It was just another day, that was until Yugi gets kidnapped by Yami and Bakura. How will Yugi survive during this torment. Rubbish summary but hey, it's good (I think). This is sort of a tribute to Without a trace, probably the best show ever, none of the characters are in it, but you know, missing people, it's a Yugioh version of it. Enjoy!

Chapter 1- That day…

Yugi stumbled out of his room. He had slept in late, and was going to be late to school if he wasn't careful. He ran down the stairs, two steps at a time until he jumped the last one and headed to the door. He kicked his shoes on and ran down to his family shop.

His grandfather looked up as the small boy rushed past him.

'I told you not to stay up late' He scolded Yugi as he opened the door.

'Yeah, see you later!'

He shut the door behind himself and his grandfather chuckled.

'That boy. He'll get himself into real trouble one day' He muttered to himself.

The day was slow for the elderly man. Not many customers came, especially as most of his customers were the younger generation themselves, and they were in school at that moment. They'll come round after school finished.

The phone rang at about eleven o'clock. He walked over to pick it up.

'Hello, game shop' He answered.

'Oh, Mr. Motou' A female voice said on the other side 'Can you tell us why Yugi isn't in school today?'

'Hm? What are you talking about?'

'He hasn't been registered. And you haven't called for a reason for him to be off school'.

'But I saw Yugi leave the house. You must be mistaken'.

'Alright. I'll check one more time and call you in about an hour'.

He put the phone down and sighed.

'Technology. They are getting worse by the day' He chuckled to himself and went back to tending the shop.

An hour passed and the phone rang again. He picked it up and wasn't surprised it was the woman from the school again.

'I'm sorry. But there isn't a record of Yugi attending classes'.

'Hm? That's strange, I'll call Yugi on his phone, I'm sure he has a good explanation'.

'Okay. Goodbye'.


He put the phone down but picked it up instantly, dialling Yugi's mobile number.

'That boy has some explaining to do' He muttered.

The phone rang.

And rang.

And rang.

But no answer, he tried it again, thinking he had dialled the wrong number.

It rang.

And rang.

And rang.

And rang.

And rang.

No answer. Why would Yugi not answer? He never turned his phone off, hence why his battery died on many occasions.

He waited another hour, thinking that Yugi, wherever he was, had turned his phone off. He might've turned it back on by then. And when he got hold of him, he wasn't going to be so friendly, making his old man worried sick like this it wasn't good for his age.

Another hour and no answer. So he gave up. He was probably doing like most teenagers would do, play hooky, he remembered that when he was in school he played hooky a few times. But for Yugi, he wouldn't do something like this, it wasn't his type of style. Unless he broke down, but he seemed fine that morning. But in any case, he would be back by evening.

When the schools were out and evening was closing in. Yugi still hadn't turned up.

Grandpa Motou sighed, more customers had arrived, but no Yugi. Now was a good time to worry.

The shop door opened and Joey and Tea, walked in. They were Yugi's best friends, and perhaps they came to say Yugi was alright.

'Hey, where's Yug?' Joey asked leaning on the counter. Grandpa Motou blinked at them a couple of times.

'Where's Yugi? I thought you knew?'

'He didn't turn up to school' Tea explained 'We thought he was sick or something'.

'But…he left this morning'.

Joey and Tea looked at each other.

'Then where the hell is he?' Joey pulled out his mobile and tried ringing for Yugi's phone, but just like before, no answer.

'That's weird. Yug's phone is off, he never has it off'.

'Th-Then, what's going on?' Tea asked scared.

At that moment they all looked at each other and they all shared the same thought.

'I'm going to look around see if I can find Yugi' Joey said as he headed for the door 'You guys stay here in case he calls or turns up'.

'Be careful' Tea called out to him as he left the shop. And now all they had to do is wait.

Joey took a while. Tea leaned on the counter and watched the clock tick by, slowly to the next minute. By the time Joey came back, it was much more later, it was about eight o'clock.

He opened the door and huffed heavily.

'Joey!' Tea stood up and grandpa Motou stood and watched, waiting for his answer 'Did you find him?'

'No. But I found this'.

He held up a backpack, it was dirty from being in the street and the straps had been broken into two, like it had been ripped off. But they could easily tell it as Yugi's.

'You'd better call the police' Joey advised.

Half an hour later, the police came round. They sat in the living room upstairs. Tea was crying her eyes out into Joey's shoulder, while Joey was trying to be stable and Grandpa Motou was holding his hands together, just wishing this would all be a bad dream.

The detective stood in front of them, he was smoking a cigarette and was writing notes down. He wore a long dark brown trench coat, with other formal clothes such as black pants and a white shirt underneath.

'So' He began 'When was the last time you saw Yugi?'

Tea sniffed and wiped away a few tears 'The weekend. Saturday. We was at the arcade'.

She broke down into tears and Joey rubbed her back.

'I was the same' Joey replied.

'And you Mr. Motou?'

'This morning' He replied 'He was late for school'.

'I see' He quickly scribbled on his notepad and looked back up at him 'How was he this morning? Sad? Happy?'

'Erm…He was normal'.


'He was a little rushed because of being late, but nothing out of the ordinary'.

'I see' He wrote some more things down 'How was Yugi? With his attitude? I mean, was he unpredictable at times or…?'

'What's that supposed to mean?' Joey asked.

'I'm just asking, Yugi is a teenage boy, a lot of boys can sometimes…wonder off. They think they can live on their own and cope before leaving school, they usually come back in a day or two'.

'Now wait a minute!' Joey shouted 'Yugi isn't that kind of person! And if he was going to leave he would tell us! Now why can't you go and find Yugi!?'

'We have to explore all possibilities'.

'And kidnap isn't one of them?!'

'Yes it is. But it might be one of those occasions where he just walked off and will be back, but we will do all we can. I think that's all we need for now. We'll call you if anything comes up'.

The detective turned to the other police officers and they left them alone.

'I'm going to take Tea home' Joey said as he stood up with the recovering Tea 'Will you be alright?'

'Yes' Grandpa Motou 'I'll be fine. You two get home'.

Joey nodded and he took Tea by the shoulders and directed her out of the house. Grandpa Motou sighed and sat back, staring up at the blank ceiling.

'Yugi' He whispered 'Where are you?'

*****************************End of chapter 1************************************

Me: 'So' Giggle 'How do you like it?'

Diao: 'Suppose it's alright. But, why are you giggling?'.

Me: Giggle 'I'm a sadist, and you can tell by the way this story has started, there's gonna be loads of violence'.

Agil: 'Oh no, will Yugi be alright?'

Me: 'I don't know my son' Patting Agil on his shoulder 'I don't know'.

Diao: 'You're really weird. Aren't you?'

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