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It all started in Greece

Chapter 14

Stella literally jumped into Mac's arms, and kissed him with all her strength, until she had to separate from his mouth due to the lack of air.

"Well, I think you're glad to see me"

Still hugging him, Stella joked.

"I do not know what makes you think so, you know that I am very affectionate. I welcome this way the postman, the plumber, the neighbour who borrow me some sugar..."

Mac laughed.

"Please let me go, I think my legs will not receive enough blood flow... Look, I brought some flowers from my mother's garden, she says they are the ones you like, she remembered what you told her "

"Did she remember? God, Mac, your mother is wonderful. Last Christmas she told me how nice the garden was in spring and summer, and that we had to go see it. She showed me where she had a flower bed with violet flowers when I told her that they were my favourites"

She took the flowers to put them in water. Millie had wrapped the stems with a damp cloth to keep them fresh. Stella put them in a small vase that stood in the centre of the dining room table. They were lovely.

"What about today and last night?" began Mac "I missed you terribly, I've hardly slept"

He pulled her, surrounding her with his arms. After a few minutes, Mac confronted her.

"Stella, I want to say you something." She looked at him expectantly. "This week I went to see a doctor, a fertility specialist. I have done some tests in order to rule out or confirm if we will have a problem to become parents. I mean, if I'll have a problem..."

Stella was going to say something, but Mac put his index finger on her lips.

"Let me finish, let me tell you everything." He sighed and paused for a moment. Then he smiled. "Do not think it's nice... I had to leave a sample in a kind of glass... I swear I never had ejaculated into a glass before now and it is not as simple as that. I need you by my side to do these things, my love... But anyway, I finally gave them my stuff and in a few days they will tell me if my little swimmers are active or lazy… and what are my options if the results are not good"

"Mac, you should not..."

He put his finger on her lips again.

"Yes, I had to, and I was going to wait for the results to tell you, but the time I've been alone on the way to my mother's home has clarified my ideas. Stella, I love you more than anything in the world. I want to spend my days and nights with you and I not give up trying to make you happy for bad or good being the results of any analysis. If my sperm is not useful, we will find an alternative, but I love you, I want me and you to be together and I want we formed our family. There will always be a way to do it".

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue velvet box. I was not even wrapped. He offered it to her.

"Open it, please"

Stella opened the little box and saw a ring of antique design, made on white gold with small diamonds on either side of a bigger sapphire. She was amazed.

"Mac, this..." Stella was speechless.

"This means that I ask you to marry me, and that is partly why I went to see my mother. This was her engagement ring, which my father gave her to ask her to marry him. She had offered it to me... Do you know when? "

Stella did not know what to say

"My mother told me that last Christmas, before we returned to New York. She told me that when I finally asked you to marry me I should go to find the ring. You see, Stella? She knew it before us"

"They all knew before we did, apparently"

"Well, Stella Bonasera, I am waiting for an answer..."

"Yes, Mac, I will marry you. Nothing will make me the happier than to share my life with you and create with you the family that we will have, no matter how"

Their lips met in a gentle kiss, and then Mac took the ring from the box and slipped it on Stella's finger. It fitted accurately. There were tears in Stella's eyes. Mac, trying to hide the emotion, asked:

"And changing the subject... What's for dinner?"

Stella got him a nudge in the ribs, as she had taken the habit of doing, as she rose from the sofa.

"Put to boil some vegetables you can find in the fridge, they are already clean. I go to the bathroom "

While waiting three minutes, Stella heard Mac humming in the kitchen.

"I will make spaghetti too" she heard him shout.

Sitting on the edge of the tub, Stella did not dare look. But she had to. She got up and walked to the sink, where she had left the rod in its holder, after following all the instructions. In the middle of the circle, a very clear blue line indicated that yes, Lindsay was right, Eleni was right, the lady in the restaurant in Cape Sounion was also right: she was pregnant. It had come from Greece "It is with you and inside you", the lady had said. A baby...

Stella remembered suddenly the dream (and what if they were two, and so her symptoms were so strong and early?) In any case, this baby would open the family Mac and her were eager to form. Tears rolled down her face again and she felt unable to stop them. She left the bathroom with the "evidence" in her hand.

Mac had two pots on the fire, one of them with vegetables and about to put the pasta in the other. He was frightened to see her crying face.

"What, do not you feel right?"

"Mac, you do not need to wait for the results of your analysis"


She showed him the widget.

"Because mines say very clearly that your swimmers are not standing like a cardboard horse, but they are Olympic swimmers... or rather, Athenians"

Mac's face was a poem, as he was realizing what Stella was saying.

"This (pointing to the blue line in the rod) means yes, that we are pregnant? Already? "

"Yes. I think from day one, or the first night, rather. It sounds ridiculous, but I felt it, I felt something special. Only that I could not identify what it was"

Mac had left the test and hugged Stella, lifting her off the floor. And then they started to laugh. He remembered he was about to boil pasta and went with it.

"I will prepare dinner for you ... now you have to eat for two... "

"Mac... that's old fashioned!" she said while she took the tablecloth and napkins to put the table. She reminded again her dream. "Ugh, well... and it could be for three..."

Mac did not understand what she said

"What do you say about three?"

"Nothing sweetheart, we have had enough of emotions today" Another day I will tell you my dream, Stella thought, one day I wanted to really scare the daddy to be...

A month later, the first ultrasound confirmed something Stella had already suspected… That those two heartbeats detected would be probably called Alexander and MacCanna.

The end

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