"Ring, Ring, Ring"

She stepped over the boxes on the floor and reached for the phone, "hello?" she said breathlessly, her voice light.

"Oh, it's you. Yes, he's here…he's busy…can't this wait? Fine…just a moment, I'll get him"


"Yeah babe?"

"The phone is for you."

"Take a message would you? I'm trying to figure out these speaker wires, and I think I may be on to something."

"It's her"

"Her who?"

"Seeley, it's the doctor from the museum, she wants to talk to you."


"Yeah" she put the phone down on the counter and walked into the other room saying under her breath, "your partner."

"Okay, be right there"

He stood and stretched, seeing her leaning against the counter; he could tell that she was upset. He smiled and kissed her neck and then picked up the phone.


"Hi Seeley, it's me, are you busy?'

"Yeah, a little," his voice softened as he imagined her and tried to picture where she was and what she was wearing.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know she'd still be there, I can call back later?"

"No, its okay, what can I do for you Dr. Brennan?"

She sighed and rolled her eyes as she walked past him to the bedroom, she didn't want to listen to her boyfriend talk to his new love anymore. She wasn't stupid, she knew as soon as she met her that she was going to come between them. She had thought for a while that he was going to come clean, instead, the occasional call became more frequent, and then longer in duration and then later at night. He would tell her that they were work related, but she knew that they weren't. He started working later and later at night too, weekends were taken up by going over notes and case files all of a sudden that couldn't wait any longer.

She listened to the murmur of his voice through the thin walls of their apartment. Sitting on their bed, she held her stomach and tried not to cry. Picking up the bedroom extension, she listened, "Do you think you can get away later?" she asked him.

"I don't think so, we just bought some new furniture, I'm helping to set it up, I think she suspects something, I need to stay here tonight"

"Suspects what? We haven't done anything unprofessional, you're my partner and we work together"

"We work very well together" he agreed.

Chuckling huskily she said, "What are you wearing?"

"I can't answer that; I'll have to debrief you tomorrow about it."

"Debrief me? Oh, that's already done, believe me, in fact, there isn't much on that particular subject at all right now" she purred.

Seeley tightened his grip on the phone and groaned slightly. She hung up the phone and grabbed her purse. Stalking out of the bedroom she walked right past him to the front door.

"Hold on"

"Where are you going Babe?"

"I'm wondering when you are going to come clean. Oh please, don't look so surprised, I'm not stupid. I've known all along, and you know what, I can't take another minute of wondering if I even matter. So, if I'm going to stay here, you are going to have to tell her goodbye"

Seeley had the phone against his chest and said, "Its work Babe, nothing else, why are you doing this now?"

"If it was work, then she should have called during working hours and not at 11 pm on a Saturday night. If it was truly work, she would have left a message, but guess what, she called with a message that I can't take." She turned and opened the door.

"I'll call you back, she's leaving" he said as she closed the door behind her.

"Let her go, it's what you want anyway." She told him.

"I can't just let her leave, it's late and it's not fair"

"I won't wait forever Seeley"

"I know, and you won't have to" he hung up the phone and grabbed his keys and his jacket, going out into the hallway.

"Tessa?" he called down the hallway…