Chapter Two: Lets Not Talk About Mama

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Time skip : after Inuyasha's release and the jewel is shattered; just before Sesshomaru's appearance.

"Okaaaay, explain to me again why I gotta have his help to find the jewel shards?", I asked the old priestess Kaede in a low tone so as not to be heard by said person who was, at the moment, sitting on the other side of Kaede's hut in deep conversation with an old flea demon, named Myoga. "Need I remind you that not even five minutes after he met me this bastard tried to kill me."

Unfortunately, before the old priestess could even begin to answer me she was interrupted by InuYasha who bellowed "I ain't exactly jumping for joy to be working with you either, wench!

I stared at him, my mouth gaped in surprise that he had heard me, but then the realization that he has just insulted me clicks and I scowl at him and say with shock laced in my voice," Oh no you didn't!" I look to Kaede and ask "Did he just....?"

"Lord InuYasha, this is a matter that really needs your attention, Lord Sesshomaru is on his way here and could arrive at any moment", stated Myouga as he hoped up and down excitedly as he sought to draw the half-demon's attention back to him.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, but why in the hell does the bastard think I know where the old man's tomb is? It' ain't like I knew anything about the old man except him being a lord of the western lands."

"His daddy was a Lord of the west?" I ask Myouga, disbelief etched onto my face as I look InuYasha over, his insult momentarily forgetten with this new bit of information. "You gotta be kidding me? With the way he acts! Tch, let me take a good guess and say that DOG BOY over there's either been spoiled rotten~which I doubt~ or a bastard child."

"WHY youuuu...." was all InuYasha could get out before Myouga began to answer my questions.

"Aye, Lord InuYasha's father was a lord of the western lands, child", says Myouga,thinking it best to ignore my comment and the glare InuYasha shot at him for interrupting,"and he was a demon among demons , great and powerful", stated Myouga proudly before murmuring quietly to himself " His blood was also especially delicious and you my Lord InuYasha have inherited that from him."

"Is that so.....then what is the story with his moms? I ask, curiosity getting the best of me, I just have to know who in there right mind would agree to Not abort and carry this asshole for nine months.

"Aaah, now she was a beauty like no other... a true princ~UGH!!", he began before being squished into the ground by the heel of InuYasha's foot.

"ASSHOLE!!! What the hell'd do that for?"I yelled at him.

"Just shut the hell up and drop it okay....she died a long time ago!", he shouted back before lifting and stomping through the reed-mat that was the doorway of Keade's home.

"....the fuck he bitchin' about now, what did I say?",irritated because he left before I could say anything else I looked over to Kaede for answers.

She however was rendered somewhat speechless by the whole ordeal and only replied,"Aye, well......."

"Tch, all I did was ask about his mom, whats the hells wrong with me doing that, huh?"

At that moment Myouga recovered from his position on the floor making a loud ~PLOP~ sound as he filled out again and answered me sadly," Yes well, Lord Inuyasha has always preferred to not speak of her."

"Hnn!"I snort before standing up to follow the half-demon, he had left before I could properly repay him for his insult earlier and I couldn't just let something like that go, that would be just wrong.

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