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Penname: Fates-Love-Queen

Original or Derivative (fanfiction): Derivative

Rating: M

Warning(s): Language

Disclaimer: All copyrights, trademarked items, or recognizable characters, plots, etc. mentioned herein belong to their respective owners. No copying or reproduction of this work is permitted without their express written authorization.

Prompt: Scenario - After a long day at work, you stop for dinner at your favorite restaurant. However, there is long wait for a table, so you're left standing in the corner. You're stressed, worn-out, and irritated by the noise, the small child tugging on your jacket, and the stranger staring at you, but you refuse to leave. Using all the elements and emotions, describe what happens next.

"Jesus, how can it be this busy on a Wednesday night?" I said to myself, as I tugged on my hair almost painfully.

I had been in line for over a fucking hour waiting for a table.

"Dad, can we please just go somewhere else? Anywhere else…"

"No Anthony, we can't," I sighed, shifting the little bundle in my arms so I could look at him.

"You know its family night and this is the only restaurant Annabelle will actually eat at. Besides, we are nearly there; I didn't wait over an hour for nothing."

I turned my attention to the couple in front and from the corner of my eye I saw Annabelle poke out her tongue.

Looking around the dining room, I noticed that a pair of eyes staring at me intently.

He was a tall man, with blonde curly hair, and I was guessing blue eyes? I couldn't really see from this distance.

There was something about him that struck me as familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it…

I was pulled out of my musing, as a group of children ran straight into my legs at full force and nearly knocked Annabelle out of my arms.

I growled at the lack of parental supervision, as their high pitched squealing assaulted my ears.

I really was not in the mood for this shit tonight…

Noticing my children were growing visibly agitated, I told the waiter that we would sit on the chairs in the corner to wait.

I sighed contentedly as I literally fell into the chair; I was exhausted.

I had just completed the worst week of night shifts in my life. Usually, the night shifts were ok, constant but not crazy like the day shifts. But every night this week, something major had happened.

Car accidents, cardiac arrests, overdoses, hit and run… The list goes on and on.

Being a single parent, I usually opted for the night shifts for two reasons.

The first was it was obviously better pay. Money had never been an issue for me, as my parents had worked hard to give my Alice and I a 'nest-egg' to get us started comfortably in life. But that all went to shit as my now ex-wife gambled away all of our money on college football.

I didn't find out until later that the team that she kept betting on to win (and lost) was also the team that her 'toy-boy' played for…

The second reason was that I didn't miss as much time with my kids. I was at work while they slept and I was home in time to get them ready and drop them at school. I would spend the eight hours they were at school to sleep before picking them up, cooking dinner and tucking them in before starting my next shift.

My sister Alice was literally my lifesaver, as she lived with us and watched them while I was at work.

It was the perfect arrangement; except weeks like this, I was completely fucked both mentally and physically.

I pulled Annabelle's colouring book from her bag and set her up on the floor with her crayons, while Anthony watched the ice hockey on the television.

Looking around the dining room, I noticed that the blonde man was still staring in my direction...

Didn't this guy's parents teach him any fucking manners? Rude fucker…

I was just about to stand up and ask the waiter how much longer until our table was ready, when I noticed that he had let two women be seated before us.

Of course the women looked like supermodels, and he was obviously trying to get on their good side, as he continued to keep his eyes glued to their arses as they sashayed over to their table.

That shit was so not on…!

"Excuse me, but what the fuck do you think you're doing? I've been here over a fucking hour waiting for a table with my kids and you just let those women stroll on through and jump the queue?" I said, as I marched up to the podium he was standing behind.

The waiter jumped and narrowed his eyes at me, clearly upset that I had interrupted his obvious ogling.

"Sir, those women had a reservation."

"Well so did I, and my reservation was for forty-five minutes ago!"

"I'm sorry sir, your table shouldn't be much longer," he said calmly.

"You said that an hour ago, and I'm still waiting. Do you need to be a whore with tits to get a table in this place? Would you prefer it if I shoved some fucking oranges down my shirt so you would have something to stare at fucker?!" I fumed.

"Sir, please calm down, I'll see what I can do," the waiter said, holding his hands up in surrender.

"You do that," I growled, pinching the bridge of my hose between my thumb and forefinger in an effort to calm myself down.

I felt Annabelle tugging on my jacket and looked down to see her bright blue eyes boring into mine.

"Daddy, you owe five dollars to the swear jar," she huffed, as she held out her hand and tapped her foot impatiently.

I couldn't help but laugh at her annoyance; she just looked so damn cute.

I reached into my back pocket to my wallet, pulled out a five dollar note and handed it to her.

"What do we say?" she said, still looking adorably cute frowning at me as she placed the note in her jeans pocket.

"I'm sorry my Princess Annie, it will never happen again," I said, as I leaned down and placed a kiss on her nose.

I heard footsteps approaching and turned, expecting to see the waiter direct us towards a table.

Instead, I saw the blonde man from before standing behind me.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation earlier with the waiter."

"Wouldn't have been hard," I muttered.

"True, but the arse deserved it," he replied.

Hmm, maybe this rude staring fucker wasn't so rude after all?

"It doesn't look there are any tables available," he said, as he looked around the dining room, and following his eyes, I realised he was right.

"Well, I think we best call it a night," I sighed.

What a waste of a night.

"Annie, can you please go and pack up your crayons for me while I talk to the man?"

"Daddy, no! You promised I could have cheesy fries tonight!"

"I'm sorry baby, but there's nothing I can do," I replied.

It honestly looked as though she were about to burst into tears.

"You can sit with us if you like."

I whipped my head around to see the blonde man smiling at Annie.

"Oh please Daddy! Can we, can we?" she pleaded, as she jumped up and down on the spot.

"Oh, I couldn't do that. I wouldn't want to intrude…"

"Please, I insist. I'm waiting on my cheesy fries too," he said cutting me off, as he winked down at Annie.

She squealed in return and ran to drag Anthony, dragging him over to where we were.

The blonde man led us over to his table which, lucky for us, had four seats.

"Thank you so much for offering, honestly," I said as I handed Anthony a menu.

"No problem," he said smiling.

"I hope you don't find me rude, but I have this overwhelming feeling that I know you from somewhere…"

"No not at all. In fact, I was thinking the same thing when I saw you earlier," I replied honestly.

"I wasn't intentionally staring, but I thought if I looked at you long enough, the answer would come to me," he laughed, as he motioned for a waiter.

I couldn't help but laugh in return.
"Well, my name's Edward. Edward Cullen," I said as I held out my hand.

"Edward Cullen? Shit! I knew I had seen you before! It's me, Jasper from Forks high."

"Oh my god, I can't believe I didn't recognise you! What's it been, ten years? What are you doing back in Forks" I asked laughing.

"I'm just visiting. I had to help my sister with the move. She's moved back home to help look after Dad," he said quietly.

"Your… Sister is back?" I said, with a suddenly parched throat.

"Yeah. Dad only recently suffered a stroke and while it wasn't major, he's going to need some help to get back on his feet."

I reached forward to the glass of water in front of me, with a tighter than usual grip due to my sweating hands.

Of course I knew he had had the stroke, I was the attending in the ED that day, but I never dreamed in a million years that she would love back, after all these years.

The love of my life was back in town.

My high school sweetheart; the woman I wanted to marry and be the mother of my children.

The one that got away as many put it…

I nodded dumbly, as I gulped down the clear liquid as though it was the last water on earth.

"Edward, you remember my sister, right?" Jasper asked as he motioned to the waiter walking towards us.

I snorted the water from my nose, and dropped my half full glass as I started a coughing fit.

Even though my eyes were filled with tears as I continued to cough and splutter I knew the exact moment that she had seen me, as the notepad and menus she was carrying dropped to the floor.

"Edward…?" she breathed as she froze mid step nest to the table.

She remembered me; my beautiful angel.

"Bella," I coughed in response, and tried to smile at her.

Her eyes widened and I heard her breath hitch in her throat.

Time held no meaning for me as I stared into those beautiful brown eyes that I had missed so much, and my dormant heart stuttered to life as I realised she was staring at me in return.

I closed my eyes and discreetly pinched myself to make sure this was not just some cruel dream when I heard a large bang.

Me eyes flew open to find my Bella lying on the floor.

"She's fainted!" Jasper cried.

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