This was written for the Fandoms 4 Floods compilation. Just a cute, fluffy piece involving three friends. Enjoy!

I was cleaning up my apartment when I came across a picture of myself, Dexter, and Emmett. We had to have been about six and on one of our many camping trips when it was taken. Seeing it made me smile, and I remembered one of our funnier conversations.

"Buuuuut I don't wanna fish!"

"You have to go, Belly; it's like a rendition," Dexter said.

"Tradition. A rendition is something completely different," I huffed.

Emmett sat off to the side, stuffing his face with marshmallows. "They're gonna come outta my nose," he giggled.

"Cool!" Dexter exclaimed.

"You two are a new, undiscovered level of moron."

"What's a moron?" Emmett asked, shoving another marshmallow into his mouth.

"Oh, I know," Dexter said. "Mommy says Mrs. Cope is a moron. She's from Utah."

Dexter's dad laughed and glanced over at Charlie. "Charlie, that woman is so cold at time, she's like the frozen tundra."

"I guess that's marriage. We get the chain, they get the balls."

"Hey Em! Did you know when you get married, you get chains and the lady gets balls?" Dexter asked.

"Like dodgeball? I like dodgeballs. Coach C let's me throw 'em at Mikey Newton as much as I want."

"Being a bully is not funny, it's just sad."

"Nope. It's funny. 'Specially when Newton cries," Dexter laughed.

"And screams like his sister did that time her and that boy were wrestling on the couch," Emmett supplied.

"They weren't wrestling."

"Yes huh, they were!" Dexter insisted.

"Like Hulk Hogan and Macho Man!" Emmett exclaimed.

"Yeah! Let's wrestle, Em!"

They started scraping on the ground and I shook my head. "I swear you two have one brain cell between you."

Both of them quickly grew bored, and Emmett started stuffing his face with marshmallows again.

"Emmett's mom lets him wear He-Man underwear," Dexter said wistfully.

"My mom told me that Emmet's mom also lets him eat absolute garbage, and she lets him run around the house in nothing but those He-Man underwear."

"I wish I had Emmett's mom. My mom will only let me wear white ones because she says nobody looks at my underwear."

"She has a point," I said.

"You would think so."

We were quiet for a few moments and then Dexter suddenly spoke up again. "Hey Bella?"


"Do you think your Mom loves your Dad?"

I thought for a moment. "Well . . . Yes. Why else would they be married?"

It was one of my favorite memories of Dexter, and finding this picture reminded me of it. I immediately picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hey, Em. You remember when we took that camping trip and you nearly choked on marshmallows? Yeah? I found a picture . . . "