, in a voice that seemed tired yet kind, completely ignoring my question "... and why were ye in the forest of InuYasha?"

I stare at her like she has gone mental " Okaaaay, the name is Kagome and... Inu whata? Look ,Kaede-sama wasn't it?"

Kaede pauses only for a moment wondering whether or not giving me her name is a good idea before she nods a yes in my direction.

" Kaede-sama, I don't even know how in the hell I got here, let alone how I ended up in that forest. So how do you expect me to tell you why I was there?" I asked her but instead of waiting for her answer I just kept on talking."You know what you don't even have to answer that question just point me in the direction of that freak-ass well and I'll be out of you hair in no time."

"Hmmm, ye seem to resemble my late, sister Kikio greatly, yet lack in manners, also I sense a strong aura around ye." Kaede says voicing her thought aloud. "I wonder, could ye be her reincarnation?"

~Uh me think la senorita has gone muy loco~

" the hell.... is Kikio?"

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