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I don't want to feel like a wasted lump of nothing. I want to feel real, and I want to feel beautiful. But mostly, I just want to feel loved.

Not only by Quinn, because there is more to life--or whatever this is--than Quinn. But by Lia, and Jude, and Riley, and all the nameless mechs that weave in and out of my life.

I don't know if what I'm doing is right. But I don't know that it's wrong, either. And that's what my decision all comes down to. Not knowing.

I don't blame Quinn, or Jude. And I most definitely do not blame Lia. It's not that they didn't do anything wrong, because they did. But I think I would have been led to this decision no matter what their actions were. I am me. Maybe not Ani, not the first Ani, but still me, and me is who made this decision. And for better or worse, I will stand by it.

Then maybe I will be important. More than just Quinn's sometimes-girlfriend. Lia's friend. The girl close to Jude. The one Riley trusts. I will be Ani: The Mech That Made a Difference.

And I will be loved.

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