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Book 2

From the pages of Sasuke's diary

March 13, XXXX

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is my graduation and nii-san is still not here, as he promised...

He seemed to have forgotten about me again... as always...

Itachi's Gift

Chapter 11 : The Promise...

Itachi blinked a couple of times. Naruto just kissed Sasuke before his eyes... may it be with malice or not... it was still a kiss. Itachi tried his best to calm down. He closed his eyes to aid with what he was trying to achieve. How he wanted to wring Naruto's neck. Nobody kisses his Sasuke. And what bothered him was the fact that Sasuke just stood there all starry eyed. Did his otouto enjoy the kiss with the blonde? His dark eyes followed the blonde as the culprit skipped his way back to the receiving room. Itachi looked at Sasuke, his ivory cheeks powdered with slight blush. Itachi placed his clenched fists in his pocket. Shit! This was unbelievable.

"Nii-san..." Sasuke whispered, breaking the un-human thoughts of killing Itachi was playing in his mind. Itachi looked at Sasuke, not releasing a word... but the eyes said it all. For a couple of minutes, they stayed silent. Sasuke felt alarmed, judging by the way Itachi's eyes shone made him understand that his nii-san was upset... of the kiss he and Naruto just shared. Sasuke wanted to melt into a puddle and evaporate... 'Why in the world did Naruto decide to kiss him in front of Itachi?' Did he forget somehow that hie brother was also his lover?' Sasuke asked himself. "What is it?" he heard Itachi respond finally.

"I...' Sasuke started but Itachi hushed him "Keep it for later... I'll see to it that you are lectured..." Itachi hissed, an evil glint of naughtiness sparkled in his eyes dangerously that Sasuke had to gasp at the intensity. Sasuke looked at his wristwatch... it was already 15 minutes before 6 pm. He slowly went to the receiving room, hoping that Itachi would follow him there... luckily the elder raven did. Naruto was all smiles as he took his first try on the driver's seat. Itachi looked but never said a word. "Suke... thank you..." naruto said "Don't mention it, you better hurry... Gaa-san will be arriving soon..." Sasuke said.

After several minutes, Naruto already left with his car. Itachi walked briskly towards the parking lot and Sasuke followed his nii-san as fast as his can. He still remained silent the whole time. Sasuke's heart pounded so loudly that he was sure Itachi could hear his fear. They got in the car silently. Itachi started the engine, wamed it up a bit and then stepped on the gas pedal. And they flew... Sasuke was now at the frontseat deside Itachi. he was afraid to talk, so he remained silent. "Are you hungry?" Itachi suddenly asked. "No I'm not..." he responded softly and Itachi nodded.

The drive was short and quick, it was sunday and the maids were on their rest days. The house was dark and cold when they arrived. Sasuke opened the gates and allowed Itachi to drive in. As he slowly made his way to the mansion after closing the gates he was met by a breathless Itachi who parked the car in a flash and ran towards him. "Koibito, finally you're all mine..." the elder raven whispered and pulled Sasuke's hands. Both ran towards the house. Sasuke was still unlocking the main door when he felt Itachi kissing his nape. The sensation made sasuke drop the keys, Itachi chuckled "Calm down koibito..." the elder breathed over.

The moment they got in the dark house, Itachi pushed the door and locked it. He then faced Sasuke and murmured "...never let me wait this long koibito..." Itachi breathlessly said. He pulled Sasuke towards him and sealed the sweet lips with a kiss. Itachi ripped the graduation robes off Sasuke's body "Nii-san..." Sasuke whimpered. The cloth was discarded on the floor. None bothered to open the lights, Itachi's lips never left Sasuke's. He kissed him hungrily, inhaled the scent only unique to Sasuke. He was getting impatient... Sasuke had to many clothes on. He fumbled on Sasuke's colar and ripped hte shirt off... the buttons flew in all direction.

"Ah!" Sasuke gasped as he felt Itachi lick his exposed nipple. He shivered with delight. He felt Itachi trying to remove his pants off... Sasuke felt Itachi still in his suit. Sasuke mimicked Itachi and pulled Itachi's jacket off... The elder moaned. They were both on fire. "Nii-san...ahhh...." Sasuke whined as Itachi continued playing with his nipples. Sasuke cock throbbed wildly, his pounding hearbeat was making him deaf. Itachi succeeded in freeing Sasuke's wais t from his belt. he threw the leather string away. He pulled Sasuke close, levelling his eyes to Sasuke's own eyes "You are mine Sasuke, only mine..." he said over and over.

Thye stumbled on the sofa, Sasuke was under Itachi. The elder ducked and captured Sasuke's lips... if earlier hteir kisses were rushed, now it was passionately slow. Itachi followed the outline of Sasuke's lips with his tongue. He felt Sasuke sigh contenttedly. Slowly he gave Sasuke's face butterfly kisses... on his temples...eyes... nose...down to the hollow of his throat. "Itachi..." Sasuke moaned as he arched his back, throwing his head back allowing Itachi more access to his neck. "You smell so good Sasuke... do you know that?" Itachi breathed "...I was sweating...hah...all day.... ahhh.... and... you... hah! want me to...oh God! believe that?" Sasuke said in between moans.

Itachi was trying to remove Sasuke's pants when he felt something hard in one of the pockets, he fumbled for it. "What is this Sasuke?" he asked as he raised the wrapped object. "I don't know... Naruto gave it to me earlier..." Sasuke responded as he pulled Itachi towards him and kissed him. Itachi loved the feeling of having Sasuke hunger for him, but he was curious with the package. He ripped the paper of, annoyed not having Itachi's attention to himself... Sasuke stopped kissing his nii-san and waited to see what the package had in it. it was a bottle...a squeezable bottle. But the darkness wasn't helping in finding out the label.

Itachi chuckled, after making a guess on what it was... maybe the blonde has his uses after all. He got off the sofa from his kneeling position and pulled Sasuke to stand up. "Nii-san..." Sasuke whined, saddened by the fact that Itachi stopped their lovemaking. "Hush... patience is a virtue..." Itachi teased and Sasuke blushed. "Nii-san, I can hardly see you..." Sasuke said. Itachi had to agree with that, it was hard to just fumble around when you are making love "...let's go to your room..." Itachi said. Sasuke ran towards his room with Itachi following close behind, the bottle was still in his hand.

They reached Sasuke's room... the young raven was giggling as Itachi caught him. He carried Sasuke bridal style and slowly made their way to bed. Itachi held Sasuke close and nuzzled his face on Sasuke's neck "Sasuke.... Sasuke...." Itachi mumbled lovingly. Both of them were half-naked at the moment. Sasuke rolled over and turned his bedside lamp on, the room illuminated a bit... creating a sexy dim aura all over the room. Itachi then remembered the bottle he was carrying. He placed it before the light and read the label... Sasuke took a peek as well "Mentholated...WHAT?!?" Sasuke screamed as he read the cover of the shiny container... yes, it was a bottle of lube.

Itachi laughed, realizing that Sasuke was blushing again. He pulled Sasuke over and whispered "Don't make me wait much longer..." as he unzipped Sasuke's pants off. Sasuke pushed Itachi and the raven fell on the bed. Sasuke crawled over and started kissing Itachi, licking him at the same time... the taste of Itachi's semi-salty skin was driving Sasuke mad. He removed Itachi's trousers as well as his underwear, the covered erection became visible. "Nii-san.." Sasuke said in hushed tone " what you see, koibito?" he asked as he grinned. The younger smiled "...of course, I always like what is mine..." Sasuke mischievously snickered.

Itachi pushed Sasuke down, Sasuke was now lying on his back gigling. Itachi held Sasuke's feet together and raised it a bit "Nii-san, you want me to be on all fours?" Sasuke asked, teasing the elder raven. "No... I want to see you koibito..." Itachi said as he placed Sasuke's calves on his shoulders. He then remembered the lube. He reached for it and unclasped the lid. he squeezed a generous amount into his palm and qucikly applied it to his dripping erection. He had no time for more foreplay... he wanted to claim and feel Sasuke right away... Itachi reached for Sasuke's buttocks and opened them up a bit to allow him entrance. "Nii-san... I... aren't you going to make me ready?" Sasuke exclaimed, fearing of the possible pain it might bring. Itachi shook his head "Not that necessary anymore koibito...I'll be gentle... God, I can't wait much longer..." Itachi groaned loudly.

The first few inches of the invasion made Sasuke scream. Itachi wanted to much to shove it all in, but this was his beloved... he needed to be as gentle as possible not to hurt Sasuke in any way. Itachi slowly moved, pulling slighly and thrusting back in, just enough to make Sasuke relax. Sasuke was now moaning, informing Itachi that he was ready for something harder and longer... Itachi thrusted in, grunting his entire length into Sasuke's tight cavern. the lube was doing wonders to both, it was slippery and cool and refreshing at the same time... it was driving Itachi wild. Itachi never knew menthol can be considered as an aphrodisiac. "Nii-san...ahh...haaahhrrddhheerrr... please... hah! Oh God! Itachi! Please... faster...!" Sasuke screamed.

"Harder? How hard Sasuke? Like this?" Itachi asked as he thrusted harder, making Sasuke jerk up "Ah nii-san...!" Sasuke whined loudly. Itachi was loving every sound Sasuke was making... his screams, his pleas of submission, his moans of pleasures... God! Everything about Sasuke was driving him crazy with desire. Sasuke's moans where interrupted when his cellphone rang. Sasuke just ignored it... asking Itachi to claim him some more... but the ringing was deafening, that it was annoying... he fumbled over their discarded clothing and found his cellphone. It was showing Gaara's name on the screen. Grunting he clicked on the cancel button, but the ringing went right back... 'Persistent devil...' sasuke thought unhappily. He then had no choice to answer the call while Itachi was still banging him... too fuckin' deliciously hard that his body shook.

"Gaa-san...Hah! Can... you... Hah! Oh God!... call...ungh... me...later...Hah! God, Itachi....!" Sasuke was moaning like hell when he answered the call. The blonde blushed, never in his life he imagined to hear Sasuke make those sounds. Itachi must be ravishing him so hard that the great Uchiha Sasuke was breathless. "Oh! Haha...Sorry... wrong timing...Haha.. call you later Suke..." Naruto shyly tried to escape his boo-boo by laughing before hanging up. He hit his head with his palm. He should have known that they missed each other so bad to contain their need... Gaara was always like that when he is away from him for more that two days... and again he blushed.

"Well?" Gaara asked as he looked at Naruto who was blushing. Gaara still couldn't believe that Sasuke gave Naruto a car... a Porsche to be exact. "Well, he is kinda busy Gaa-kun... we'll just have to call him tomorrow..." he said and the redhead nodded. Naruto smiled, a glint of adventure shone in his blue eyes. They were actually parked as of the moment on the same cliff where Sasuke kissed him for the first time. The evening breeze was cool against their skin. Gaara looked at Naruto who was currently smirking. As far as he could remember Naruto never smirked, not unless... then blonde pulled Gaara towards him "Come here, loverboy..." and Gaara's guess were answered.

"Who was that... ungh... Sasuke?" Itachi spat, annoyed with the slight disturbance. He was breathing so hard that his cheeks were flustered. Sasuke never got to the part to answer his nii-san. Itachi thrusted in and out of him so fast that his mind couldn't think anymore. "Hah! Oh, fuck! Itachi....Hah! Right there...Ah, God!" Sasuke screamed at the top of his lungs. Itachi was pounding on him like there was no tomorrow. Every facial expression he was making was visible before Itachi and he didn't care what he looked like right now. All he cared was that moment... where he and Itachi was making one of the best memories life has to offer.

Itachi sat and pulled Sasuke up. They were facing each other, their sweating bodies intertwined in each other's arms. Itachi firmly held Sasuke's hips as he guided the younger raven's body up and down his cock. Itachi was breathless, the feel of Sasuke's ass tightly clamping his shaft plus the cooling effect of the menthol was sending floods of sensations on every fiber of his being. "! so tight... Hah!" Itachi grunted in between breaths. Sasuke was hugging him tightly as he bounced up and down... despite the difficult position, every thrust was perfect... bringing ripples of great pleasure everywhere.

The intensity of their lovemaking was to the extreme... everything was happening so fast... Sasuke felt Itachi sucking on his neck as the elder increased his pace. Sasuke was nearing his own climax... he bounced up and down faster, to meet Itachi's needs... the tremors in his groin was rupturing... "Itachi... Oh God! Right there... yes! Ah, fuck... Yes! Yes! Itachi.........Hah!!" Sasuke yelled. "Oh my God, Sasuke! Ah! my Sasuke... Yes! Hah! Oh God...Ah! Sasuke!" Itachi screamed as well. Itachi came inside Sasuke, filling the young raven with his essence. Sasuke came with him, his love juice coating Itachi chest and abdomen. They collpased on the bed, breathing in short quick gasps. The evening's silence filled the room... "Aishiteru koibito..." Itachi whispered "Aishiteru nii-san..." Sasuke responded. They lay unmoving, both trying to catch their breaths. They held hands... their fingers intertwined.

Minutes later, Itachi was breathing with ease now, with Sasuke snuggled up to him. He can smell Sasuke's scent that he was addicted to. Sasuke smiled and looked up, his obsidian eyes sparkling with delight to find his nii-san so close to him. "Nii-san?" he called out and Itachi faced his beloved "What is it koibito?" the elder raven asked. Sasuke smiled brightly, his cheeks flustered "...what did you get me for my graduation, huh?" he asked as he held his palm out before Itachi. Itachi laughed lightly... "So, the reason you wanted me to come home is because of the gift the you are expecting from me?" he asked as he pulled Sasuke close and kissed the tip of his nose.

Sasuke laughed as he squirmed, for Itachi was trying to kiss him and the younger raven tried his best not to get kissed... Itachi firmly held Sasuke into place and he rolled on top of his otouto. His long raven locks fell like curtain as a few stray hairs caressed the younger's cheeks. "I love you koibito..." Itachi murmured under his breath and brushed his lips unto Sasuke's half-parted ones. Sasuke smiled "I love you too nii-san..." as he reached his head up to kiss Itachi back. "I did get something for you Sasuke, it isn't much... but it will have to do..." Itachi smirked as he released Sasuke and got up. Sasuke sat up, his eyes sparkling with delight.

Itachi reached for his jacket and rummaged through the pockets. A smile appeared on his lips when he found what he was looking for. He quickly jumped back to bed to his attentive otouto who was now fully awake, blushing, smiling and naked. He smiled as he lovingly caressed sasuke's cheek. "So what did you get me nii-san?" Sasuke asked as he craned his neck, trying to peek over Itachi's frame. He knew the elder was hiding something behind. "Let me see it nii-san..." Sasuke pleaded as Itachi continued to smirk. Teasing Sasuke was the next best thing to do... He loved the way Sasuke would pout if his demands weren't met right away.

"Patience koibito... I need you to listen to me first..." Itachi softly spoke, that Sasuke had to blink twice to make sure he was awake. Itachi inhaled deeply and cleared his throat. He had made a lot of promises to Sasuke, over in the past that he just broke, due to uncontrollable instances... but this time he will make a promise to Sasuke, this last promise was the only one he intended on keeping... "Sasuke... I love you.... and you mean the world to me.... I'm sorry if I have hurt you in the past... I'm sorry if I broke my promises before...." Itachi said and Sasuke's heart stopped beating... what was this confession all about?

Sasuke looked at Itachi, his long hair was untied and a few locks framed his delicate cheeks. Itachi held Sasuke's right hand as his dark eyes bored Sasuke's gleaming ones. "Sasuke, I want us to be together..." Itachi said. Sasuke sighed, and Itachi was cut-off " are always doing business somewhere nii-san, how can we be together?" Sasuke asked, he was sad... he was afraid to be extremely happy again now that Itachi was here before him. "Nii-san, I am afraid...." he whimpered. Itachi looked at Sasuke "Afraid of what, koibito?" he asked as he released Sasuke's hand and tilted his chin up. Black met black... their eyes were talking of things that the lips couldn't confess.

"I am afraid of hurting again...." Sasuke said, his voice came out small but it was firm and audible enough to comprehend. "I have noticed nii-san, that everytime we share somehting so good... you tend to disappear afterwards...." Sasuke started, his lower lip quivering. he was obviously fighting himself not to break down and cry. "It happened twice... the cycle is the same... first on valentines... then when we video conferenced...." Sasuke sniffled, his eyes were shinning... the unshed tears were threathening to fall over. "I don't want to expect anything anymore nii-san... I am tired of getting hurt all over again...." Sasuke said, choking himself a bit as he confessed.

Itachi felt bad... he never realized he hurt his koibito this much... Sasuke was a very sensitive person. He was observant as well. Itachi moved closer and cupped Sasuke's face. The moment Itachi's warm palms touched his face, Sasuke's tears fell in torrents. He was now crying... it felt so good to release the heavy burden in your heart. "I'm sorry koibito... I was stupid...." Itachi whispered as he softly kissed Sasuke's tear-stained cheeks. "What I mentioned earlier... about us being together... I meant what I said...." Itachi whispered as he reached over to hold Sasuke's hand again.

Sasuke closed his eyes as a few stray tears rolled down from his cheeks. He felt Itachi wipe them away with his thumb. Sasuke sniffled, he was a silent crier... He kept his eyes closed. He couldn't bear to look at Itachi in the eyes... he was born a doubter and he hated this stupid negative intuition that he carried for life. Suddenly, he felt weird... weird in a sense that he felt something hard and cold touching the skin of his finger. He opened his eyes slowly... he directed his gaze to his hand... his right hand being held by Itachi so very delicately... his eyes became huge... he wanted to faint... his breathing came out in short quick gasps.

"Sasuke? Koibito? Are you all right?" Itachi asked, his voice was alarmed and the pitch was raised an octave higher. Sasuke looked at Itachi and slowly raised his hand to the elder raven's eye level. "W..what i-is t-this?" Sasuke asked as his speech came out broken. Itachi smiled and claimed the hand before him... " I said koibito, I want us to be together...." Itachi murmured under his breath as his lips kissed Sasuke's ring finger. As he raised his lips, the saprkling ring was again revealed to Sasuke's eyes. It was a simple silver band, and he was sure it wasn't silver.. the luster was different... engraved in the middle of the ring was a large diamond cut and on each of it's side was a sapphire gemstone, much smaller than the diamond.

Sasuke looked at Itachi, the elder was smiling... he then placed his hand beside Sasuke's hand and it also revealed an identical copy of the ring on Sasuke's finger... the only diferrence was instead of sapphire, Itachi's ring held rubies... Sasuke was speechless... for several odd minutes he just stared at the ring on his finger...he could he was just dreaming. "Nii-san.... I ....." Sasuke stammered, not knowing what he wanted to say. Itachi smiled and made Sasuke face him, he again tilted his chin up and the elder stared into Sasuke's eyes... "Just tell me you love me.... and would promise to be with me till eternity...." his husky voice filled Sasuke's senses.

Sasuke was getting dizzy, his heart was bursting with happiness.... Itachi gave him a ring.... a promise ring.... an eternity ring.... "I love you Uchiha Itachi..." Sasuke said softly as he closed his eyes. He felt Itachi kiss his lips gently... "...and I promise to love you and be with you..." again, Itachi's warm lips kissed him "...for all eternity...." Sasuke gasped as he felt Itachi soft lips trail down butterfly kisses to the hollow of his neck. "You mean that koibito?" Itachi murmured in between his kisses... he worked his way up and was now nibbling Sasuke's right earlobe, his warm breath blowing over the shell of his otouto's ear.

"Uh-huh... hhmmmm...." Sasuke mumbled, what Itachi was doing was sending goosebumps to his skin. He opened his eyes and quickly pinned Itachi down. The elder raven smirked, his koibito was getting pretty dominant lately... he liked that. "I meant every word I said.... but with a couple of conditions...." Sasuke said, his eyes sparkled with delight as he ducked and kissed the tip of Itachi's nose. "What are these conditions koibito?" Itachi's eyes smiled wit love.... Sasuke plopped beside Itachi and rested his head on Itachi's arm... his fingers traced the muscles on his nii-san's naked chest, passing over his nipples... and it made Itachi blush.

"First, I go where you go....." Sasuke said. Itachi nodded... and he bit his lower lip... for Sasuke was using his finger to make small walking actions around Itachi's torso. Itachi was trying his best not to laugh, he was very ticklish... and he knew Sasuke doesn't know that. "Okay... that is good as done... what's next?" Itachi asked, thankful that his voice still came out firm. Sasuke snuggled closer, hugging Itachi... he already stopped the finger-walking antics... and Itachi was inwardly thanking Kami for that. He couldn't hold his laughter in much longer... "No more flirting with your clients...." Sasuke said as he moved to lick Itachi's nipple.

Itachi gasped... 'Kami! That felt so good....' he moaned through his mind... "I wasn't flirting...." Itachi said. "Tch! I saw what that silver-haired bastard do to you nii-san... he touched your nape and he lingered his hand on your back..." Sasuke defended his words as he moved over to give the other nipple a lick. Itachi gasped and his body jolted upwards... "Uhhmmnn... Sasuke that feels so good...." he moaned as he closed his eyes. "Promise me...." Sasuke demanded.... "Hah... aahhhhh.... yes, I promise!" Itachi gasped out loud. Sasuke smiled... as he swirled his tongue around Itachi's now-taut-with-desire nipples. The elder squirmed and moaned like crazy.

"Hah...A-a-aanything else?" Itachi was still able to ask in between the ripples of pleasure Sasuke was giving him. His cock was fully awakened again... the pre-cum leaking from the slit at the crown of his erection. "Lastly nii-san...." Sasuke said as he slowly slid himself down. Itachi bit his lip "Oh God....!" he exclaimed as he felt Sasuke's warm, moist tongue play with the leaking slit of his cock. He then felt the firm grasp of Sasuke's soft hands wrap around his engorged erection. Sasuke playfully positioned his lips on the slit and blew into it... making the elder jerk up. He then gave the smooth head little licks and nips all over. Itachi's groin was getting heavy as his balls tightened up. He ran his hands through Sasuke hair and pushed his young lover to take his entire length. Sasuke held his head up, a naughty smile plastered on his handsome face. "Sasuke, stop teasing me...ungh... are you trying to kill me?" Itachi impatiently demanded. Sasuke had to laugh at that one.

Sasuke took Itachi's cock and sucked on it, bobbing his head up and down... the hunger he had for Itachi can never be contained. He will always hunger for Itachi's sweetness.

"What's your...hah! last...ungh... condition?" Itachi breathlessly asked. Sasuke smiled "Nii-san, I want to hear from your own lips that I would be your last..." Sasuke said as he looked at Itachi. Itachi smiled and pulled his beloved to him, Sasuke was resting on top of Itachi's chest "Sasuke... like I've said for so many times now... I love you... I can't live without you..." Itachi gently said as he ran his hand through Sasuke's hair "You're mine and I'm not sharing you... and I'm yours... no need to doubt the love I have for you...only yours, my love..." Itachi said as he reached up to plant a kiss on Sasuke's pink lips.

Itachi was loving the sweet pink blush on Sasuke's cheeks. Now Itachi had some conditions of his own. Sasuke needs to know that he gets easily jealous over the littlest things... "Koibito..." he whispered and Sasuke directed his dark eyes to Itachi... "I have a couple of conditions myself..." he grinned and the ever obedient Sasuke nodded. "First, you must know that I am very possessive...." Itachi started "...and I get jealous easily..." he said and Sasuke snuggled closer. "I don't want anyone to come in between us Sasuke, morality set aside... I don't care what others might say about us.... what is important is that I love you and I fervently hope you won't change either..." Itachi said as he touched Sasuke's nose.

"Oh, and I don't want to see you being touched by anyone else but me...." Itachi demanded "...and that includes Naruto.... no more kissing Naruto...." Itachi emphasized the blonde's name and Sasuke laughed. Sasuke nodded a couple of times... He hugged Itachi hard and received back the same intense hug with a matching kiss on his lips. Itachi was still thinking about his other condtions but Sasuke was busy doing things to his body that made him forget his rules... there will be another time for that...what is important is today... right now... he just heard Sasuke say "Now, where the heck did that bottle of pleasure go?" and Itachi groaned loudly and Sasuke again laughed.

The End


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