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When Harry woke up the next morning, a feeling of gloom spread over him. No, it wasn't the socks, who had been strangely inactive since Sirius had chewed up one of their leaders. His godfather was leaving today, and Harry would once again be all alone with the evil Dursleys (not to mention the infamous socks. damn them, the infamous socks!) Speaking of the Dursleys (damn them too), they had once again left for the gym. Harry hadn't even bothered to get out of bed. Sirius jumped up next to him and rested his chin on Harry, staring up at his godson.
"Don't give me those big puppy dog eyes."
*what other eyes am i supposed to give you?*
Harry didn't laugh at the joke. He couldn't even muster a smile for his godfather's comfort.
*don't be too sad. i'll write you a lot. i promise. and maybe dumbledore will let you come visit me and moony once he gets over the whole forging of the threat thing.*
"Yeah, I guess. You know, since you're leaving, and the Dursleys aren't here anyway, you could just as well transform."
He did so. "Good idea," he said, a human once again.
The doorbell rang. Harry started a long string of curses as he got up to answer it. "Ron, Hermione! You came back!"
"What do you mean?" Hermione asked.
"Well, I didn't think you'd want to visit us again, considering..." Harry shot a look at his godfather. Sirius waved bashfully from the door.
"That's in the past," Hermione said, amazingly unscathed by the event.
"Thanks," Sirius said. It was obvious he was still really embarressed about it. And rightfully so.
Harry explained to them about why Sirius was in human form and how he had to leave. Ron and Hermione both seemed sad for Harry.
"Hey, maybe you can come stay with us for a while, if Dumbledore'll let you," Ron suggested.
"Maybe...." Harry trailed off, trying not to feel sorry for himself.
"Well, I guess I better go," Sirius said regretfully. A moment of indecision was apparent on his face. "Hermione, could I talk to you for a second?"
"Um, sure," Hermione said, and she followed him into Harry's cupboard.
Harry and Ron sat for a long time discussing the Chudley Cannons, the weather, school, what an idiot Snape was, the new DADA teacher, well, to cut myself off, they discussed a lot. For a long time. And Sirius and Hermione were still in the cupboard.
"Wonder what's taking them so long," Hermione's boyfriend (Ron) said innocently.
Harry experienced an all too firmiliar sinking in his stomach. "Quick Ron, get the hose, cover your eyes, and don't ask any questions!"
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* (A/N: don't you love the way I only imply things? them's my morals fer ya!)

Luckily for Hermione, her boyfriend followed Harry's orders about the eye covering. They left. Harry spent the next five minutes talking to Sirius, but was unable to say anything but sentence fragments. Here's some of that awkward conversation:
"......on my bed......"
"We were talking!"
"....fourteen years old....."
"And we happened to wrestle!"
".....my best friend....."
"It's not my fault!"
"....my best friend's girlfriend..."
"Stop being so insecure!"
See, what'd I tell you? Awkward conversation. Finally, Harry was able to form a complete sentence.
"It's back to the vet's with you."
"NO!" Sirius fled out the door and vowed to send Harry a howler the minute he reached Moony's. Of course, he didn't, because it wasn't the poor kid's fault that he was innocent to the ways of the world.
And our story ends with a nice image of the outcasted, abused Sirius walking into a sunset.....
"What do you mean it ends there?" Sirius asked, turning away from the brilliant sunset I'd painted in all of your minds.
Oh dammit, I forgot that Sirius and I can communicate. Yes, Sirius, the story ends here. Maybe we could have continued it, but if you got any raunchier, I wasn't going to be able to write it.
"You call that bad? You should read some of the other stuff people write about me!"
No, actually, I don't think I will....
"Oh, that's right, I forgot, you have a crush on Remus."
"OoOoOoh, someone's got a crush, someone's got a crush," he sang.
At least he isn't, like, twenty years younger than me!
"No, he's, like, twenty years older than you."
Well, at least we're the same species!
"Technically, no, you're not."
I hate you.
"I know you do. But I just love you so much! And love to torment you even more!"
Yeah, I got that idea a few stories back. Now, however, I will always be able to be your superior because you humped Hermione's leg! And not to mention what happened in this very chapter-
"We were wrestling!"
Um-hmm. Sure. I'm the author, you dolt, you can't lie to me.
"This sort of thing wouldn't happen, you know, if you wrote me a girlfriend!"
I do not make up characters! So unless you want to date McGonnagal or Sinistra....or REMUS, (Sirius gags) as it is so popular with so many other authors, I would suggest you keep your mouth shut.
"So, don't make someone up. You have friends, don't you."
None that you're worthy enough to date.
*An idea is starting to form in the author's twisted mind.* Hey, have you ever met my best friend's little sister, Ashley?
"Probably not."
You want a girlfriend, you got it Padfoot! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All ye readers, pay attention! Look for my upcoming fic, "A Guest in Gryffindor" (title pending) in which Sirius has a girlfriend! (Although the main point of the story is that Snape has to spend a few days in Gryffindor tower, rooming with our favorite lads, because Sirius and James did something to the Slytherin dorms. I think it's going to be funny. We'll see. I'll certainly make a valiant attempt)
"This Ashley chick?"
*an evil smile*
"Uh oh. You better end this story right now."
I tried that about a page ago. With the sunset? Remember?
"Oh yeah, that."
THE END (`bout time, too)